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Kong Dental Stick

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Brand: Kong / Animals Equipment Type: Dog Health

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    4 Reviews
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      18.11.2012 07:45
      Very helpful



      5/5 Stars

      My dogs have got quite a few Kong toys and I am really impressed with how durable they are while still being fun for my dogs to play with.

      We've had this particular toy for a good few years now and I bought it a few months after getting my husky after a recommendation from one of my friends. I purchased ours from Pets at Home if I remember correctly and have no idea how much I paid but I don't remember it being expensive. The current retail price for a large one (the size that we have) is around £5.00, depending on where you purchase it from. The are two other sizes available as well - small and medium, making it suitable for all dog breeds.

      This toy is a really good idea and it is a very effective way of helping to clean my dogs teeth without having to use a toothbrush! It is basically a tube shaped piece of rubber which is the same thick, durable and slightly bouncy material as a normal Kong toy. It is around five inches long and it is covered in ridges which are designed to be filled with doggy toothpaste however as my dogs refused to touch it when I did purchase some of the dog toothpaste I don't use this.

      The ridges are deep enough to insert bits of broken up biscuits or chocolate drops and I usually use soft cheese or peanut butter as this takes longer for my dogs to eat. Even though I don't use the toothpaste I feel that this is still effective in cleaning my dogs teeth and seeing as they will chew on it for a good 20 minutes or so jt is very thorough. The way that the toy works is by the flexible grooves closing over the dogs teeth which sounds quite unpleasant but it is gentle and whenever I watch one of the dogs chewing on it I can see that it is working.

      When it is chewed it helps to remove any plaque and bits of food stuck in the dog's teeth which reduces tartar buid up. It also keeps a dog occupied and helps to stop them from chewing on things they shouldn't. When I first got this the dogs would just lick it and nibble it or push it around to try and get the treats to fall out of the ridges but they soon got the hang of chewing it. When my dogs are chewing on it they often have it right at the back of their mouths which gives their teeth a thorough clean.

      The centre of the toy is hollow meaning that it can be stuffed full of goodies however the opening isn't very big so I struggle to fit anything in there other than a munchy stick. The toy has a raised band on the middle of it which my dogs seem to like the texture of and the toy is easy for them to carry around comfortably in their mouths and it is too large to be a choking hazzard. As my dogs use this inside and outside it does get quite dirty easily and it can soon become smelly as they are not always able to get all of the food out of the ridges.

      I soak it in hot water whenever neccessary and it is in great condition after a good few years. There are a lot of teeth marks and the colour is fading a little but it is still in the original shape with no bits of rubber missing or anything which says a lot about the quality considering that all of my dogs are strong chewers. Despite how long my dogs have had this toy they will still play with it whenever I fill the ridges with treats and they often play with it like they would with a tennis ball; carrying and throwing it around because it is quite bouncy.

      Overall this is a great toy. It effectively does what the manufaturers claim and the quality and durability is brilliant.

      Five out of five stars - highly recommended.


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      03.06.2011 01:46
      Very helpful



      wouldn't buy again

      This toy was in my collection of Kong toys.

      It is advertised as a dental stick and claims to clean their teeth as they chew it.

      This is basically a log shaped toy with groves length ways, as the dog chews on the toy the rubber will brush against the gums and brush plaque and any build up off the teeth.

      In addition to this toy a paste can be bought which is squirted in the grooves. the dog will the chew the toy more as it will taste nice and meaty or minty.

      I bought the paste but found that my dog licked the toy instead of chewing it, not really helping their teeth!

      The toy is durable and strong and does last a long time even when chewed or licked reguarly.

      I also used to put little kibbles of biscuit in the groves of which my dog loved and spent more time chewing it the get the little kibbles out.

      This was bought for about £6.99 so on the expensive side but still quite a good toy. Maybe not something I would purchase again but I certainly dont regret buying it. The orifinal Kong is better than this so maybe look around a bit before buying


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      02.10.2010 15:24
      Very helpful



      A great little product

      The Kong dental stick is a product which promotes chewing for your dog and through working their canines they act to remove plaque and food particles from the teeth. Kong specialise in hard rubber products for dogs, they are all made of thick tough plastic which are usually red in colour.

      Kong dental stick is about 10 cm's long and about 3 wide, it is made of once piece of composite rubber with little grooves embedded in the stick. The grooves are designed to persuade the dog to use its teeth to worry the food out of the canines. They have small spaces in behind the grooves in which small treats can be pushed into, they can be added as a means of encouraging the dog to chew the rubber stick.

      Kong sell a high quality product which using their thick rubber and attractive colurs to persuade the dog to use his teeth. Dog carries, and dental disease is a problem and any tool which stops the dog from suffering tooth disease and gum inflamation. The way of life for household dogs is that they eat soft food and rarely get a bone to chew on, this product replaces the bone and as its rubber can be washed repeatedly.

      I can assure you that giving your dog a brush with a dog toothbrush or paying for expensive dental treatment for your dog. Dog insurance has a tendency to not include treatment for oral diseases, they view it as a lack of owner care. Kong dental sticks cost about £2, and as a means of keeping your dog happy that's money well spent. Adding the treats in the sticks means that this can be changed into a treat for the dog and therefore keeping his teeth happy turns from a chore into a pleasure and even better the dog does the work for you!!


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        06.09.2007 17:02
        Very helpful



        A great toy that would really do your dogs teeth some good if they chewed it for long enough!

        *What is a Kong Dental Stick?*
        The Dental Stick is a rubber chew toy produced by the Kong company which makes a large variety of dog toys, it is specially designed to help assist in teeth cleaning. It is made from the same strong red rubber as the Original Kong toy.

        *The product itself*
        The Dental Stick is a 'tube' shaped toy which has little grooves all the way around it, the grooves are ridged so as the dog chews on it, the ridges gently help scrape plaque away from the teeth and gumline. The grooves called be filled with small treats or the special pastes that the Kong company sells, for my dog I push broken bits of treats inside the grooves and then squeeze on some dog toothpaste.

        The toy comes attached to a piece of white card, which has lots of information about the product and the Kong logo in bold at the top, there will also be the size that the toy is. Also inside is a small information leaflet, which comes with all Kong products to tell you more about the safety information and how the toy works.

        *Price & Availabilty*
        Kong toys are only available in pet stores and I have found that Pets At Home and Seapets in Colchester generally stock the largest range. The Dental Stick is available in three different sizes:
        Small (for Yorkshire Terriers ect) £3.99
        Medium (for Collies/Spaniels ect) £4.99
        Large (for Labradors/Rottweilers ect) £5.99

        *What the dogs think*
        I brought the large sized toy for my Bernese Mountain Dog, Benson, my other dog isn't keen on rubber toys so she got a cuddly toy insted! Benson loved it straight away, its an easy shape for dogs to chew yet it is strong enough to withstand a dog of Bensons size and strenght, and the specially designed grooves close right over the teeth, and gently cleans them. But the novelty of a new toy soon wore off, and now he won't chew on it unless it is filled with some sort of tasty goodies! Although he still loves to use it as a fetch toy.

        *Ease of Cleaning*
        The shape of this toy, with all the little grooves makes this a rather hard toy to clean, although as it is rubber it can just be washed in hot water and regular washing up liquid, just make sure it is well rinsed before giving it back to your dog. I have found that the best way to clean inside the grooves is with an old toothbrush, which I have reserved just for cleaning the dogs toys.

        *Pro's & Con's*
        + It cleans teeth and gums in a gentle yet affective way
        + Grooves can be filled with small treats, treat pastes or dog toothpaste to encourage chewing and therefore further teething cleaning.
        + Makes a good fetch toy
        + Three sizes for different breed dogs
        + Well priced
        + Puppy version made from softer rubber available

        - Not suitable for very strong chewers, they would be able to chew pieces of rubber off
        - If the toy isn't filled with treats, the dog isn't intrested
        - Small grooves make it hard to clean
        - Its not going to last a long time if your dog chews on it everyday


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        Made from natural rubber

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