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Johnson's Dog Groom Spray Grooming Aerosol

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Manufacturer: Johnson's / Type: Dog Grooming

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    1 Review
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      19.04.2010 20:32
      Very helpful



      Highly recommended from one dog owner to another.


      As many of you know I have two beautiful Old English Sheep Dogs, Both of which have the long hair that needs to be groomed on a daily basis, otherwise they end up all knotted and matted up.

      I brush and groom them daily, but after a recent three month trip to Thailand my two girls stayed with a close friend of ours who, didn't stick to my daily routine. I came home to two very over grown and matted dogs.

      After weeks of persistence I managed to detangle and dematt them so their coats were looking as nice as ever.

      I have many gizmos and gadgets so help with matt and knots, but these didn't seem to be helping so I searched the internet to see if I could find something to help save their coats, as it was looking like I would need to get them both cut short in order to get rid of it all.

      I managed to find this dog grooming spray, produced by Johnsons that has saved the day.


      The first this that appealed to me was the fact that this was a dual purpose product that promised to not only detangle but also condition the dogs coats. Which was exactly what I needed so I snapped it up?

      Firstly this can be used to dematt and detangle your dogs coat, just give the product a good shake before Appling it directly to the knotted areas.

      The spray wets and penetrates the knot allowing you to either pull through it with your fingers of comb through it with a dematting comb.
      You may need to repeat the process a few time to ensure the knots are fully removed but this does depend on how knotted the dogs coats is in the first place.

      Secondly this can be used to condition you dogs coat fully, hold the spray a foot away from the dogs coat and spray your dog from head to toe.

      This will then put a conditioning layer on the dog's coat the helps repel dirt and prevent the hair from going static when it is groomed.

      Using this Johnsons grooming spray every time you groom the dog, will lessen the dematting and grooming time and put a nice healthy shine on the dog's coat.

      The spray comes in a blue and white aerosol spray can and contains 150mls of product, which when you have two rather large dogs does not last too long, but if you are just grooming and not dematting the dog it will last a lot longer.

      I would best describe this as doggy deodorant, as it smells so nice (similar to coconuts) that you think that dogs have been bathed on a daily basis. That is if you spray and groom them daily, dogs that do not need constant grooming would only need this every time they were brushed.

      As I have dogs that have a lot of white in their coats, I have found this to be brilliant as it also enhances their colourings making them look so white, you nearly squint when you look at them.


      I am sure that many of you reading this will be thinking that this has got to be very expensive, as it works well for many different reasons. Well the best part about this product is the very reasonable price.

      You can buy this from online retailers such as Amazon.co.uk for as little as £3.85 a can, which in my opinion is very cheap. I would strongly recommend you by a few tins at a time, if you have a bigger dog as this is something you will start using regularly.

      You can also buy the grooming spray from Pets At Home, but you are looking at paying around the £5.95 mark. So if you get it online you are nearly getting them at half the price.


      I would recommend this for pongy smelly dogs as it eliminates odour as well as conditioning their coats and skin. I don't think I will ever look back after trying this grooming spray, as it has saved my dogs coats and returned them to their original state, if not better then they had beforehand.

      This perfumed doggy deodorant will leave your smelling and looking great, so it gets all five dooyoo stars from me.

      In case you are wondering the dogs actually love being sprayed with this, every time I say deodorant time they both come running waiting to be sprayed with this coconut smelling spray.

      I personally feel that this product has saved me hours of time, as grooming seems to be much quicker and I no longer have to bath them regularly when they stink. I just spray them with this and now I only bath them every six weeks, instead of fortnightly.

      If you have problems with knots, matt, or just bad smelling doggies then give this a try, I promise you will not look back.


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