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Louis Vuitton Baxter Dog Collar

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Brand: Louis Vuitton / Animals Equipment Type: Dog Equipment

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    2 Reviews
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      01.04.2012 01:32
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      Beautiful but expensive.

      I'm not made of money......infact I have very little left over at the end of the month, but if I do have some money spare then I like to spoil my kids and my dogs. I have a westie and a chihuahua and when I saw a Louis Vuitton Dog Collar on Ebay from a reputable seller, I just could not resist because of the decent price. This collar was specifically designed for a small dog and so my little Freddie the Chihuahua was the perfect model. To buy from Louis Vuitton, this collar costs about £130 - which would be way out of my price range for a dog collar - but this only-just second hand collar that I bought cost me only £35 - and my dog suddenly became a designed pooch.

      The collar itself is made of high quality leather which oozes class and sophistication. The leather is sturdy and yet incredibly soft and malleable and so it seemed like it would be really comfortable for little Freddie to wear. Freddie is a real little princess and if he found the collar uncomfortable then he would let me know - and he actually seems completely happy to prance around in it and so I'm sure it's comfortable for him. The collar can be adjusted with the pin and the smallest setting is perfect for my little boy.

      The Louis Vuitton logo is visible on the collar on little gold studs, but they are quite subtle and not too obvious. There is ask a gold plated buckle to thread the collar and a Louis Vuitton name tag hanging from it - which is a little but large and so I actually had this removed as he is tagged anyway. The stitching is exquisite and done by hand - and it just adds to an overall finish which is just beautiful.

      This collar will undoubtedly last for my whole chihuahua's lifetime - and he'll continue to wear it in style. It's a beautiful product.......but it is very expensive.


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        17.02.2009 18:17
        Very helpful



        Designer Dog Collar, that was cheaper than a new handbag...


        As many of you read this, you will think that I am crazy as I have spent so much money on a designer dog collar for my dog. As many will know I don't have children so my dogs are me babies and I have nothing better to spend my money on.

        My eldest old English has just celebrated her seventh birthday and as she is so special to me and has seen me some really hard times, I thought I would treat her. Not that she really knows how special this treat is but she certainly looks like the best dog on the block.

        For her birthday I treated her to a designer Louis Vuitton leather dog collar and I am so impressed that I am now reviewing it for all of the other pet owners on dooyoo.

        THE COLLAR

        This Louis Vuitton dog collar is a brown and beige monogram Baxter design, it is a rich chocolate brown in colour with lighter beige LV branding all over it and is made from a thick hard wearing leather, the inner collar is made of natural cow hide so it is very soft to touch, but as this gets worn the softness does harden off but it does not affect the dogs comfort in any way.

        The collar has five different adjustment settings so you can increase of decrease the collar in size if you need to, the adjustment buckle is gold plated and it also has a gold loop which a lead can be attached to easily.

        I really like this as it has some very intricate detailing to it, there are small gold plated studs randomly scattered around the collar with have the Louis Vuitton branding etched into each and every stud.

        This collar comes with a pet Id tag that can be opened and you then write all of you dogs details such as name, address, post code and telephone number. It is then sealed up and placed back onto the collar, it seals very well so you have little chance of any water getting into it. I have found this to a be a little bit on the big side and it seemed to annoy the dog, so I have now removed this and placed her old ID tag on to the collar.

        When this arrived I was amazing as it came packaged in a stunning box, which was also embossed with Louis Vuitton and tied up with a ribbon. After getting in to the impressive box I found the collar in a soft protective cloth bag and authenticity papers and cards to prove it was a genuine Louis Vuitton, which I would expect anyway when buying from the company themselves, but a friend recently told be they supply the authenticity cards so you can prove it is genuine if you ever sell it on, which is something I will never do.


        These collars are made in three different sizes to accommodate every breed of dog, I got mine in a large size that measures 17.7 inches at the smallest size adjustment and expands to 21.6 inches, the collar can be adjusted easily by moving the buckle up and down on a belt like fastening notch, so it has plenty of room to accommodate a dog that has put on or lost weight.

        I bought this online at www.louisvuitton.com and paid 165.00 for it, yes it is very expensive but due to the sheer quality of this it will last for years.
        After buying from the Louis web site, I am extremely impressed as it arrived within two days and it was very well packaged, so as a company I con not recommend them highly enough.

        After seeing the quality of the collar I have returned to the site and bought the Baxter dog lead to match, I now have to wait for my other dog's birthday to treat her to one as well so it has proved to be very expensive.

        MY OPINION

        This is a very high quality dog collar and this therefore reflects in the high price tag, but this is designed by Louis Vuitton and it is very well made, so it will hopefully last for a very long time.

        The packaging was very beautiful, so I feel that some of the high price tag is to cater for this as it can not come cheap packaging to up to this extent, although it was really nice to open something so pretty, At that point I just wished it was for me.

        I think the company has a fantastic customer services as the web site was excellent to navigate and buy from, delivery was exceptionally fast and they guarantee the collar for two years, which is surprising as it is for a dog and they may chew them up every few months. I suppose this shows how confident they are with the product.

        I know I am crazy spending this on a collar, but I have always admired them from a far and this year we have had a bit more cash to hand so I thought what the hell and bought it anyway, I kind of regret spending the money on this and lead and I now have to do the same again for my other dog, because you cant but one and not the other can you.

        I would recommend the collar and the quality of the product and service, but I don't feel that many could justify spending the money.


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