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Johnson's Travel-Eze Tablets

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Brand: Johnson's / Type: Health

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    1 Review
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      20.10.2012 11:46
      Very helpful



      A herbal travel sickness remedy for both cats and dogs

      My dogs both regularly travel in my car and have done as soon as they were in my care so from about 8/9 weeks they would make short regular trips to try and get them used to travelling. I often have a friend's dog with me who of course needs to come in the car and unfortunately no matter how many times she has been in the car she gets travel sick and trying all sorts such as not feeding before a journey, open windows etc doesn't make it any easier for her so the need is for something to stop her being sick or at least making it less stressful.

      Whilst in a pet shop a few months ago I came across the Johnson's Veterinary Travel-Eze Tablets for a mere £2.00 for a box of 24. At this price it would be silly not to try them in the hope to ease her sickness. Johnson's Veterinary is a widely stocked brand and they have a whole range of products for animals large and small. Their products vary which is nice but they are all purse friendly prices which of course helps as we all know how expensive pets can be.

      ** So what are they? **

      Johnson's Veterinary Travel-Eze Tablets have been specifically formulated with an ingredient called zingiber officinale which is a natural herbal product apparently know to help reduce the effect of motion sickness in cats and dogs therefore making travel a bit more comfortable for your pet. So basically these tablets are herbal and help to ease the stress that can bring to a pet when travelling. And hopefully making the journey a lot easier for them whether it is a short trip to the vets or a longer journey.

      ** Packaging **

      The Travel-Eze tablets come in a small cardboard box roughly around the 12/13cm size - almost the same size as a pack of cards. It has a blue and white colour theme and features on the front the Johnson's Veterinary logo, product name and an image of a Westie and a matching white coated cat. On the back of the box there is all the usual information such as information about the tablets, ingredients, warnings etc. They do come with an instruction leaflet inside the box for details of dosage etc.

      ** The Tablets **

      They look exactly the same as round paracetamols (so please don't get them confused!). They come in a blister pack where you can easily tear the foil to release a tablet and are the exact same size as a round paracetamol and are white in colour. They have absolutely no odour to them whatsoever which is great as trying to get a dog or a cat to take anything can be problematic.

      ** How to Use **

      Depending on the size of your cat or dog depends on how many tablets you need to give. Again, the dosage can change if you are going on a long journey. However, for my friend's dog who I have regularly she takes 1 tablet about 30 minutes before the journey and that will normally last her for at least 6/7 hours and the return journey if after this time she will take another tablet. If going on a long journey then when you stop for a break it is best to give your dog another tablet.

      Obviously trying to give some dogs a tablet can be problematic and I find that these do break in half easily so you can disguise each half in a bit of cheese or meat and this normally seems to work a treat especially when the tablet is odourless.

      ** Do they work? **

      I'd like to say that they do but I find that if she is on my back seat she is still sick regardless of taking the tablets or not and the same goes for being in the crate in the boot of my car. However, if I let her curl up in the footwell of my passenger front seat then she isn't sick. So it makes me wonder just like some people who don't get travel sick in the front that this also applies to my friend's dog.

      I do like to think that these work to some extent as once in the footwell of my car she doesn't pant like she used to but instead can curl up and go to sleep which she never did before as she would be wide awake and looked like she was constantly on edge so I'm hoping that these at least calm her down a little to have a more comfortable journey.

      ** Conclusion **

      Overall, I'd like to think that these do work and for around £2.00 per box of 24 they do last for quite a while but those that would need to take them on a daily/regular basis they aren't an expensive way of keeping your dog travel sick free. I can give these 4 stars as I'd like to think they do what they say but as the dog can't tell me whether they work or not I just can't give them the full 5 stars but would recommend.

      ** Useful Information **

      Brand: Johnson's Veterinary
      Price: From £1.50
      Size: 24 tablets per pack
      Availability: Pet stores and online


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