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K9 Bubble Stream

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Brand: Fetch Pet Toys / Animals Equipment Type: Dog Toys

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    1 Review
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      10.09.2009 18:36
      Very helpful



      Own a bouncy, livey pooch? It may well be worth a go.

      *What is the K9 Bubble Stream?*
      This interactive dog toy is produced by the K9 Company, who make and produce a wide range of interactive dog toys designed for use by dogs of all ages, with something for every type of game.

      *The product itself*
      Entertaining Grace and Benson is no mean feat! Being two relatively young and incredibly bouncy dogs means that no matter how far I walk them, no matter how much I let them swim and no matter how many games I play with them, I never really succeed in tiring them out 100%!

      Grace, being the youngest, is the worst of the two, she seems to have an never ending supply of bottled up energy and she is just on the go all of the time, her older ''brother'' Benson, isn't far behind either- if they are awake, it can be pretty much guaranteed that they are either bounding around the place or harassing whoever is closest to them into playing a game of fetch as they have clocked on that if they plonk a slobber soaked tennis ball in some bodies lap enough times that the person is question normally gives in.

      So, to wear them out as much as I possibly can, I have an army of different toys and gadgets at home that come out in force religiously throughout the day in a bid to keep on top of the never ending energy that could power entire cities. The problem is however, is that Grace and Benson, to put it politely, aren't exactly ever going to be candidates for Canine Mensa should such a thing ever exist, and if they can't eat or chew the life out of the item in question, then quite frankly they'll get bored of it within a matter of minutes and go back to annoying the nearest available person that is willing to give them the time of day.

      This leads me to constantly be on the look out for new bits and pieces that I think they'll enjoy, that'll help tire them out and more importantly, items that will hold their attention for more than five minutes. Enter the K9 Bubble Stream. I came across this product online recently and within nanoseconds of discovering it, my order was placed.

      The K9 Bubble Stream is modelled on those bubble guns that seem ever popular with children, but instead of regular bubbles, the K9 Bubble Stream releases flavoured bubbles and is designed for interactive play between owner and dog- the owner uses the K9 Bubble Stream to release continuous streams of bubbles, which will engage most doggies in a high action and great fun game as they jump up the catch the meaty flavoured bubbles in their mouths.

      The Bubble Stream is made from strong and durable red plastic and comes supplied with 2 AA batteries that are required to work the trigger operated design of the gun- when a bottle of bubble solution is attached to the bottom of the gun and the trigger is pressed down, a continuous stream of safe, non-toxic and completely edible bubbles will flow freely from the end, and to stop the stream, you simply remove your finger from the trigger.

      The bubble solution is safe for dogs to eat when made into bubbles, but care should be taken not to get too much of the solution in their eyes and the bottle of neat solution should be stored well away from your canine friend and also any children in the house.

      The K9 Bubble Stream comes packaged within tough clear plastic casing that will require scissors and an awful lot of brute force to get into, believe me! Also within the packaging you will find a cardboard insert which gives full information about the product such as how to attach the bottles of bubble solution to the gun, how to operate it and do various other things such as clean it safely or change the batteries. A few common sense safety warnings are also given, along with contact details for the K9 company.

      *Price & Availability*
      The K9 Bubble Stream seems to be a relatively popular toy and is widely available across the internet as well as in various off line pet stores.

      I purchased our Bubble Stream, which included a bottle of bacon flavoured bubble solution online from Pets Corner (www.petscorner.co.uk) for£10.39.

      Refill bottles of bubble solution are also available. A packet of two 4fl oz. bottles costs £3.47.

      *My opinion*
      I am a complete sucker for all these gadget dog toys so when I came across this K9 Bubble Stream online a couple of months ago, I just had to have one! I promptly placed my order, pretty confident with the fact it'd be something Grace and Benson would absolutely love and waited eagerly for it to arrive.

      I've brought many unusual gadget type dog toys before and although, on the whole, I have been impressed by the vast majority of them, there has been a few awfully dud ones which were either broken by the dogs within a matter or minutes or had absolutely no play value at all- struggling to keep the dogs attention for more than a few moments. I had high hopes for the K9 Bubble Stream, and being a novel and exciting game for the dogs, I was hoping they'd love it so when it arrived a few days later, I wasted no time in testing it out.

      The first thing I noticed about the toy when it arrived was how bloody difficult it was to get into!! Ten minutes chopping away at it with scissors finally saw me break into the packaging and I was free to have a look at the thing! First impressions, I was very impressed- the plastic didn't feel cheap and flimsy, it felt very chunky and solid with everything fixed together nice and strong, it looked like an overall very good quality item and I couldn't wait to give it a go.

      Rounding up Grace and Benson, I took them outside and we had our first go with it. The batteries supplied with our toy were either just faulty dud ones or the ones K9 on a whole supply are rubbish, but either way, they wouldn't work the toy and I had to pop in some good Duracell batteries before I could get the thing working, but after that, the bubble solution was nice and easy to attach- you simply need to unscrew the lid of the bottle, place it under the bubble gun and then twist so it attaches itself and you're done.

      We were now ready to get going! The Bubble Stream was easy and very comfortable to hold and the trigger very easy to operate- a light press was all that was needed to work it and a stream of light fluffy bubbles flew continuous from the end.

      It didn't take Grace and Benson a lot to work out the game and within minutes they were jumping up and snapping at the bubbles, charging around trying to catch them and all round being a bit crazy! It was a hit to say the least and after ten minutes I was left with two thoroughly knackered doggies who were happy to doze off for a snooze after absolutely loving their new toy!

      We had the Bubble Stream on for around 10 minutes or so, and it used well over half the bottle, so bear that in mind when purchasing- you might want to add a few refill bottles to your order to arrive at the same time as the gun if you intend on using the toy for longer periods of time.

      Overall, it is a big hit and the dogs absolutely love it. Initially, I was very pleased with it too but I have to admit, I like it a bit less every time we use it now. Firstly, it gets through the bubble solution so quickly and at over £3 for 2 small bottles, they are hardly cheap and secondly, although I know the bubbles are perfectly safe and edible for the dogs, I still believe they must be full of chemicals so I limit games with the Bubble Stream to just once a week or so. Lastly, it is a game for outside only- firstly, because of the space required to play the game and secondly, the bubbles your dog misses will land on the floor and make a complete slippery mess of everything, so with the winter fast approaching, the Bubble Stream will be getting less and less use.

      One worry that I did have and thankfully turned out to be needless, was I thought the bubble solution popping on the dogs would turn them into a sticky mess- thankfully, this isn't the case- the solution doesn't spoil the dogs coats at all and a quick wipe down with a baby wipe is all that is needed to clean them up a bit after a game with the Bubble Stream and although the bubbles are meaty flavoured, this didn't make their coats smell foul at all.

      To conclude, a fairly decent toy- it provides great exercise as well as mental stimulation and the dogs absolutely love it- going ballistic every time they see the K9 Bubble Stream emerging from their cupboard. But for me, there are just a few too many little niggles that spoil the toy and would prevent me from purchasing another should ours ever break.


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      Offers an endless stream of bubbles for dogs to play with

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