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Nite Ize LED Meteor Ball

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Brand: Nite Ize / Type: Dog Toys

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    1 Review
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      30.10.2012 00:36
      Very helpful



      A walk in the park as the light begins to fade just got much more fun!

      With the cold winter nights really starting to draw in, it becomes harder and harder for me to drag myself out and take our dog, Rudy, for his daily exercise after a busy day at work! All I really want to do is eat my tea and collapse by our artificial fire and sit in the warm. My wife decided I needed some incentive to make me get out of my chair and do my duty ~ namely taking Rudy over to his favourite park for a good runaround ~ and, knowing I have a weakness for toys and gimmicky products, soon found this for the two of us to play with whilst we were out. I say us.....it still remains to be seen which of us (me or the dog?) have the most fun when we play with this....

      SO WHAT IS IT? - Well, the Meteorlight is basically a hard-wearing, dog-resistant, durable rubber ball. But, and this is the gimmicky part, IT LIGHTS UP! The idea being that you can throw it in the dark and, should your pet refuse to play ball (see what I did there?) the toy is easy to find as it throws off an illuminating presence that can be seen from quite a distance! The Meteorlight ball comes in a variety of different colours that light up the night or, and this is my favourite and the model we currently have, a variety called Disco which basically means that the ball gently strobes through a wide spectrum of colours (well, about 7) instead!

      SO WHAT MAKES THIS BALL SO GOOD THEN? - There are a number of reasons I love this toy. And no, it is not just all about the pretty colours! What am I twelve? (don't answer that) No, this toy has a number of things going for it other than its gimmicky appeal. For starters, it is waterproof so even if it is a bit wet out, you don't have to worry if this lands in a puddle. This gives peace of mind both because you know your dog won't get a shock when he goes to pick this up and also that it won't break the first time you get it a bit wet!

      Secondly, it has a replaceable battery so in theory, this toy should last you quite a while. Especially as the charge lasts quite a long time anyway before the battery needs changing. (The manufacturer claims something like 100,000 hours of illumination but I can't quite vouch for that yet!) I have heard that these can be a bit of a bitch to change the battery but I have not had this problem to deal with yet and, to be fair, it doesn't sound any harder than some of the kids toys I have had to change batteries on!

      Thirdly, the illumination is controlled by a switch that can only be turned on or off by applying pressure for several seconds. This means that unlike some other similar toys, you do not need to keep shaking this to "wake" the illumination or that it is very likely that your dog will be able to turn it off in their teeth or that it will switch off upon landing on the ground after being thrown! I actually had to apply quite a bit of pressure to get this to turn on but, for me, that was a good thing as it meant that it wouldn't be switching itself off too easily either!

      Very reasonably priced, this ball cost my wife just over about £10 or so from our local pet store though it is also available from Amazon and other good quality online sites, and always at about the same price! I think it is a good price for such a hard-wearing toy and it has certainly persuaded me to get up off my feet and outside with the dog as playing with this in the park as dusk creeps in and the light starts to go, never ceases being a lot of fun for both me and Rudy! This has quickly become one of his favourite toys and I have even heard him chasing it around the living room late at night when my daughter has left it switched on and hidden behind the sofa or somewhere similar!

      This is a perfect toy for making an evening walk to the park and back again lots of much more enjoyable, even despite the cold and if it has encouraged me to get up off my ass, you know it must be good fun!

      But I still say the dog Rudy enjoys it more than me. Honest!


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  • Product Details

    The ultimate playful fun day and night-long for man and pet. Hard-wearing rubber ball can be used with or without sunlight

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