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Nurtured Pets Anti-Lick Strips

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Manufacturer: Nurtured Pets / Animals Equipment Type: Pet Health

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    1 Review
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      09.03.2010 22:39
      Very helpful



      A handy item to have around for the accident prone dog.

      *What are Nurtured Pets Anti-Lick Strips?*
      These adhesive medical strips are produced by the Nurtured Pets company, an American business that solely manufactures these Anti-Lick Strips, designed to prevent licking or chewing of bodily parts in dogs and puppies.

      *The product itself*
      At 2 years 4 months old, my girl Grace can hardly be classed as a puppy anymore, so doesn't really have any excuse for her nutty behaviour and absolutely crazy personality! But then again, she is a Rottweiler, and I suppose you could say that they never really grow up, so I'll let her off, and after all, we all know that I wouldn't have her any other way.

      One 'side-affect' as such, of her bonkers outlook on life is that she unavoidably gets a few scraps and grazes from time to time! She doesn't believe in walking- after all, why walk when you can run everywhere?! Her brakes are a little slow though, and when zooming full pelt she sometimes finds it difficult to stop before reaching a patch of brambles, and more often than not will plough right through them. Similarly, if we're out walking and she sets eyes on a patch of water remotely enough to splash about in, then she is off! Regardless of what obstacles might stand in her way- trees, branches, ditches, brambles and fence posts- to Grace, they might aswell not exist. You'd be forgiven for thinking she is made of rubber- she just seems to bounce off everything! That dog has to be seen to be believed!

      Anyway, I think you've got the picture that Grace is certainly a few sandwiches short of a picnic, and occasional cuts and grazes are inevitable.

      Normally she is a good patient and these little accidents don't prove too much of a problem, but a recent cut to the paw proved a little more troublesome. It was only a minor shallow cut, but enough to warrant a bandage- and Grace most certainly didn't approve. She made her mind up that the bandage was coming off and that was that.... Until I put these Anti-Lick Strips to work!

      Nurtured Pets Anti-Lick Strips are a type of adhesive plaster, designed to be applied over a bandage or dressing to help prevent dogs from licking or chewing at wound sites, or from removing bandages, which in turn will help the wound heal quicker, and hopefully keep infection at bay.

      The plasters claim to be effective in 90% of cases, and are made from all natural ingredients (besides from the medical grade adhesive). They contain cayenne pepper, oregano and lemon juice- which when combined together, obviously taste pretty disgusting, and this is how they work- the dog doesn't like the taste, so therefore doesn't chew or lick at the bandage or wound underneath!

      In theory, the Anti-Lick Strips could be a much comfier and practical alternative to the cumbersome and highly uncomfortable ''lamp shade'' cone that is traditionally used to prevent dogs from irritating wound sites.

      The strips come individually wrapped within a larger clear packet which gives full extensive information regarding how the strips work, what ingredients they contain and instructions on how to apply and remove the strips. A few safety warnings are also given, as well as contact details for the Nurtured Pets company.

      *Price & Availability*
      Nurtured Pets Anti-Lick Strips appear to only be available online at present. They come in three different sizes and two pack sizes. I purchased our packet direct from the Nurtured Pets website (www.nurturedpets.co.uk) where the prices are as follows.

      Large (6''x 1.5'') Pack of 6: £16.95. Pack of 2: £5.95
      Medium (5''x 1.5'') Pack of 6: £14.95. Pack of 2: £5.50
      Small (4''x 1.5'') Pack of 6: £13.50. Pack of 2: £4.95

      *My opinion*
      After about the seventh time of me applying the bandage to Grace's paw, her removing it and then me reapplying it again, I finally gave in to the fact that she just wasn't going to accept the dressing on her paw! It was time to find something to out smart her!

      Rummaging through the pet first aid box to see if I could find anything suitable, I came across one of these Nurtured Pets Anti-Lick Strips- it had been received as a free sample on a issue of Your Dog magazine a few months previously and I'd tossed it in the first aid box thinking it was a bit of a gimmick and never really expecting to use it, but at this stage, I was thinking that anything would be worth a try, so I unwrapped it to give it a go.

      Once out of the wrapper, it looks like any other plaster- a beige/brown colour and with one adhesive side- of course the difference is that the other side contains the nasty tasty ingredients designed to deter your dogs chewing!

      Also included in the packet was an alcohol wipe, the instructions informed me that I was to wipe the fur around the affected area prior to applying the strip to ensure a good bond. So this is what I did, taking care to avoid the wound so that I would not sting Grace. Once this was done, I applied a small light bandage and proceeded to wrap the strip around the bandage on Grace's paw. The strip may be applied directly to the skin (instead of over a bandage) if you so wish, but it must not be applied to an open wound- so you must ensure you have a dressing pad or piece of gauze covering the actual wound before applying the strip.

      Once in place, it stuck quite well. It didn't appear to irritate Grace at all, but it wasn't long before she tried to resume her old tricks of biting the bandage off. Now, the look on her face when she tried the bite the bandage was absolutely priceless. Needless to say, she clearly absolutely hated the taste of the strip and looked at me with her look that says 'I really, really don't like you right now!''. Emma 1- 0 Grace!

      The instructions inform me that the strip will fall off on its own within a few days. This was one aspect I wasn't keen on though. Under the strip was obviously a bandage that needed changing once a day, so when the bandage came off, the strip had to aswell. As soon as I realised the strips worked in preventing Grace's chewing, I ordered a box, and it soon got very expensive to apply a new strip every time I changed the bandage. She had the dressing on for 5 days in total, and considering a box of 6 large strips costs over £16, it was hardly a cheap solution. But the strips did work, I'll give them that. They preventing Grace from chewing at her bandage at all, which in turn allowed the wound to heal quicker and cleaner, so from this aspect, they were worth the price.

      One concern I did have with the strips however, was that they included ingredients which are of course, irritants to the eyes. I was worried Grace would paw at her face and transfer some of the ingredients to her eyes or nose- thankfully, she didn't appear to do this, but it is certainly something to bear in mind and ensure you are vigilant over if you apply these strips to a body part within reach of the face.

      All in all, a relatively good product, but a bit too expensive for anything other than occasional use. If your dog is going to be in a long-term bandage or cast, then you'll be bankrupt buying these, but that said, they DO work, and they work very well, so they are a handy addition to your pet first aid kit, and I'll be making sure that I always have a couple in stock for future use.

      Now, they just need to reduce the price and alter the ingredients slightly to not pose a threat to eyes (canine and human alike), and they'd be almost perfect.


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