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Johnsons Red Flea Shampoo

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Brand: Johnson's / Animals Equipment Type: Dog Health

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    2 Reviews
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      26.11.2009 21:11
      Very helpful
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      200ml bottle of shampoo £1.94. Getting the entire family to clean the bathroom. Priceless

      Here in wet and windy Wales its rained non stop forever, at least it seems that way. Theres been nothing on terrestrial TV worth contemplating, those that look vaguely interesting are entirely in welsh which is fine for the demonic daughters but not so great for me, my welsh being limited to blae mae'r toiled and diolch yn fawr. At the end of a long and particularly wet weekend we were sick of board games and so we looked for other fun things to pass the time. Pin the dog in the bathroom became the game of choice.

      Unfortunately the moment the dog is invited to enter the bathroom she knows something is afoot. On any other day she'll happily wander in and sit with you whilst you have a bath or salivate at the shower door but on those days where we're all wedged in there like a pack of sardines shes on the defensive. Perhaps it's the sight of the other half in marigolds that does it.

      Having tried quite a few methods of defleaing the dog we've finally come up with a fool proof method that doesn't involve hoisting 40kg of wet dog into the bath and gaining a hernia in the process. Instead we simply coax her into the shower and shut the door. Result being one dog, one shower, one victim wielding a bottle of dog shampoo and a barrage of helpful onlookers shouting out random comments.

      Placing a towel on the floor of the shower prevents her claws from scratching the tray and also stops her sliding around, unfortunately towels have a habit of moving and blocking the drain resulting in a flooded bathroom but that's a whole other story.

      After that its simply a case of turning on the water, drenching the dog and then massaging in lots of shampoo. Because shes long haired its easier to dilute the gloopy red shampoo in a jug first and then pour over her coat massaging in as you go otherwise you discover you've run out of shampoo and you still have a whole lot of dog left. According to the instructions you then rinse the dog and repeat but theres only so long that the our dog will tolerate being hosed down for and equally before too long the shower drain clogs up with loose hair and you have to stop anyway.

      Apparently you should take care to avoid eyes, ears and mouth but quite frankly its hard enough to get any shampoo to go where you want it to go without trying to avoid places too. The shower enclosure might only be a metre square but the dog manages to do a pretty good job of avoiding the shampoo before giving in and sitting down to allow you to get the whole experience over and done with, invariably she sits on the drain. I have, after almost a decade of shampooing the dog, given in to the inevitable. No matter what we try the bathroom ends up flooded. Its just the depth of water that varies.

      Once the last of the shampoo has been rinsed off its all hands to the ready as the doors are opened and the hound from hell is released. Two steps outside the shower and she stretches to her full size and shakes depositing mildly medicated water droplets throughout the room with raging torrents of rivers running down her legs. The demonic daughters are in charge of towelling down the hound whilst the other half and I start to dry the walls and the ceiling. It might be designed to kill fleas but it brings a lovely shine to bathroom tiles.

      At the point we can't towel any more water off the dog or more likely we run out of dry towels the door to the bathroom is opened and the demented dog hurls herself around the house leaving wet dog shaped patches on everything in sight until she'll eventually plonk herself down in the kitchen in anticipation of a close encounter with a team of hairdryers, perhaps the only part of the whole experience she likes.

      Johnson's dog flea shampoo is available from most supermarkets priced at around £1.94 for 200ml and is suitable for use on dogs and puppies over 12 weeks of age.


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        15.12.2007 19:07
        Very helpful



        Johnsons dog flea Shampoo...Weapon of flea destruction ?

        War was officially declared in our house..dog owners you know what I'm talking about yep my daft dog went and got fleas.

        I've got 2 dogs Dizz and my new one Buster, not that I wanted another dog he just kept turning up inviting himself into my house and making himself at home nicking Dizz's food and playing with the boy.
        To cut a long story a bit shorter It turned out he was escaping from a house across the road and they didn't want him...
        so me being me took him off their hands to give him a chance at a decent life. No idea what he is - some kind of sheepdog mix with short legs. He's a puppy really and we just over a year old, he wasn't in the best of shape when we got him to say the least but is a different dog after a few months.
        But now he's got fleas. Indestructible fleas, that's I get for walking him and letting him play with other dogs at the park. Dizz isn't' too bothered by them really - we figure Buster must taste better.

        I have spent over £30 trying to get rid of the things...Spray for the house, powder, spot on stuff and of course Johnson's flea Shampoo. But still they kept trying to eat him and I thought the back of neck drops stuff would solve most of my problem -no.

        I cleaned washed sprayed powdered everything and everywhere, you name it and I've done it...I hate fleas. Drives me crazy the thought of nasty biting bugs in my house, the only thing worse was when we first moved in and I had to evict the mice....AGG. thats another story for another review.

        So the shampoo...it cost me just over £3 for a 200ml bottle that states "Johnson's Dog Flea shampoo - Kills Fleas on Dogs & Puppies over 12 weeks of age" It also states is suitable for all breeds of dog, so whatever your furry friend it's OK as long as they are over 12 weeks old, and not nursing puppies. It goes on to recommend using a flea comb on pups/mummy dogs and to consult your vet. and most important do NOT use on Cats.
        I got my bottle from the pet shop whilst stocking up on my weapons of mass flea destruction, but is readily available and can be found easily in many shops or you can find it online.

        IN THE BATH !!

        Now Buster is a fast learner and now wise to the whole bath thing, normally he follows me everywhere I mean everywhere but he knows bath time when he sees it...its that extra doggy sense. but as usual he grudgingly surrendered. He's a dog and does doggy things like roll in grass and dirt rummage and dig in bushes and jump in duck ponds and...you get the idea ! All those things that make a Happy smelly dog. He's a fluffy dirt magnet , so baths are a regular thing !

        Personally I get him in bath and use the shower bit which I did. The bottle is easy to open and can be flipped open easily with one hand -good design - The shampoo itself is a thick RED goop runny but rather like syrup.


        If you haven't used it before read the directions before you get you furry one in the bath as there's lots of information on the back of the bottle.
        What you're meant to do is Mix the shampoo 50ml (50ml for a medium sized dog) into 300ml of warm water - a cheap measuring jug would do the job. (If you've got a big beast of a dog I assume you just use more shampoo to the mixture)
        Get your dog all soaking wet then apply half of your shampoo mix and massage well into coat all over body, as always careful around the eyes ears mouth. Rinse them off and do it again with the rest of the mixture. Also states 'avoid contact with eyes, if contact occurs rinse with fresh clean water. Seek medical advice if irritation persists....I guess this goes for your dog to ? except best take them to a vet not your doctor ! )

        A final rise and your done time to towel them off give them a brush and release them from the bathroom....let mad half hour commence. ( or is it just my mad dogs that race round the house like loonies jump bounce and roll around being silly daft bananas ? ) Now do as the bottle says and wash your hands after use...and your bath too I guess though it doesn't state that bit.

        OTHER INFO: : "For external use only, For animal treatment only, keep out of reach of children. Protect from frost and sunlight, Do not store above 25 C Keep away from food and Drink.

        DISPOSAL: Harmful to fish and crustaceans, do not contaminate aquaria (water, ponds etc) or fish tanks with this product. Dispose of any waste water on soil not used for growing food-stuffs.(OK there, mine went down plug hole) Empty packaging is fine in normal bin.

        They also give you some helpful advice on tackling fleas which I guess is useful if it's your fist encounter with the damn things otherwise it's just common sense stuff -
        "Fleas from pets often infest animals basket, bedding and other regular resting areas, such as carpets and soft furnishings which should be treated with a household insecticide and vacuumed regularly. Wash or change pet bedding regularly. Obvious - common sense really.

        CONTAINS / Ingredients: Pyrethrum extract (25%) BP.(Vet) 0.19% w/w to give 0.05% w/w Pyrethrins Piperonyl Butoxide BP.Vet 0.49% w/w

        Pyrethrum from a quick google is a biodegradable insecticide but that's all the help I can give you there.

        SUCCESS ?

        Well yes sort of, on washing a little nasty one tried to 'abandon ship' and bit my arm so they obviously aren't keen on it !
        It did remove whatever fleas were on him and he was happy and less itchy afterwards - on checking I think I wiped out that particular generation of blood sucking monsters !
        -BUT even though I sprayed the house/powdered the house/vacuumed the house (A good tip - don't forget to spray/dust/clean your hoover when you're done)
        Washed dog beds rugs bedding etc etc but we're still not quite rid yet.

        BUT this shampoo is helpful I suppose. At least you get more than one use out of a bottle, the 200ml I bought will last 4 washes as Buster is a medium sized mutt. It gets rid of any fleas on the dog but would be great if it repelled new ones too which it doesn't seem to be do.

        But With the rest of my anti-flea stuff I'll win the war.

        In conclusion it's smells good so OK to use as a regular shampoo really as it's cheap enough.
        This Shampoo does not really agree with Dizz dog though, she is prone to dandruff-type flaky-ness always has been so have taken to using asdas own brand medicated shampoo on both of them ( like Vosene sp?)
        Seeing as this flea shampoo doesn't repel fleas I gave it up - afterall if theres any fleas lurking about then they're going to hop back on once dog is washed and dry again.

        Most shampoos and a good wash will get fleas off your dog so I leave the choice up to you !

        Extra words of advice if you are faced with takling fleas - I must have tried the whole Bob Martin range of flea products now and I wouldn't recommend any of them.

        Next stop is to give in. Admit defeat and go in search of some proper front-line, which have now done - Another £15.90 per dog... Grrrr.

        Fingers crossed we will be rid of the little buggers for good, not that we're over-run its just those last few indestructable ones.

        Thanks for reading !


        (review on ciao too with photos- same user name )


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