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Karlie Dog Water Pool

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Brand: Karlie / Animals Equipment Type: Dog Equipment

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    1 Review
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      16.05.2009 17:08
      Very helpful



      It's not perfect, but I'm sure Grace and Benson wouldn't have a bad word said about it!

      *What is the Karlie Dog Water Pool?*
      This water play pool, designed exclusively for dogs, is produced by the Karlie company, who make and manufacture a large variety of doggie items including dog carriers, beds, and of course, this play pool.

      *The product itself*
      Throughout many of my reviews you would have more than likely noticed me mention just how much Grace and Benson love the water! I know many dogs enjoy the occasional paddle, but my two monsters, well lets just say they are probably part fish! They get a swim in the lake everyday but even that is not good enough for them- around the house they will try and get into every water source available. Their obsession means I need to lock the door when I am in the bath even when home alone incase of canine visitors who decide they'd like to open the door and join me, any drinks left unattended will most probably get a huge paw or cold nose dunked in them, and they've now been banned from going into the paddock with my donkeys, as they try to get into their rather small water trough, often resulting in them getting stuck and having to be lifted out. Which is no easy task!

      So last summer, I decided to purchase them a little water pool of their very own! Somewhere out in the garden where they could go for a little play and splash about in between trips to the lake, and also provide a place where they could cool down on warmer days.

      Firstly, I tried kiddie pools, which were destroyed pretty much in a matter of minutes by their claws, next was those big rigid plastic pond liners which proved to be too flimsy and hard for Grace and Benson to get in and out of. So I took a long shot and had a search on the internet to see if there were any paddling pools available with dogs in mind, and was delighted when I came across this one!

      The Karlie Dog Water Pool has been produced with dogs like Grace and Benson in mind and offers a safer, more practical alternative to children's paddling pools, which are easily ripped and broken, whilst still providing the dog with an opportunity to enjoy the benefits of a nice cool pool of water!

      The pool is made from exceptionally strong and durable ''claw proof'' plastic and the inside has been treated with a unique anti-slip rubber to prevent dogs from slipping and injuring themselves on the wet surface. The pool requires no pumping or inflation, you just simply place it where you want it and it can be easily moved around, it also has the added benefit of being very easily cleanable, the whole thing can be power hosed or washed down with mild disinfectant and is suitable for outside use all year round.

      It is available in two sizes- firstly, is the regular size that measures 31.5 inches in diameter and is 7.9 inches deep and then there is the slighter larger sizes, measuring 42.7 inches across with a deepness of 11.8 inches, suitable for larger dogs or if you are looking for a deeper pool for your dog. Handy, waterproof protective covers to help keep the pool water clean when not in use, or over night can also be purchased.

      The pool comes packaged in a large cardboard box which gives full information about the product and instructions for use, aswell as a few safety details. An instruction leaflet is also included which gives tips on caring for the pool and details on how to set up and dismantle it. Of course, contact details for Karlie are also printed and the box can be recycled once no longer needed.

      *Price & Availability*
      I've not seen the Karlie pool in any offline pet shops although it is readily available online. I purchased Grace and Benson's pool, which is the larger size, online from www.zooplus.co.uk for £45.90.

      Zooplus stock both sizes of the pool and also the protective covers, which are a good buy, and shipping is free!

      *My opinion*
      Grace and Benson are pretty easy to please, a couple of decent meals a day, a few long walks, plenty of attention and a cosy place to sleep at night and they are pretty happy, but they truly are the most amazing dogs a person could own, and I love them to death, so I like to spoil them rotten at every given chance and try to make them as happy as they make me.

      So, this was the reason for the pool! At just over forty five pounds, it was a little expensive however I knew they'd get a lot of use out of it and they would absolutely adore it. Also, for that price, I imagined it would be pretty hard wearing and probably save me money in the long run as I wouldn't need to keep replacing the kiddie paddling pools I use to buy them. So, I took the plunge (ignore the pun!) and ordered them one and waited eagerly for it to arrive.

      Sure enough, it did a couple of days later and I couldn't wait to get it set up for Grace and Benson. My fiancé had them out for a walk at the time so thankfully I could get the pool up and sorted without the two of them getting in the way and it was really very easy. Full instructions were provided but to be honest, everything was pretty straight forward, you just need to place the base of the pool on a flat surface, whether it is grass or concrete and then pull the sides out until it takes shape. The sides are pretty rigid so it stays where you put it quite well, and then you simply need to get the hose and fill it up with clean water. Once assembled, it looked very nice, not too deep but still big enough for the dogs to have a good splash about in.

      An hour or so later and the terrible twosome were back, and well, forget the lovely welcome I normally get, they clapped eyes on the pool as soon as they came through the gate and I was forgotten about! It was lovely to see them charge in and begin splashing about, their tails were wagging so fast they were in danger of flying away and they were absolutely loving it. The pair of them were jumping in and out, play fighting in the water together, getting their toys to bring in and generally just having a fantastic time. Admittedly, there wasn't much water left in the pool once they had finished, but that didn't matter, that really, really loved it. My fiancé called them in for about the only thing they love more than water, their dinner, and I got the chance to have a look to see if they had inflicted any damage on the pool.

      I was pleased to find no rips whatsoever, not even a scuff mark from their claws and the non-slip rubber base (which had worked very well) wasn't damaged at all either, so at this point I was about as pleased as the dogs. I was happy with the product, and the price I had paid for it, and knew it'd provide Grace and Benson with a lot of fun, not to mention valuable exercise.

      Last summer I'd put fresh water in it every morning and they'd play in it pretty much everyday, also when it was really warm, they loved to go out and just lay down in the water to cool down, there was plenty of room for one dog at a time to lay comfortably down and it was great for Benson especially, because of his big thick coat and I liked the thought there was somewhere he could go to cool right down when he got too warm which of course minimised the risk of dangerous heat stroke and kept Benson happy and comfortable.

      Another thing I did for them which they absolutely loved was bobbing for treats in the water! I'd chop up pieces of apple, carrot, banana, strawberry and melon and chuck it in the water and they loved to get in and splash about in the water whilst gobbling up all their healthy treats. They loved doing it with gravy ice cubes too, it kept them out of trouble for half an hour or so and entertained them whilst I got a few bits and bobs done that needed doing.

      The manufacturers claim that it can be used all year round although toward the end of September I did drain the pool and pack it away in the garage for the winter, much to the sheer disgust of Grace and Benson. Firstly, they'd want to go in it even if it was too cold if I had kept it out and secondly, I didn't want it damaged by the frost or have my four ducks take up residence in it! I'll be getting it out again in a month or so however, in preparation for another summers use by the dogs and I have no doubt in my mind that they will enjoy it just as much this year as they did last.

      Overall, a great product and one I am really glad I purchased. It was a little bit costly but the dogs loved it and that's all that matters, it was high quality too, it stood up well to Grace and Benson, even though they use to play quite roughly in it so I suppose I can't complain too much. The non-slip coating was also very effective, the dogs had no accidents whilst playing in the water which I was pleased about and when I got in there too for a game with them (yes, I am a little bit on the strange side), I didn't slip once at all either. The lovely bright red and blue colour of the pool hasn't faded at all in the sun, which still makes it a nice attractive feature in my garden.

      My only little whinge is that it could be a little bit bigger and a little bit deeper, but otherwise, a lovely well made product which my dogs love, and I'd highly recommend it to owner of a water loving canine.


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      Swimming / paddlling pool designed for dogs

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