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Mikki Gentle Grooming Glove

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Brand: Mikki / Type: Grooming

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    1 Review
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      16.05.2012 18:46
      Very helpful



      Not good for short or longhaired cats - a bit of a waste of money.

      One of my cats absolutely loves being brushed; the other two hate it with a passion. If that passion was confined to, say, a bit of a growl then that'd be fine and I'd plough on regardless. Unfortunately, the way they choose to express their displeasure at being groomed is through the medium of violence so I'm always on the lookout for anything that'll make the job a bit easier. They're both short-haired cats so I probably could just leave them to their own devices, but Jellybean has a tendency to hack up furballs in the most unfortunate places (my knicker drawer, once) and that's something I'd like to happen as rarely as possible. Now, for the non-cat owners amongst you I should elucidate that before I owned cats, I thought furballs translated to 'small balls of fur'. Oh, those innocent days. Now I own kitties, I realise it actually means 'horrid brown watery sick with clumps of fur in it that will stain any fabric it touches as indelibly as permanent marker'. Grooming lessens the incidence of furballs, which in turn may mean that my carpets (and knickers) don't need replaced for a while yet.

      ~*~What does it look like?~*~

      A big fabric glove that's suffering from a particularly bad case of chicken pox.

      ~*~How does it work?~*~

      You put the glove on and simply stroke your cat with it, the idea being that the raised, rubbery-feeling spots on the palms and fingers of the glove will remove any dead hair and add gloss and shine to your pet's coat. Because you're not actually using a brush, the sensation for your cat should be relaxing and soothing; not unlike when it grooms itself. Both sides have the textured dots on them, so it's suitable for left or right-handers.

      ~*~Do the cats like it?~*~

      Well, the reality is a wee bit different to that which the manufacturers suggest. For a start, the glove is MASSIVE which means you feel a bit cack-handed and awkward with it on. Admittedly, I have weeny hands but it really is comically big: even the BFG would find his fingertips flapping around in it. The minute I put it on and my hand touches the cats' backs, they whip around with that 'what the...?' expression on their faces and then I start to feel their claws digging into my legs. Not, I should point out, in that quite endearing 'paddling' way that cats have. Oh no, this is in the 'if you keep touching me with that weirdy glove thing, I'm going to hook my talons through your femoral artery and watch, dispassionately, as you bleed to death'. Neither of my shorthaired kitties will tolerate it for more than a couple of minutes before they scarper to stare at me reproachfully and it's totally pointless to use on my longhaired cat as it would do little more than just glide, ineffectually, over the top level of his fur. The material of the glove is quite thick and heavy-duty but believe me when I tell you that you'll still feel it of one of your mogs decides to bite down really hard on your finger. Despite those obvious drawbacks, if it was any good I'd've gritted my teeth and continued, but even after repeated efforts, this glove just doesn't really seem to achieve anything: a few stray hairs come off but not enough to justify the effort and blood-loss involved. Nor do I think the cats' coats look particularly radiant afterwards and it certainly hasn't lessened Jellybean's rate of furball-sicking-up. Not only that, but it's a sod to clean and you either have to pick strands of hair off one by one, or be left with a big hairy mitt (which sounds like it should be a euphemism, but isn't).

      ~*~Should I buy one?~*~

      Nope, it's a total waste of time. The only possible use for it would be as part of a really-quite-rubbish Michael Jackson costume, but even then you'd have to go to the effort of spray painting it silver and I'm not at all sure it's worth the hassle.


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