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Mikki Rubber Palm Brush

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Brand: Mikki / Type: Grooming

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    1 Review
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      08.01.2011 19:17
      Very helpful



      The absolute best for short coats.

      When I first saw these products, I have to admit I thought they looked pretty useless. There is not much to this, a small rubber pad ( about 5" long) with a little rubber strap on the back to slip your hand through, and a bunch of small nubs instead of proper bristles. Although I had many customers who swore by these, I remained very skeptical. Still one person after another would tell he how brilliant they were for short coated dogs, and a number of the books on my breed ( Staffordshire Bull Terrier) recommended the use of a hound glove, which is very much like this, but attached to a glove. Finally I decided to try this for the simple reason that it was less expensive than a hound glove. When I admitted to one Boxer owner that I was finally buying this, he couldn't wait to ask me on his next visit how it worked. I was forced to eat my words about what a silly bit of rubber could do. This really does work wonders with short coated dogs. It is not only brilliant for removing dried on mud, dust, and all the other crud they bring in from the fields, this also does a wonderful job at removing any undercoat, dead hairs, dander etc... A good going over with this and the dogs coats just gleam, you can literally feel the difference.

      The first brush is now gone, I got rid of most of my old dogs things as I couldn't stand to look at them anymore. I still have his collar but it is likely to remain in storage for the next 40 years. We got a new staffy a year ago now. At first I tried using an ordinary brush, but she really did not take well to it. We have had to put a lot of work into the dog to accustom her to normal handling. I decided to give another one of these a try, and I found she tolerated this much better than ordinary brushes, and has eventually come to enjoy it.
      I paid £3 for this from ebay (new in packaging), but they are readily available in many pet shops, including Pets at Home for around £4.50. I do think this is a good solution for those whose dogs are distressed by grooming, although I really can not see it being much use for a long coated dog. It is recommended for short coated dogs or cats, although a relatively long haired cat is shown in the picture. I can not really give a fair estimate of how this works for cats, never having owned one, but got mixed reports from customers. Many found their cats hated it, but some said it was very useful for dried muck, and far preferable to a bath, which I can well believe. A few people have reported their cats enjoy this as well, and that regular use really cut down on hair about the house. I suppose it just depends on the cat.

      I use this brush about 2 -3 times a week, and I find it keeps my dogs coat shining and drastically reduces the amount of hair I brush up in the house. It only takes a few minutes to go over my dog unless she is especially mucky, and I really do find this the next best thing to a bath. I have always believed that Staffies do not have an undercoat, but this does seem to remove a lot of lighter dry hair as well. The only drawback to this is that it is awkward to clean out. I end up using an old paintbrush handle to remove all the hair that gets trapped in the brush. It also does not work on muck until the muck is dried, but that is true for any brush.

      I would especially recommend this where someone in the house may have mild allergies. If another family member can give the dog a good brushing down outdoors each day it will greatly reduce the amount of hair and dander about the house. I know a lot of people don't bother at all with grooming for very short coated dogs, but it really does make a noticeable difference in the dogs coat, as well as being good way to spot injuries, and good practice for a dog to stay used to being handled all over. I do believe basic grooming should be part of every dogs routine.

      This product gets 5 stars from me for short coated dogs.


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