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Kong Tug Toy

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4 Reviews
  • flexible rubber
  • great fun for the dog
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    4 Reviews
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      27.10.2014 22:11
      Very helpful


      • "flexible rubber"
      • "great fun for the dog"
      • Strong


      • none

      Kong are strong without a doubt... so give your dog a strong toy to play

      This toy reminds me of one of those chest expanders from the 80's. You know the ones? A handle on either end of a spring or two. Only this doesn't have a spring, although this does have the two handles, but these two handles are connected by a rubber strap, which, at the end of the day, is as strong as the springs so there's no danger of the rubber splitting or breaking.
      Each of the handles has a grip area on the ends which have a few raised sections for a better grip, be that a persons hand of the dogs teeth. Even the rubber that these black straps are moulded to also have raised bits on them sot there's always somewhere to grip hold of it.

      These are designed to be twisted, stretched, thrown and even chewed, so they are supposed to the made to withstand even the toughest of dogs teeth. Which, as you'd expect from 'Kong' products, this one does exactly what it is supposed to do.

      My dog still played with this now, and he's had it for months, which, with the way he treats his stuff, is month more than normal. But still, this one only show a few tiny indents that are, or were teeth marks that the rubber has closed around to almost nothing.

      This 'Kong' toy is a little more costly than some dog toys, being about £10 in many good pet shops, but you get your monies worth with this one as it is made to last and it can handle some strong jaws.


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      26.04.2012 22:43
      Very helpful
      1 Comment



      Recommended by me!

      After spotting this in Pets at Home, I already knew that Kong were a trusted brand really as I have one of their other products. You know the one where you put something inside the round, rubber toy and they have to get it out? I can't remember what it's called, but that is it lol! But anyway, back onto the toy!
      The Packaging

      The packaging is perfect really, you can see the toy easily and feel if it will be tough enough. Like normal it also has listed all of the manufacturs tips, same kind of stuff that I won't waste your time with lol. But on the cardboard behind the toy is a cute picture of a dog and clear infomation that it is a kong toy - that you can't mistake! But I guess it works, because that is mostly the reason I brought it!
      So 5/5 stars for the packaging - says all you need it to say and you can easily test the toy!

      The Toy
      The toy itself is kind of divided. One side is for your dog to pull with it's teeth and the other one for you. If you want too pull it with your teeth that is up to you but I do recommend you use your hand lol. The black rubber (which is on the end of each side) has a good grip and makes it easy to have a good play with your best friend :) The rubber is also very strong and though Lola (our dog) likes to rip things apart (literally!), this has survived and we still enjoy our tug of wars! The black rubber part in the middle of it is also thick rubber and holds it all together very well. As well as playing tug of war, it is also quite good for playing fetch, though it can get a bit heavy to throw far. For playing fetch I would still recommend a tennis ball.

      So 5/5 stars for this as well! It's great for tug of war, chewing and it's not too bad at playing fetch!
      Did Lola get bored of it?

      Another plus is that Lola (our dog) still loves playing with it and hasn't got bored of it! It's a good plus for me, because she does tend to play with something for a day and then not ever touch it again! Not just a waste of money but another toy to trip over!
      So 5/5 stars - she still plays with it everyday so well, what more could you want!

      As far as I remember, I got this for just £4.50, which I think is a great price as it is still with us now. Although if you have a really big, strong dog I would go and buy it from a shop not the internet, just too see if it will be able to match up to your dog.

      4/5 stars because although it is a great, durable toy £4.50 is quite expensive for a dog toy.
      One More Thing

      And a good tip, make sure you have a human side and a dog side. You don't have much grip with saliva all over your hand lol!
      So 5/5 stars overall because it's a good, all round toy. I would definetly recommend.

      Thanks for reading! Please rate and leave a comment :)


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        05.08.2009 22:51
        Very helpful



        Safe, strong and the dogs love it- what more could you ask for.

        *What is the Kong Tug Toy?*
        This dog toy is produced by the world famous Kong company, the American manufacturers of the highly popular red rubber Kong toys. Their range also includes a variety of other items, such as dog treats, chews and various other doggie toys.

        *The product itself*
        Grace and Benson are quite unlike any dog I have ever owned before! The two of them are just complete and utter flaming nutcases who quite simply do not sit still for a moment longer than they feel they must! From the moment the terrible twosome wake up in the morning, right up until they are practically dropping down with exhaustion at the end of the day- they are on the go. Whether it is running about with one another, tearing about the place with their toys or generally just annoying just about anyone they get the chance to- they are up and about doing something at least!

        I do all that I possibly can to knacker them out! We go on at least two walks a day, covering at least 8 miles between the two walks, they get a couple of opportunities to go swimming in the lake during our walks and 3 nights a week they do either agility or flyball, as well as plenty of games out in the garden everyday- either just the two of them playing together or with me out there too having a game with them, oh and they have their own agility set in the garden too which they use every day. So it's not as if they are poor neglected pooches who are lucky if they get out for a five minute stroll once a week! But anyway, this still isn't enough for them apparently, and they still insist on being the live wires that they are!

        Now, until I figure out a way to bottle up their energy and make my millions flogging it on the internet, I'm left with one option, and that is to provide plenty of bits and pieces for them to play with and create lots of extra outlets to help burn off their excess energy!

        Enter Kong toys. As I'm sure the majority of you know by now, Grace is a Rottweiler and her older ''brother'' Benson, is a Bernese Mountain Dog, so they are obviously two very large and very strong dogs, with the jaw power to match! This inevitably means that there are very, very few doggie toys that are able to stand up to the pair of them. Kong toys however, are an exception, and so far, we've found that most of the toys from the range that we have used, have coped pretty well with the roughness and strength of my canine pals.

        One game they do love is tug of war, hence the purchase of the Kong Tug Toy. Marketed as representing the highest level of toy innovation, comfort and strength, the Kong Tug claims to provide an extremely durable tug toy suitable for the majority of dogs and can be used either by two dogs playing together, or for dog and owner to enjoy a game of tug together.

        The Kong Tug is a figure of 8 shape style toy, made from ultra strong nylon tug rings, coated with unique ''bite grips'' made from exclusive Kong rubber on each ring, providing a comfortable surface for your dog to grip in its mouth, and the centre is also made from the unique Kong rubber, this has apparently been produced with ''Control-Flex Technology'' which enables the Tug Toy to flex whilst in use and eliminates the risk of snap back, which is a dangerous problem associated with most cheaper tugging toys.

        The Kong Tug Toy comes attached to a white cardboard strip which gives detail about the product and all the usual information you'd expect to find such as directions for safe use, cleaning instructions and of course, contact details for Kong should you have any questions or comments. It is worth noting however that Kong is an American company, so any queries may best be dealt with via the internet.

        *Price & Availability*
        This toy appears to be relatively popular, being available from various places both on and offline. I purchased our Kong Tug online from Dog-Toy (www.dog-toy.co.uk) for £8.80.

        I have since seen it available from a couple of places from a few pounds less though, so if you are looking to purchase one, then be sure to shop around a bit first.

        *My opinion*
        As much as I appear to moan about Grace and Benson's endless supply of energy, I secretly quite love it! I'm a very active and 'outdoorsy' person myself, so to have two dogs that share my love of the outdoors and being active is a wonderful thing- I love nothing more than grabbing a bottle of water, throwing on my walking boots and heading out for a couple of hours- just wandering at my own pace whilst the dogs have a whale of a time charging about playing with one another, sniffing all the good scents and then jumping in the lake for a nice refreshing swim whilst I sit on the bank watching them. Pure bliss!

        Anyway, even after all these hours of walking, the dogs will come home, crash out for a snooze for a couple of hours and then be raring to go again, whilst me.... well, I'd still half dead from the long walk! So for this reason, the dogs have got plenty of toys to keep them busy and use to burn up their extra energy, whilst requiring minimum effort from me!

        I brought this Kong Tug at least two years ago, and although it isn't a particularly exciting toy to a human eye, I thought it deserved a dooyoo review purely on the basis that even after two years being battered by Grace and Benson it is still.. wait for it... in one piece! Quite some achievement, take it from me! And what's move, even after having it for such a long time, it is still something the dogs love to play with on a very regular basis.

        What first attracted me to the Kong Tug was quite simply the name attached to it, in my experience, Kong toys have proven themselves to be very durable, great fun and very long lasting. Granted, they can be a little costly, but when compared to the cheap dog toys that may only cost a pound or so, but last just a couple of minutes, you can see that the Kong ones are quite good value! At the time of purchase, Grace wasn't around, I just had Benson and my old dog Ruby, and although Benson did enjoy the occasional game of tug with me, it is only since I got Grace that the toy has really been put to great use.

        In terms of strength, the Kong Tug really does stand out from other tug toys available. In the past the dogs have had those cheap rubber tug toys, and whilst they are OK for a day or so- any more than a few minutes of play by Grace and Benson at a time sees them snapping completely down the middle, and that is when they have the potential to be very dangerous, as they could quite easily snap back into one of the dogs faces and hurt them, or worse still, injure their eyes. But with this Kong Toy, I've never felt the dogs are at risk from such injury, even when both of them are tugging at either end with all their might, the rubber connector in the middle simply bends, flexes and absorbs the strength of the dogs, not appearing to strain in the slightest and enabling the dogs to carry on with their game for as long as they wish.

        The rubber ''bite grips'' are also a very useful and practical addition to the toy- it gives the dogs something to bite down and get hold of so they can get a good grip for their game of tug, but at the same time, it protects their teeth and gums from the hard nylon construction of the toy. They are also very handy for when I have a game with the dogs, they enable me to get a firm grip on one of the rings whilst one of the dogs has the other one in their mouth, and admittedly, it doesn't normally take long until the dog pulls the tug toy right out of my hand, but even so, the grips provide a soft and comfortable place to hold. One thing I can fault with them though is that they look a bit tatty after a while, the rubber has a tendency to flake off a little bit but in all fairness, it doesn't affect the performance of the toy in the slightest.

        As well as being perfect for tug games, the toy is also ideal for games of fetch. It is lightweight and flies a reasonable distant with very little effort and it is easy for the dogs to bring back to me. I must admit I do worry slightly when they jump up and catch the toy as the hard nylon can sometimes bang quite loudly against their teeth, but so far, touch wood, no damage appears to have been done.

        All in all, I really can't find much to fault with this toy. It may initially be a little expensive, but it is entirely worth it. The dogs can use it to play tug together, I can use it to play tug with them, we can use it for fetch and the dogs love having a ring each in their mouths and just charging about the garden side by side with it. It provides great exercise, helps to burn off excess energy and even helps to strengthen the muscles in your dogs face and mouth.

        To conclude, another exceptional toy from Kong. If it can stand up to the demands of Grace and Benson, then there is plenty of hope for it being suitable for every other dog too!


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          10.04.2009 22:14
          Very helpful



          Good Pet Toy..Worth Buying If Your Dog Likes To Play Tug Of War

          My Dog loved to play Tug of war but not with some as big as this, he would of rather played it with something smaller so he would eventually bite your hand as he was trying to get more grip. So we went out looking for a new toy that he could play with.

          We looked through every Pet Store there was where I lived and couldnt find anything. You name it we searched it. We resorted to looking on the internet and found it on a google page that we searched and thought.."Hmmm..That looks quite good, we'll give it a try and see if it's any good." So we ordered it and 3 days later it arrived. My dog still plays with it now and we have had it about 2 months now.

          I know many people have had problems with it because it doesnt live up to the standards of the other Kong Pet Toys. Also people have said it is easy for the dog to rip up, but thats only if you let them chew it and they are not playing with it. So overall if your Dog is just using as a chew toy not a play toy then of course its just going to rip up within a few hours. So I reccommend just getting it out if the dog wants to play Tug Of War.

          The Kong Tug Toy is made up of two durable rubbery substances which some people hate the feel of, or the sound it makes when the Dog chews it. Also, the center connector, with Control-Flex Technology, eliminates dangerous snap back to provide comfortable, safe, controlled fun!


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        • Product Details

          The rubber grips or bite zones provides outstanding comfort and safety your dog!

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