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Frontline Spot On Dog

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Brand: Front line / Type: Flea Control - Flea Drops

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    5 Reviews
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      20.07.2012 19:14
      Very helpful



      See review.

      As far as flea treatment goes in my opinion there is one brand that you can always count on to work effectively and tackle the problem, that brand is Frontline and since using it I can honestly say that we will never consider using anything else. Dogs are prone to picking up fleas, it's a fact of life and can get annoying as what started as a slight scratch one day rapidly turns into an infestation of the little blighters the next! We've tried different treatments over the years with little success (yes Bob Martin, this is aimed at your products!) but thankfully, since discovering Frontline and trying it out we have found a brand that exterminates the parasites that can so easily plague your home and take up refuge in your carpets as well as your pooch!

      So how does the product work? Well directly according to the makers of Frontline: "FRONTLINE Spot On is non-systemic. FRONTLINE Spot On has a non-systemic mode of action. FRONTLINE Spot On kills parasites through contact, not via the pet's bloodstream. From where you apply the product, FRONTLINE Spot On spreads all over the pet's body. It concentrates into the sebaceous glands of the skin and is constantly replenished over the pet's skin and coat. This 'store' gives the product its prolonged efficacy - even after bathing, swimming and grooming. FRONTLINE Spot On kills fleas and ticks by affecting their nervous system.It causes hyperexcitation in these parasites. Disoriented, dying fleas rise to the surface of the pet's coat - which is why you might actually notice more fleas after applying the product."

      So there folks, incase you were interested you now know. Aside from the technical, scientific jargon is a product that is very easy to use. Firstly I can't stress enough how important it is that you weigh you dog beforehand in order to determine the pipette size you require, you don't want to overdose your pooch by accident. Applying the product involves breaking the top off across the scored line, parting the hair between your dog's shoulder blades and then squeezing out the contents of the pipette. Once applied it begins to work straightaway, killing fleas within 24 hours and ticks within 48 hours; it's also useful to note that your dog can swim or be bathed 48 hours after application. The nifty thing about Frontline as a product is the fact that it is so longlasting, offering protection for up to 2 months against fleas, and ticks for up to a month before another dose is needed.

      So to the million dollar question, does it work? Yes it does! A day after application we always notice that our own dog is virtually flea free, her itching will have near enough stopped completely and the dead fleas are often lying visible on the top of her coat so you know the product has worked successfully. A point to know with Frontline is that you can use it just as a preventative measure and this will stop your dog from catching fleas in the first place. Unfortunately it's a rather pricey product, for instance 3 pipettes of Frontline for a 20kg-40kg dog will set you back at least £15; but as far as I'm concerned you do get what you pay for as it does everything it promises.

      For more Frontline information, please check out: http://uk.frontline.com/Pages/default.aspx


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      12.05.2012 10:52
      Very helpful



      Frontline Spot-On for Small dogs


      I've mentioned my pet dog in a number of reviews, he's a 9 year old Yorkshire Terrier and I think the world of him. One of the key responsibilities of owning any animal as a pet is keeping them happy and healthy and my dog enjoys plenty of treats, lots of toys and long walks and I would say that he's a well cared for and pampered pooch. Whilst I can't think of any downsides of owning a pet dog there are some things that you have to be aware of when it comes to their health and wellbeing and fleas are perhaps the main thing that can be a problem if your dog ends up being infested by the pesky little blighters. From memory my dog Barney has only ever had fleas once and that was when he came into contact with another dog who passed them onto him, this was as much my fault as the other dog's owner as I should have kept Barney topped with his anti-flea solution which would have stopped him from picking them up but real life was getting in the way at the time and I didn't give it a second thought until I noticed him itching and scratching far more than usual. The problem was quickly sorted though and I made a note to myself to get back on track with his anti-flea routine and now always make sure I have a box of Frontline at home and ensure that his fur is treated every couple of months or so.

      What is it?

      Frontline is a liquid solution that treats and prevents flea, tick and biting lice infestations, it is sold in boxes of 6 applications or 'pipettes' as they are described and are available in colour-coded packs suitable for dogs of all breeds and size. Because Barney is a Yorkie he's only a small dog and I buy the yellow coloured box which is suitable for dogs from 2 to 10kgs in weight, each pipette holds 0.67ml of anti-flea solution and directions for use are clearly printed on the reverse of the box. It's easily adminstered, all you have to do is remove the top of the pippette, part your dogs fur so you can make contact with the skin and directly apply the solution. I tend to dot a little bit of the liquid down Barney's back starting from the nape of his neck although the instructions state to concentrate on the area between the shoulder blades and once the solution comes into contact with his skin it soon absorbs and leaves a slight damp patch on his fur which evaporates over time.

      Frontline kills 98-100% of fleas within 24 hours for approximately 2 months (this should easily break the life-cycle of any that may remain) it kills ticks within 48 hours for up to 1 month and fully controls infestations of lice within 48 hours (details taken from the back of the box) It's a "non-systemic" Spot on solution which acts on contact and not via the dogs blood and is effective even after bathing so long as you wait at least 48 hours from when you apply. Safety advice is given on the box which advises you to wash your hands after the solution has been applied, this should be common sense anyway as you can easily come into contact with the liquid when you're applying it to your dogs skin. As the solution gives up to 2 months of protection against fleas and a box holds 6 applications you get a years supply for your money although should you be using this as a flea or tick remedy then more frequent applications may be needed. If its used purely as a preventative measure as I do with my dog then a box will last you 12 months which I think makes it excellent value for money as it only costs around £25.00 for a box of 6 pipettes.

      In Use

      As Barney has not had a repeat bout of fleas I can assume that this product works, he's walked every day in woodland area near to my home and does come into contact with other dogs who he likes to fuss around. Applying the solution is easily done and doesn't cause any obvious distress or discomfort, he sits quietly when I'm dropping it into his skin and he's always rewarded for his good behaviour afterwards so presumably the experience is nothing for him to get worked up over. Other than a few damp patches of fur which soon dry out there are no signs that he has this on and I mark the dates off on my calendar so I know when he's next due an application.

      On the back of the box are is a handy section which allows you to write the date when each of the pipettes has been used which is good if you don't want to use a calendar and each of the pipettes are sealed in their own blister-packs which are easy to get in to. Whilst the cost of this may seem expensive as an initial outlay it's one of those products I only have to buy once a year so in real terms it means that it's only costing me around £2.00 per month to keep Barney flea-free and as mentioned at the start of this review I do think that this is one of the responisibilites of being a pet owner that you do what you can to ensure that they live a happy and healthy life.


      I have no complaints whatsoever with Frontline, it's easy to apply, doesn't have a smell to it that I have ever noticed and is safe to use, Barney doesn't know he's got it on but it gives him that protection against infestation from anything that wants to make a meal of him. It's a must-have product for any dog owner in my opinion and my five star rating here goes to show how impressed I am with it. Available both online from Pet retaillers and on the high street from Pets at Home and other places the 6 pipette, Yellow coloured 2-10kg dog weight box tends to retail for around £20 - £25 although can be bought in smaller applications for a lower price .

      Definitely recommended for any dog owner, thanks for reading my review.


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        10.05.2012 21:14



        great product works really well

        I have had many problems with fleas in my house due to having 2 cats and a very large dog. When ever ones has caught fleas they pass em onto the other pets in the house and it ends up an endlass circle of fleas.

        i needed a product that would work and work fast so i decided to pop down to pets at home and see what they could offer me and although there were cheaper products in the cabinet they suggested using the front line so i told her the size of my dog and cats and she gave me the right amount for each animal

        i choose to have the 3 month appilcation and they came in a card box with a picture of the animal it is intended for and the size xl for my dog. i seem to remember it retailed at 24.99 for an xl dog and 17.99 for the cats

        when i got home i looking in the box and there were 3 pippets seales in foil (like tablets from the chemist) they clearly printed writing on the foil to say weather it was for cat or dog encase you lost the box

        i took the dog one out of the foil and it said to put on the back of the neck on the skin rather then the fur so i snaped of the end and put it on my dog he wigggled a little bit and tried to see what i was doing but thats just my dog. i then went to track down my cats and i did them. the same thing happend they wanted to know what i was doing bout that was about it.Both the cats and the dog didnt have any side effects from the frontline spot apart from when i first put it on (the coldness made them itch a little bit)

        it was very easy to use and you get 3 months supply in each box and i would recomend this product to anyone who is having a flea problem

        the only disadvanage to this product is tht it is a pesticide and isnt a natural way of getting rid of fleas which some people might not approve of

        i decided to use front line because its easy to use and it kills fleas rather then just repels them. My cat young kitten and dog were all done on the same day and it was so easy .. there fleas where gone i spayed my house and i havent ever had a problem since.


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        04.03.2012 13:13



        Good but pricey

        We bought this for our dog from the vets while they had a special offer on, I think it was pay £27 for three pipettes and get one for free (I know we got it from the dearest place and could have got it much cheaper online or from pet shops, not the vets but hey ho). Well anyways the product is brilliant (despite the price, but we do these things to take care of our little pooches). She had it on all the times that she was due for de-fleaing and not once have we seen a flea on her, which is actually quite surprising seen as we live out in the sticks, surrounded by country side.
        Once our dog got a tick on her (which we think was from walking through the long grass and by the horses) buy as soon as we noticed it we got rid of it, checked her for more, which there wasn't any, and popped her some frontline on, no more ticks have returned since.
        Admittedly next time we buy this product we will try to get it a little but cheaper but we are definitely going to stick with frontline and not settle for a cheaper supermarket make.


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        27.07.2011 15:46
        Very helpful



        One of the best flea control treatments around

        Any responsible dog owner will know, there are certain things we have to do for our dogs to keep them well and healthy, this includes doing what we can to keep them free of those nasty little critters better known as fleas, lice and ticks! We all hate them I'm sure and we don't want our dogs to become infested with them. So personally I buy this Frontline Spot on Dog, to use on my dogs.

        ~Their Claim~

        Kills 98-100% of fleas within 24 hours for approximately 2 months
        Kills ticks within 48 hours for up to a month, minimizing the risk of disease transmission.
        Fully controls infestations of lice within 48 hours.

        Use as part of a strategy for the treatment of Flea Allergy Dermatitis (FAD) where this has been previously diagnosed by a veterinary surgeon.

        Non systemic Spot On, acts on contact not via your pet's blood.
        Effective even after bathing from 48 hours after treatment.

        ~Frontline Spot On Dog~

        I first became aware of this product when I took Red for his first puppy jabs at the vets. I was told it is the most effective flea control I could get, when I saw the price of it, I thought to myself it had better be effective for that price £15.41 is what I pay for a box of 3 pipettes, which if I was using for just one dog, would last 6 months as each pipette is applied every other month, this gives full protection against fleas ticks and biting lice. But as I have 2 dogs these only give me 3 months worth of protection. Inside the box along with the 3 pipettes I get a sheet of little pipette stickers, one for each month of the year, these are for me to put on my calendar so I don't forget when the next flea treatment is due. I like this idea as I usually stick one on for each month then write which dog it is for underneath it, it keeps me organized as far as their flea treatment goes.


        Each pipette within the small dog pack of Frontline Spot On Dog 2 to 10 kg, contains 0.67 mg of fipronil

        The bigger the dog the more fiprinol obviously, I get the smallest size but there are four different packs for bigger dogs available, but they do get quite expensive, I think the ones I buy are expensive and I get the smallest size.

        ~How to use~

        The pipettes are made of blue plastic, triangular in shape with a long thin neck, the contents of the pipette should be applied to the back of the dogs neck, directly onto the skin. To apply I simply snap the top off the tip of the thin neck of the pipette and gently squeeze, whilst parting the fur on the neck, to enable me to reach the skin directly. If the product does get onto the fur, it's no big hassle it just means the fur is a little sticky, but it is best to try and make sure all the contents of the pipette goes on to the dogs skin. It starts to work and is effective straight away. After use remember to wash your hands.

        ~Please take care~

        Now this may all seem like a very quick and simple process and for the most part it is, very clean and quick exactly how I like it to be. But there was an occasion when it wasn't so quick and easy for me to apply this frontline spot on dog. When it comes to wanting Red to sit still, it can be quite hard work, I usually wait now until he is settled on my lap before attempting to apply it. Anyway this one time I was about to apply the product to Red, I snapped off the end of the pipette, maybe just a little to close to my face and the product splashed from the pipette straight into my eye. Needless to say the air was blue right at that moment. It stung like hell and burned, I couldn't open my eye and all I could think about was that I was going to be blinded in that eye. I can't really explain how much it really hurt, but after what seemed like forever I was able to open my eye and I washed it out best I could with an eye bath filled with cool water. My eye was very red and sore for the rest of the night, but by the next day it had settled down and it was ok.

        The reason I've decided to tell you about this is because I wanted to let you know just how dangerous this product can be, I was lucky but it could quite easily have been a lot worse than it was. Please take care when snapping the end off the pipette, even if you snap the top off at arms length.

        ~Does it work~

        Apart from that one time I have had no problem at all when using these pipettes, I apply a pipette to the dogs on alternate months so I'm not having to do them both at the same time, this works quite well for me, I only have to buy a box every 3 months. I do think it is quite expensive though and I'm not all together convinced it works that well on Pippa, my older dog. On 2 occasions she has had a tick, but I noticed the time she got them were after we had been away and took the dogs with us, she never gets them at home. The first time she got one I had no idea what it was, because they start off so small they can't be seen, but as they attach themselves to the dogs skin, they begin to suck the blood and grow from there, when I first spotted the tick it looked like a small lump of blu tac was stuck in her ear. I took her to the vet to get it removed, which cost a fortune. The second time she got one, I had learned what to do in order to remove it myself. By apply Vaseline around the tick, this stops the tick from being able to breath and so it ends up dying, I applied the Vaseline a few times before I used an old pair of tweezers to pull it out of her skin. Much cheaper way than taking her to the vet.

        But this still doesn't alter the fact, she still got the ticks in the first place, while I was using the Frontline spot on dog treatment. For the price I pay for this treatment, I would have hoped it would have been more effective. But apparently some dogs blood is more attractive to ticks than others. Red has never had a tick or indeed fleas or lice. So I do continue to use it because I feel it does a good job on Red and for the most part works for Pippa as well.

        ~Other information~

        Neither of my dogs have suffered any adverse effects from using this product, and none of them have suffered from any skin irritations because of it.

        It is advisable to read the enclosed instruction sheet before using this treatment on your pet for the first time. The product should not be stored above 30 degrees, they should be stored in a cool dry place. Only to be used on animals and should most definitely be kept out of the reach of children.

        I buy my Frontline Spot on Dog from Manor Pharmacy and I pay £15.51 for 3 pipettes. I think it's quite expensive and if I could find a cheaper alternative that was guaranteed to work as well as this does, I think I would give it a try,

        4 Stars for these Frontline Spot on Dog pipettes as the price knocks a star off as far as I'm concerned.

        Thank you for reading my review which may also be posted on other sites.


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      • Product Details

        For the treatment and prevention of flea and tick infestations and the control of biting lice.