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Mikki Smooth 'n' Stroke Grooming Glove

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2 Reviews
  • No effort needed
  • Comforting for the dog
  • A little big for smaller hands
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    2 Reviews
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      24.10.2014 17:42
      Very helpful


      • " simply stroke your dog"
      • "No effort needed"
      • "Comforting for the dog"
      • "Easy to wear"


      • "A little big for smaller hands"

      Stroke your dog and brush him as well.

      Dogs need a good brush but some dogs aren't that keen on having a hard brush being rubbed across there fur, which means that some dogs don't get the full brushing that they need, or deserve. Which is where this glove/brush comes in handy as it may confuse the nervous dogs into not believing that they are being brushed. Or, those dogs that just love a pampering, either way this works a treat.
      This is simply a glove that has lots of gentle soft rubber nobbles on the palm which are there so that when you stroke across the dogs fur is brushes as well as comforts.
      All you do it put the glove on, as a glove, on your right hand, I don't know if they do a left handed version?. But once the glove is on you just stroke you dog as you would any other time. The nobbles on the palm on the glove will gently stroke the dog without causing him, or her any pains or discomfort at all.
      This comes in one size, which is a bit on the large size. I mean, I have big hands and this glove is not a tight fit on me. When my better half tried using it it does tend to slip off more often than it does on my hand, even with the elasticated wrist strap that is on this one.

      I do have to say that this is not a proper brush. It's not going to get into the nooks and crannies of your dogs fur. This is more a finishing brush which will smooth out the fur, leaving it cleaner looking and a lot smoother.

      This glove sells for about £6 - £8 which is about the price of any decent brush really.


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      11.02.2009 02:00
      Very helpful



      From scruffy mutt to sleek pup in a matter of seconds!

      *What is the Mikki Groom & Stroke Glove?*
      This grooming aid is produced by Mikki, the world famous manufacturers of a large variety of canine items, but concentrates mainly on professional grooming tools catering for all breeds, muzzles and training equipment.

      *The product itself*
      Whilst I absolutely adore my dogs, and everything to do with them, grooming has to be my least favourite aspect that comes with owning a dog- it's time consuming, boring and goes on forever, for both me and the dogs. With Benson, I need to spend at least 45 minutes on him a day to keep him looking in great condition- he's a Bernese Mountain Dog with a coat designed to keep him warm in the Swiss mountains, so I'm sure you can appreciate just how much attention his coat needs, so by the time I've seen to him, I want something quick and easy to help me with the very little care Grace's coat needs- enter the Mikki Grooming Glove!

      I've tried a couple of different grooming gloves in the past with Grace but always seem to go back to the Kong Zoom Groom as I've found it to be most suitable for her coat type, but when I was given one of these Mikki gloves for free, I obviously had to at least give it a go!

      The Smooth 'n' Stroke Grooming Glove is part of Mikki's 'Gentle Grooming' range- a variety of products designed with the lesser grooming demands of short coated dogs in mind, and also aiming to provide products which are suitable for use on dogs which are not keen on grooming, as they are so gentle the dog should hardly notice they are being used. This particular grooming glove is their double sided one- it incorporates a rubbed side and a velvet cotton side, both with different jobs to do.

      The rubber side, which has small raised points, which are completely blunt so have no chance of hurting your dog, are designed to reach through the coat of the short haired breeds, helping to stimulate your dogs skin to help promote natural oil production and provide a massaging effect, and at the same time, helping to catch and remove loose hairs. The other side is made from anti-static velvet cotton, and is designed to be used after grooming with the rubbing side, the soft cotton helps to catch loose hairs sitting on your dogs body and remove them, and also smooth down the hairs to create a sleek, shiny effect to your dogs fur.

      The Smooth 'n' Stroke Glove is very well designed and visibly made to a very high quality, the glove itself is made from black cotton with red detail and has an elastic cuff to provide a comfortable fit and prevent the glove from sliding off in grooming sessions.

      The packaging on the grooming glove is very minimal, there's just a small piece of cardboard attached at the top which tells us the company name, product name and also contact details for Mikki and brief instructions for use.

      *Price & Availability*
      The Smooth 'n' Stroke Glove is available to purchase from various places online and also most of the larger pet stores such as Pets At Home, or even canine grooming parlours or vets with onsite shops. They retail for £6.89.

      *My opinion*
      With my self being a Veterinary Nurse, and my fiancé a Vet, between us we get to sample a fair few animal related freebies that get sent to the two different surgeries we work at, and one of the most recent ones was this grooming glove by Mikki, which I was rather pleased at, considering it costs almost £7 to buy!

      When I got it home, I didn't even bother trying it on Benson, with the amount of fur he has and the sheer thickness of it, I knew this product wouldn't do one good thing to it, as there is only very few selected grooming tools I am able to use on him with good results, so it was Grace who I gave it a whirl on. The glove was very easy to fit and very comfortable, it's a large enough design for both men or women to comfortably wear but the elastic cuff prevents it from slipping off if you have smaller hands, the glove doesn't have separate fingers like the name may suggest, its actually a mitten type design, your fingers all go in one area, and your thumb in another. I personally like this design as it allows you to keep a good grip of the glove and also enables you to kind of wiggle your fingers about to massage your dogs skin as you brush over them, and this helps loosen dead hair and stimulate oil production, aswell as reassuring nervous pets.

      Grace isn't keen on grooming, not because she's scared of it or anything, it's purely because she seems to think she has better things to be doing, so I always need to keep things brief with her and this grooming glove enables me to do that, and also minimises the overall time I need to spend per day grooming the dogs- whilst Benson may take 45 minutes or so, and there's nothing I can do to shorten that, this glove enables me to get Grace done in just a couple of minutes.

      The amount of hair it removes is quite impressive- granted, it doesn't remove as much as the Kong Zoom Groom, but then again I wasn't expecting it to as the rubber points are much shorter and thinner compared to the ones on the Zoom Groom, but all the same it got a decent amount of her loose hair off her, and the smooth velvet cotton side gave her coat a nice sleek, shiny finish to it. The design of the glove really does make grooming a lot quicker and easier, I can have my left hand free to keep hold of Grace, and then use my right hand to freely groom her with the glove, without the struggle and effort of having to keep hold of the awkwardly shaped Zoom Groom. I've also found hairs are easy to remove from the glove after use, you just need to give it a quick shake outside and most of the hair falls off quite easily, and if needed, it can be washed in cool water and mild soap.

      Overall, I'm pretty pleased with the product. Grace has a good coat anyway, but the Mikki Smooth 'n' Stroke glove helps keep it that way- her fur is shiny, her skin supple and she doesn't have any doggie odour- obviously this isn't all down to the use of the grooming glove but it definitely does play a part. I now use the Zoom Groom just once a week to give her a good proper groom and then use this glove on her each day to give her a quick brush over and to remove any loose surface hair or dirt and keep her looking smart and tidy. I use it on the cats too- neither Jet, my adult cat nor Meg, my young kitten are keen on being groomed and the use of this glove enables me to give them a quick helping hand in keeping their coat nice and they only think they're being stroked, but seeing as they are short haired cats they don't need much help at all anyway. It may not be suitable for long haired dogs, but it's a godsend for quickly and effectively meeting the grooming needs of a short haired dog such as a Rottweiler.


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    • Product Details

      Helps to remove loose hairs and promote a healthy coat

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