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Hamish McBeth Leather Dog Collar Bentley Tan

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Brand: Hamish Mcbeth / Type: Dog Collar

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    1 Review
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      24.01.2013 21:51
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      Top class collar

      We rescued one of our dogs from the dog pound and when we got her she had obviously been starved of food . So she very quickly grew out of several collars so we bought cheap and cheerful ones for the first few months. When she reached what we thought was a normal weight we decided to try and find her a decent collar.

      The product
      We came across this particular brand in a petshop in Whitby and we bought the Tommy Collar design also made by Hamish McBeth. It was such a nice collar that I decided we would buy from the same brand again when it was time to replace. I could not get hold of the Tommy collar in the colour I wanted so I chose the Bentley collar wihich is mainly yellowed tan colour with brown leather squares.

      The company are based in Australia , but their products are now widely available from online retailors. They do a whole range of collars, leads and other accessories for dogs and cats.
      When I bought the first collar it came in a box and the second in a protective bag just like an expensive handbag , so I guess this can be considered a designer brand , with prices to match in terms of dog collars.
      As we had always paid under a tenner for collars I was concerned that this might be style over substance as the first one came in at £25 and several years later I think I paid about £28. Prices do vary dependent on the size of your dog as with most brands.

      They do make collars in different materials but this range is made of leather and is a combination of two colours. It is quite a wide collar , is beautifully made and when you get this at home it has a small silver coloured scottie attached which is the logo of Hamish Mc Beth. This little charm does not last long if you leave it on and is only there for decorative purposes.

      The other thing I like about the collar is the ring you use to attach the lead is large and is on the top of the collar , so it is easy to attach the lead if the collar hasn't slipped around. The collar is top stitched around all the edges including the different coloured pieces and the leather is soft but strong. There are rivets at each side of the ring you attach your dogs lead and the fastener so everything is very securely attached.
      The buckle and ring are engraved with the Hamish McBeth brand and they are made of quality metal.

      When buying collars make sure they fit and there is room for some growth. They say you should be able to get two fingers under the collar when fastened at the right notch. So not too tight but not loose enough that they can slip their collar whilst out and about.
      The collars come in the following sizes and several colours and the prices range from £20 for the smallest to £28 for the largest. They have actually come down in price over the years, I guess because they are more widely available in the UK.
      Widths in ( )
      Size 2 (2cm/3/4") 22-26cm/8.5"-10"
      Size 3 (2.5cm/1") 27-32cm/10.5"-12.5 "
      Size 4 (2.5cm/1") 34-38cm/13.5"-15"
      Size 5 (2.5cm/1") 40-46cm/16"-18"
      Size 6 (3cm/1.25") 48-54cm/19.5"-23"

      What Do I think?
      This is a quality collar that is extremely well made from a fine grade leather.
      This was quite expensive compared to other collars, however I think the cost per wear makes this better value than cheaper collars.
      I estimate we have had this collar for nearly 3 years and it is worn daily and the only sign of wear is around the hole where the collar fastens . The stitching is intact , the colour has not faded and the metal fasteners are still as good as new. I find this remarkable as usually after a while collars fray and fade and stretch out of shape and really start to look scruffy. The colour shades are nice and the dyes they use do bleed when the collar gets wet.
      This still looks great and I think there is still a lot of wear in this.

      Terrier Tests
      I would say that my dog could be a collar tester as she is incredibly adventurous and likes nothing better than getting down and dirty on our regular walks.

      She is walked twice a day in all weathers and if dog rolling was an Olympic sport she would win gold.

      She has a particular technique that she employs that ensures maximum coverage under the neck area , which involves doing a dive head first and then sliding across whatever she is about to roll in, then a turn manouvre onto her side, so we get side neck and under collar coverage and then finally over she flips onto her back.. Then it's a good wriggle just in case she has missed anything.
      She loves to roll in the usually smelly stuff, but also enjoys a good roll in the remnants of our local park bonfire, wet grass so a nice covering of green stuff, frost , ice snow plus she likes any abrasive surface.

      She also likes to get to the park as quickly as possible , so that involves a fair amount of pulling.

      So I think she has put this collar through its paces as well as test my patience.
      I love the look of their collars as they are slightly wider than most other dog collars and if I am honest that was what attracted me to this brand. But these collars are designed to last and will withstand even the roughest treatment.
      If you like the sound of this brand have a look at the main Australian site as they are offering free delivery to anywhere in the world at the time of writing.
      I have bought 4 collars -3 in the Tommy range and this one ( I have 2 dogs) . The range is available in various sizes mine are both in the middle of the range end so are in a size 3 so I can't comment on how suitable these are for bigger dogs and whether they would withstand pulling.

      They are available online and there are lots to choose from. Sadly the Whitby pet shop closed down

      If you like the sound of this brand have a look at the main Australian site as they are offering free delivery to anywhere in the world at the time of writing .

      A no hesitation 5 stars from me .


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