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Mikki Porcupine Brush

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Manufacturer: Mikki / Animal Species: Dog / Cat / Type: Grooming

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    1 Review
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      19.11.2010 00:16
      Very helpful



      A nice grooming brush.

      My eight year old West Highland White Terrier, Joey, is eight years old. He is quite a comical fella and can't decide whether to act like a lively puppy or a sleepy old-timer. When we adopted Joey, he was four and a half months old. He was a scruffy pup, with his wispy puppy fur needing a trim.

      It soon became apparent with this pooch that he just hated being groomed or fussed over. Applying flea treatment drops was a major task, as was grooming him. He also used to duck away if anyone tried to stroke his head. I think he hadn't had the greatest start in life. We gradually helped him to overcome some fears, but I've got to say he is still a strange dog.

      One good thing though is, that from hating being groomed he now quite likes it, and especially seems to like his newest brush.

      I have bought numerous brushes and combs for Joey . Some he likes, but these often aren't stiff enough to remove tangles. If the brushes are too comb like then he doesn't like the effect at all, and will try to run away.

      So, when I was in 'The Range' (a chain of mill shops), I was buying dog food and some treats for Joey, when I saw the Mikki Porcupine Brush. There were a few brushes by Mikki on sale. I liked the look of this one as it looked a good size to use, and I also liked the look of the soft grip handle. I thought it would be a nice brush for Joey AND a nice brush for the groomer. It is recommended for use on dogs with double/thick coats. I paid around five pounds for this brush.

      On arriving home I took the brush from its packaging and showed it to Joey. Well, he was quite happy to stand still while I gently ran this brush across his coat. As Joey had just had his hair cut he was clean and almost tangle free but I noticed that the groomer must have missed a small area under a front leg on the Westie 'skirt' which was slightly matted. I gradually managed to tease this out without Joey being too bothered.

      After about ten minutes of grooming I said to Joey, 'Lay down and I'll brush your belly?' Well, he didn't need to be asked twice and lay down and rolled over. Soon his eyes were closed and he was totally relaxed. After five minutes or so I had to pause. Immediately Joey's head shot up and he pressed his wet nose against my hand as if to say, 'more!' After another five minutes or so I had to stop.

      This is a nice brush that, if used regularly, will keep a canine's coat tangle free. If the coat were badly matted then a comb would also be necessary. If Joey has been in the garden for too long, and muddy, and in need of a thorough grooming, then I use a no rinse foam spray. I then begin to use the porcupine brush. I find that dampening his coat makes grooming easier and more comfortable for Joey, as the brush doesn't catch on him.

      Joey only needs to see this brush and he will come running over excitedly and lay down. However, he hates having his face groomed. I have to be quite sneaky when doing this. Three or four small strokes on his beard and five or six on his back. This stops him protesting too much.

      I still need to use a smaller brush for awkward areas.

      I use the Mikki brush for routine grooming and also when Joey is distressed. This happens around bonfire night and, unfortunately in my area, for a few weeks before and after the 5th November. It isn't a cure but does distract a little, and does tend to relax him a little.

      FURTHER DETAILS (taken from pack):

      The Mikki Porcupine Bristle Brush has a combination of soft and hard nylon bristles to enhance grooming action and reduce any excessive brushing force. The porcupine brush is suitable for dual length coats as the long hard bristles reach through the top coat to help reduce tangles and matts from the under coat, while the short soft bristles remove loose hairs and stimulate natural oils that promote a shiny and healthy top coat. nylon bristles are washable for hygiene. ideal for medium to long hair breeds.

      You may also be interested to browse www.mikkipet.co.uk for information on other products from this manufacturer.


      The Mikki Porcupine Brush is available from many local pet shops and larger outlets such as Pets At Home. It is also available from online outlets such as www.petplanet.co.uk and www.amazon.co.uk

      It retails from around £5.00 to £7.00


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