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Happy Pet Wiggly Giggly Jack

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Brand: Happy Pet / Animals Equipment Type: Dog Toys

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    2 Reviews
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      02.01.2013 20:27
      Very helpful



      Not So Wiggly Giggly

      My youngest dog Dax was a rescue and I am his 4th home. When I collected him I was given a large bag of toys that the previous owner had bought for Dax. In it was the Wiggly Giggly Jack which to be honest, I would probably not have bought myself.

      The Wiggly Giggly Jack
      This dog toy has a ball in the middle with four arms that comes out from it. Every time the toy is moved position it makes a strange noise which is very hard to explain. It's like those plastic sticks you sometimes get at fairs and when you move it, it makes sort of like a gurgling noise!
      The toy is made from extremely hard plastic and looks like it is indestructible. The Wiggly Giggly Jack comes in three colours - orange, green and purple.

      Obviously as I already said, this toy was given to me but I have had a look online and this toy will set you back £5.99 from most of the online shops.

      Dog's Opinion
      To be honest, this toy stayed in their toy box for a good few months before they even bothered to look at it. Once they got it out, they were not entirely sure what they were meant to do with it. Eventually Dax picked it up and of course it made a noise. He dropped it straight away as I think it scared him. He nudged it across the room a few times and then hit it with his paws. Again it made a noise but it didn't seem to bother him so much this time.
      Since then, they have occasionally got it out to play with but they just try and play fetch with it and are not particularly interested in moving it around the floor and trying to set the noise off (like they do with their other toys)
      Their favourite thing to do with this toy was to chew it which I thought would be no problem because it looks fairly strong - I was wrong! Over the space of about a month, they managed to chew it to shreds and I had to throw it out! The other thing that annoyed me is that it can be dangerous to give your dogs a toy that can be chewed so easily as you don't really want them to swallow the pieces they chew off.

      My Opinion
      I wouldn't buy this toy again to replace the broken one. I didn't think that my dogs got much enjoyment from actually playing with it. They would literally only pick it up if it was the nearest toy to them and to start with Dax was very unsure of the noise it made.
      I don't think my dogs really understood that to set the noise off, they needed to move the toy around on the floor. Instead they just wanted too play fetch with the toy which to be honest isn't really possible because the toy is quite big and heavy and you don't really want to be throwing it around the living room.
      I was disappointed that the toy could be destroyed just by chewing it because it does state that this toy is meant to be strong which it obviously isn't!

      I wouldn't recommend this toy to other dog owners. It is not cheap at £5.99 and in my opinion; it serves no real purpose as my dogs didn't really enjoy playing with it. To be honest, I think this toy would be more suited to a young child as they would have fun holding it and turning it over in their hands to set the noise off.
      The biggest disappointment was that the toy can be destroyed. It does state that it is meant to be strong and durable but this certainly wasn't the case in my experience.


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      15.07.2007 08:36
      Very helpful



      Expensive toy that does not last long

      brought this dog toy today on the 9th May, I am very careful when I but dog toys and try and buy the ones that say they are very tough as I have brought so many in the past and they just haven’t lasted 5 minutes.

      So walking round the pet shop looking for a new toy for my dog I came across the Wiggly Giggly Jack.

      ~ What is it ~

      It is a ball that has 4 arms that come out from the ball, each arm has a noise in it, so when your dog pulls and tugs it, it makes funny noises. It is meant to keep your dog amused for ages. It is also meant to be hard and durable.
      It comes in 3 bright colours that I know of, bright green, purple or orange, with paw prints on it and stripes on the arms.

      ~ What my Dog thought to it ~

      When I first gave it to her she just looked and barked at it, but as soon as she realised when you moved it, it made noises she was in her element, flinging it all round the room, barking at it, I think she was really enjoying it.
      I walked into the kitchen to put the kettle on, I was out of the room just 5 minutes and when I walked back in there were small plastic pieces all over the floor, she had destroyed one of the arms.
      I had to take the toy off her much to her disgust.

      ~ What do I think ~

      First impressions were it looked really good, it felt quite hard so I thought it would be ideal for my dog.
      When I first gave it to her she did enjoy playing with it, she was tossing it up in the air, batting it round with her paws, and she really did enjoy it, but again it didn’t last half an hour, it says it is supposed to be tough but just not tough enough, which is a shame because she did like it. I wish they would make a toy like this which really is tough, so I am afraid to say in my situation it was a complete waste of money.

      ~ What it cost ~

      I brought mine from my local pet shop and cost me £5.99

      Other products in the range are
      Geo Ball
      Rope Ball
      Large Bone 9 inch
      Soccer Ball
      Large Ball 7 inch

      I think next time I will buy a ball as she may not be able to get her teeth into it but they still make the noises.

      It does say that this is not a chew toy, but all dogs do chew to some degree you just can’t get away from it.

      Would I recommend it? Well I did like it and so did she, so if you dog likes their toys and does not chew them then yes, but if you dog likes to chew then no, this particular toy will not last very long.

      I have added some pictures at the bottom of the other Wiggly Giggly range.

      Thank you for reading.


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    Toy with sound effects

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