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Marshall Ferret Ear Cleaner

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Manufacturer: Marshall / Type: Rodent Grooming

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    1 Review
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      19.04.2010 04:28
      Very helpful



      Impressive product with satisfying results.

      There are a few ear cleaners on the market for small animals, but feel it is always best to get one that is made specifically for that animal. Marshall Ferret Ear Cleaner is the only ferret ear cleaner I use, other ear cleaners have not done what has been stated on the bottle. This product is very hard to find with there being only one internet shop in Britain that sells this Marshall product, else you have to have it sent from America. The bottle is of clear plastic, with the Marshall logo holding 118mls of liquid. The lid screws off but molds upwards in to an ended tip. Depending on the size of your ferret's ears you can cut to what diameter you prefer from the end of the plastic nozzle. Once you have snipped the top, there is a provided red cap to keep the cleaner safe and to avoid contamination and spillages.

      This ear cleaner states that it cleans the ears gently without the use of swabs, has a non-staining formula, washes away dirt and wax and includes Eucalyptol that helps to promote good ear tissue health in ferrets. Being an alternative therapist Eucalyptol is antimicrobial, anti-inflammatory and has insecticide properties. So I can well believe that this ear cleaner will help to maintain the ears and help to repel mite infestations.

      There is one slight problem, and that is getting to use the product. As ferrets don't seem to like having the end nozzle put in to their ears, plus they are not much of an animal to sit around and be still, even at the best of times. You are going to have to find what is right for you and your ferret, try different ways with trial and error. The best way I found for me is to use the technique of scuffing them. Gently use this practice and lift them up in the air with a slight tilt to the side you are cleaning, you know when you have achieved this is when they are yawning and virtually still. Quick and efficiently put the nozzle in to the ear and squeeze a small amount and repeat on the other side. They wont be happy with you but give them there favourite treat immediately or use some Ferretone, that will always do the trick. Whilst they are focused on the treat, try to gently give the ear a massage on each side, just to allow the liquid to get deep down within the ear.

      I have used these drops for over a year, once a week. Within a couple of weeks you will notice wax and debris on the outer ear, gently wipe with some cotton wool. Used on a regular basis your ferrets will get used to the routine, it does take a lot of persistence, perseverance and patience.As for me and my ferrets when I follow the routine, its the hard plastic that they do not like more than the liquid going in to their ears. The nozzle is very rigid and I feel if the company replaced the top part with a softer more pliable plastic it would definitely improve the task of using the cleaner within the ear, and would be more comfortable for your ferret.

      The Marshall Ferret Ear Cleaner is good quality and works well and at £6.95 I feel it's a bargain as you only need such a small amount. With having 2 ferrets, this ear cleaner has lasted nearly a year. For something that will help to prevent lice infestation, the removal of wax and promote healthy ear tissue, it has got to be an integral part of any ferret owners care of their animal.


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