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Jumbo Tennisbone

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Animals Equipment Type: Dog Toys

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    1 Review
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      15.04.2011 18:59
      Very helpful



      don't waste your money - fun while it lasts but it doesn't last!

      I should probably start this review by saying that whilst I have emailed Dooyoo to explain the mistake this product wasn't and never has been made by Nylabone - instead it was made by Happy Dog. The product is the same, it's just the manufacturers name that's wrong.

      My dogs were completely spoilt! Before I bought my Cavalier some well meaning but misinformed family member thought they'd buy him this Jumbo Tennisbone. The poor thing could barely get his mouth around the bone never mind the balls.

      Since I don't have the dogs anymore I obviously don't have the toy to measure. However, a quick google tells me that this is 12" long with the balls measuring 4" diameter. Now I know this sounds a lot but it seems right to me having seen the toy.

      The tennis balls are significantly larger then the usual size you would expect a tennis ball to be and the middle bone part of the toy is slightly longer then the length of one ball. The picture Dooyoo has is a different colour to mine. Mine had dark blue and yellow tennis balls with an orange bone so different colour varieties are available. Despite the obvious size difference however, the tennis balls are just that - tennis balls and the bone is made of reinforced rubber. The texture being very similar to that of the rubber puppy chew toys.

      This is advertised as a toy for large dogs and the dimensions confirm this however, although my Cavalier couldn't use this as a puppy for obvious reasons he did quite enjoy chewing on the bone and chasing after it when I threw it for him as an adult. Although he never tried carrying it I would probably have stopped using this toy with him if he had as I'd worry about the weight of it on his small neck.

      When I bought my Rottweiler however, this toy really came into its own.. For a while! She was big enough to chew both the bone and the balls, she'd carry it around in her mouth, chase after it and although she never did learn to bring it back(!) she'd take it off to her own little corner hold the bone part in her paws and then chew on one of the balls. She adored it and got a lot more use out of it then my Cavalier for fairly obvious reasons but then it is a large dog toy and so I can't fault it for that.

      However, this is advertised as "indestructible" claiming that the tennis balls are fused on. I would completely disagree with this. After only a couple of months use my Rottweiler managed to pull off one of the balls. After that, the bone with one remaining ball wasn't so interesting and I'd worry about her chewing off the thin plastic that had held the missing ball in place anyway.

      The tennis ball, in theory, could have still been used but besides the fact that they already had a hundred other balls this had what looked like either plastic or dried glue stuck where the ball had been attached to this bone and I was concerned about how this may affect her if she chewed it off.

      I can't find this online in the UK at all. It is in my local pet shop for £4.99 and a smaller version is available for £3.50. However based on the fact it really didn't last at all I can't recommend it, there are much better toys available at that price and I personally will never be buying this again. It's going to get two out of five stars, saved by the amount she loved it before she killed it!


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    • Product Details

      Made from extra durable materials / non-toxic tennis balls made just for dogs

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