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Halti Head Collar Padded

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2 Reviews

Brand: Halti / Type: Dog collar

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    2 Reviews
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      29.04.2011 02:17
      Very helpful



      Good for dogs that pull

      I have 4 dogs including an adorable Siberian Huskey, Clyro who'll be 1 soon, but still hasn't grown out of the 'pulling' phase. Although he's technically a puppy at just 10 and a half months old, he's pretty strong and although i know he would never harm another dog, i always have to be wary when walking him as he pulls to get to objects/dogs/people due to excitement, which is very dangerous especially when on main roads and on a few ocassions he's physically broken his collars from the strain.

      I was desperate to get him to stop pulling and joined a puppy/dog training club when he was 9 months old. I explained the pulling issue with the trainer of the class and she reccomended the Halti head collar.

      I decided to give it a try and purchased a cute red one from my local Pets At Home for £12, which was alot more than i'd usually pay for a collar or lead but because i wanted to get him trained thought it would be worth it.

      Putting it on was a bit complicated at first, mainly because i've never used one before, but i found it was really adjustable and fitted Clyro well, it was a bit large on him and in hindesight i should of got the medium rather than large as the large is excactly that! I'm sure he'll grow into it though.

      When i first put it on, Clyro didn't like it at all! He pawed at it and tilted his head forward, but once i got him excited with the word 'walk' etc, he soon forgot and although he was trying to pull it seemed to do the trick of slowing him down.

      Personally i attatch the halti to Clyro's collar so he's 100% safe and can't slip it off etc, this feature is great and gives peace of mind that your dog is safe and under control at all times. My dog isn't huge but has an extremely strong pull which the halti has coped with well so far, if you have a dog such as a large german shepard, or maybe a great dane, then i'd reccomend to DEFINETLY attatch to halti to the collar just incase as it could maybe snap if the dog was strong enough.

      Clyro is now used to his Halti and it's definetly stopped him pulling to the extent that he was. He shows no sign of discomfort when he's wearing it and o'd say it's worth the money i paid for it and woud reccomend it to anyone who needs to stop there dog pulling.


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      24.03.2011 18:24



      Use logically

      I bought this item when I was trying to stop my large adult male Rotti pulling. It is really easy to fit and adjust and easy to put on the dog. It does take some getting used to for the dog as it is a very new experience for them but once they are used to it they dont realise it is there realy.
      My Rotti was very large and very naugthy as he had never been taught to walk on the lead (Rescue dog). This item did help to some extent but it did not really work well with him due to his short muzzle. He was able to drop his head when the lead was slack and it would drop off the end of his nose. Once done he did it all the time. If the dog who is wearing it has a longer nose then it will not drop off the nose when the dog drops his head and will work better.
      There is no way to adjust this halti to stop this problem and so I could not use it for my Rotti or any dog I have with a short nose.
      I have a Shepherd too and had she had a problem with pulling it would have been perfect to use with her and it would not drop off her nose.
      There is a great safety feature were the halti will attach to the collar, bought separately, but I get round this by attaching the lead to the halti and the collar.
      This item is strong but never tested to the limit as the idea of it is that it pulls the dogs head towards to walker slowing him down rather than being strong an pulling the dog back. I always attached the lead tot he collar also incase the halti did break, I would then have the lead attached to the dog.
      This item is good providing your dog has a long muzzle.
      ***Please never use hese with a flexi lead as I see so many people doing. If the dog runs out and the lead extends to its full length and then stops when the dog is at full speed it will snap his neck around and break it Very dangerous. If you need a halti on your dog for control you MUST use a proper lead. Flexi leads are great but do not give you control of a dog who pulls.***


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