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Johnson's Puppy & Kitten Shampoo

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Brand: Johnson's / Type: Cleaning Product

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    1 Review
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      13.10.2012 14:56
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      A gentle and mild shampoo

      About a year ago we took in a very malnutritioned kitten not by choice as we were quite happy with the two cats we had but more out of the need to get it out of where it was living which was appalling. Needless to say all the other cats and kittens were taken by the RSPCA but we were advised that as long as we regularly went to the vet for check ups we could take her in. Because of all her problems she was riddled with fleas, worms and she couldn't go to the toilet properly.

      Being a semi-longhaired cat you can imagine that going to the toilet incorrectly wasn't going to be pleasant so on a regular basis we had the horrible job of having to give this poor kitten a bath as well as trimming her fur. I'd never given any of my cats a bath and I never thought I would ever have to. But after a trip to my local pet store I was amazed at the range of cat shampoos and products! I ended up spending less than £3.00 on a shampoo by Johnsons called Veterinary Puppy and Kitten Shampoo.

      Johnsons is quite a well known brand in the pet world for their wide range of reasonably priced products ranging from coat conditioning tablets to shampoos and conditioners. I have used some of their other products in the past as well as using them currently and have never really been disappointed in them and considering their budget prices they won't break the bank either which is definitely good considering owning pets can be so expensive.

      The shampoo itself is designed for puppies and kittens but there is no reason why it cannot be used on adult dogs and cats. It has been specifically formulated to be gentle especially for the delicate skin of puppies and kittens. Apart from being mild and gentle (so it doesn't irritate the skin) it is also meant as an effective cleansing shampoo which is on the reasons why I bought it as my kitten's coat really needed to be cleaned properly due to the reasons mentioned above.

      The shampoo itself comes in slightly rounded bottle which is made out of clear plastic. The plastic cap is white and just flips up when you need to use it. The front label features the Johnsons logo together with an image of a Dalmatian and a ginger cat and of course the product name. On the back of the bottle there is information about the shampoo, how to use it as well as the extensive ingredients list and the warnings which are all pretty standard.

      The shampoo itself is a very pale blue colour but is transparent and you can clearly see this through the bottle although it looks bluer in the bottle than it does when your pour the shampoo out onto your hand or the coat of your puppy/kitten. The shampoo smells very subtly, it doesn't have a distinctive fragrance but what you can smell does have a very gentle clean fragrance to it if that makes sense!

      The shampoo is concentrated so you do need to dilute a small amount with water but given that its consistency is easy to squeeze out of the bottle without being too thick or thin it means you don't waste a lot. Once it has made contact with water it gives a light, white froth which is easy to massage into the animal's coat. The lather is nothing major and soon disappears when rinsed and it doesn't leave any shampoo suds behind but it is important that you don't use too much as a little really does go a long way and the chances are you won't rinse it out and the shampoo will remain in the coat which can cause irritation.

      Now obviously shampooing and bathing a kitten isn't particularly easy but then I guess neither is a bouncy puppy but you can imagine! Kittens have a lot less fat and skin than puppies so they tend to look like drowned rats and of course the amount of shampoo you use varies greatly and for my kitten I only needed about a 20p size worth which managed to easily cover her coat and really get in and cleanse.

      My kitten is black and white and after her mini bath her coat looked a lot whiter and even when you pulled the white fur apart to go down to her skin which before her bath was a pale brown colour with flecks of dirt was nice white and grime free. And her fur on her back legs which had been stained by her toilet problems (I won't explain in detail as I think you will be able to figure it out) was easily combed through and was back to what her coat should look like.

      Whilst the shampoo doesn't give a scent on the animal's coat it gives a lovely whiteness to it and almost a nice shine. Yes, it wasn't the easiest of tasks washing a kitten and we did have to repeat the process quite a few times until she managed to put on a decent amount of weight and learnt how to go to the toilet properly and each time the results were the same a lovely clean coat which a nice subtle shine.

      If wanting a gentle, mild shampoo for your puppy or kitten then this should definitely be considered as considering its relatively cheap price compared to other shampoos on the market it gives good results. For me this helped keep my kitten's coat in good condition and she is now a lively 1 and a half year old with no problems whatsoever and gorgeous gleaming coat. 5 stars from me!

      ~ Useful Information ~

      Brand: Johnsons Veterinary Ltd
      Size: 200ml
      Price: Around £2.50
      Availability: Pet stores


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