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Johnson's Tick Off Drops

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Brand: Johnson's / Animal: Dog & Cat / Type: Flea Control

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    1 Review
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      10.04.2011 19:13
      Very helpful



      A great way to get rid of ticks

      As most of you know we have a lovely white and black cat called Mew - well that was what he said his name was when we asked him! We live on the slopes of the Great Orme in Llandudno so Mew has lots of room to roam about catching all manner of small (and sometime not so small) animals. There are also wild Kashmiri goats and lots of sheep that roam freely about the place so ticks and fleas are plentiful!

      This of course means that Mew needs to have regular treatments for worms, fleas, ticks etc. I use Frontline drops every month during the summer months and this seems to keep the fleas at bay but Mew still manages to collect ticks! The Frontline is supposed to stop ticks as well but somehow it never quite works on them.

      He gets lots of fuss from us so we are usually aware very quickly when one of the little blighters attaches themselves to him. Unfortunately it isn't necessarily a simple task to remove them. The ticks attach themselves to the animal by gripping with their strong mouth parts and if you just pull them off you are likely to leave the mouth parts in the animal's skin and an infection is then likely to develop. If nothing is done and the tick is left where it is then it will suck the animal's blood causing considerable irritation.

      Some time ago we discovered a product called Tick Off Drops which is made by Johnsons and 15ml of the liquid will cost you £2.47 from Amazon plus £1.99 for shipping. Obviously this sort of thing is available from various websites and pet shops so it is worth shopping around to get the best deal.

      The Tick Off Drops come in a white plastic cylinder with a screw off cap and this is contained in a small cardboard box which has all the instructions for use written on the back. The picture on the front of the box is of a dog and a cat sitting together and has the promise that 'tick off drops aid easy removal of ticks from cats and dogs'. The Tick Off liquid contains a blend of natural oils including lavender, tea tree and cedar wood.

      When we first find a tick on Mew it is a little black bean shaped creature just a centimetre or two long but, if left unattended, could swell to about half an inch. In fact when Mew first came and adopted us three years ago he had a huge tick on his face. He had been living rough for some time and so had no one to help him. That particular tick was removed by the vet when we took Mew for a check up before he moved in with us.

      Anyway now when we find a tick on Mew out comes the Tick Off Drops. We just have to apply three drops of the liquid directly on to the tick twice a day for three days. This is fairly easy to do as the container is fairly soft plastic and has thin nozzle though which the liquid is dispensed. All we have to do is hold the container upside down over the top of the tick and squeeze - thus dropping the liquid onto the tick.

      This, of course, is only easy to do if Mew keeps still! It is usually easiest if I hold him tightly on my lap whilst hubby administers the drops. I think they must be cold as it does seem to make him jump although it doesn't cause him any real distress at all and always seems to be OK after a bit of fuss.

      After the application of the drops the tick dies and thus releases its hold on Mew's skin. I can then remove the tick using my tweezers. I always check to make sure that I have got the whole thing out and that the mouth parts aren't left in the skin. Mew is usually very good and sits still whilst I do this - bless him!

      Obviously once I have removed the tick I dispose of it either in the dustbin or in the log burner!

      If the mouth parts do get left in and an infection were to develop then we would take Mew to the vets immediately and make sure that it was treated quickly.

      Obviously after using the drops it is advisable to wash your hands thoroughly and it is also best to wash them again each time you fuss the cat just to be on the safe side - after all ticks aren't the cleanest of God's creatures!

      In conclusion we have found these drops to be very useful in keeping Mew tick free. Once they have been administered I find that I can get the tick off really easily and Mew stays so still whilst I do it I assume that it causes him no discomfort.

      So there you are another useful addition to our kit for making sure that Mew is as fit, healthy and thus as happy as a cat can be!


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