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Jumbo Rope Ball Dog Toy

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Brand: Tough Toys / Type: Dog Toy

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    1 Review
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      26.08.2011 11:26
      Very helpful



      Top quality toy that will last forever

      If you own a large dog, and if your dog loves balls, you will know how difficult it is to find a ball that will withstand their 'tough love'. My dog, a large German Shepherd called Daisy, can shred a standard tennis ball in three minutes. Although she's only ten months old I must have bought her thirty balls already; some have got lost, but most have been ruined by her huge teeth and jaws.

      Although she loves all balls, Daisy's particular obsession is the rubber ball-on-a-rope type, and of the many we have tried, the absolute best is this Tough Toys Jumbo Rope Ball.

      *** What is a Rope Ball?***

      Most dogs love Rope Balls. They are simply a rubber ball with a hole in the middle through which a rope is attached to form a 'handle' approximately six inches long. This makes them easier to throw than a standard ball; you can get a good swing as you launch it, meaning it will fly further, giving your dog a longer run.

      ***About the Jumbo***

      This is simply a scaled-up version of the standard ball-on-a-rope, but with added indestructibility! It is aimed at large dogs, as it has a 3.2 inch diameter (roughly the size of a large orange) and weighs 370 grams. A small or medium dog would struggle to handle it comfortably, but it is perfect for large breeds. It is made of solid, non-toxic rubber with a small hole through the middle where the rope fits. The rope is very heavy duty, yet still soft to hold. It is available on-line or at Pets at Home, where it costs £7.99. It comes in a variety of colours, and I would recommend a bright one (the pink ball with yellow rope is lovely) not only because it is attractive, but because it stands out in long grass making it easier to find.

      ***Why Daisy loves the Jumbo***

      Daisy really gets attached to her toys. She carries them around with her, takes them to bed with her, and plays with them every day. But due to her strong teeth and jaws, she keeps accidentally destroying them, meaning they have to be thrown away - very frustrating for her! Luckily, her Jumbo Rope Ball is virtually indestructible, so she can love it for a long, long time.

      However hard she chomps down on it, the rubber never breaks or cracks. She makes tiny indents with her teeth, so it takes on the texture of orange peel, but it stays smooth and safe at all times. We play 'tuggy' with this (basically tug-of-war, where she holds the ball and I hold the rope) and the rope has not loosened or frayed at all. After many days of rough play, it is still as good - and safe - as new.

      ***Why I love the Jumbo***

      When I first felt the weight of this toy, I did wonder whether I would be able to throw it properly as I'm not very strong or good at throwing! But actually it throws very easily, and I can launch this one much further than a non-roped ball and just as far as the lighter roped balls. It keeps Daisy exercised when I don't fancy a long walk; I simply stand still and keep throwing the ball while she runs after it and fetches it back.

      It comes in loads of different colours so you can buy one to suit your play environment. For example, I would avoid a green one if I was going to be playing on grass, and I wouldn't buy a beige one to take to the beach.

      When it gets dirty or smelly, it rinses clean easily under a tap and dries immediately (the rope takes slightly longer). So she can use it both inside and out.

      ***One small caution!***

      At 375 grams, this ball hurts if your dog drops it on your toes! And if you're a rubbish thrower, keep away from parked cars as it could cause damage.

      ***To sum up***

      This is a lovely, high quality toy and Daisy and I award it five Dooyoo stars. Happy dogs make happy owners, and this toy makes Daisy happier than any other!


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