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Nylabone Chew 'N Floss

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Brand: Nylabone / Animals Equipment Type: Dog Health

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    1 Review
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      17.09.2009 12:22
      Very helpful



      Highly recommended by me and my dogs.


      As many of you already know I have two Old English sheep dogs, who are very fussy when it comes to treats so I find it very hard to actually find a treat that they enjoy and also has added benefits to help me with their care.

      One huge problem I have with my dogs is the fact that they get really bad breath and they always seem to get plaque build up on there teeth, which can be very difficult to control.

      I find that my dogs are very lazy and they don't chew food, they seem to swallow it whole so the regular denti stix just don't cut it when when I am trying to clean there teeth and freshen there breath.

      After years of trial and error I think I have found the perfect cure, it the form of these Nylabone chew and floss dog chews.


      Basically these are edible doggie tooth brushes, which are designed to scrape at plaque build up, clean teeth and leave there breath minty fresh. These are guaranteed to help with tartar build up and control plaque. So I feel the name chew and floss is totally adequate for this dog treat.

      Each bone is roughly six inches long and looks like any other regular dog bone, but it has a unique design that is made up of tiny little ridges which penetrate the dog's teeth and clean them as they chew away at it. This unique design has improved the plaque situation the dogs had going on and this is my opinion in only down to the little ridges which I have never seen on an ordinary dog bone.

      The best thing about these bones is the fact that they are made from natural ingredients, as they are full of parsley, chlorophyll and lastly calcium which therefore provide the dogs with a bone that tastes good and protects and strengthens there teeth and gums.


      These have cleaned the dog's teeth right down to their gum line, which is something that was near on impossible with the good old tooth brush and paste, which was the normal daily routine for me. I do have to admit it did take three of four of these treats for me to see the improvement, but the results are now very clearly visible.

      As these treats are so hard my dogs have to actually sit and chew them, so it keeps them occupied for well over an hour. This is great as usually they devour any treats within minutes so this chew has many benefits as it keeps them quite for a long while and they are getting a good old clean at the same time.

      The only disadvantage for me is the fact that these are dark green in colour, just imagine dog dribble, green dye and white fur. Yes when they are finished they have bright green beards and feet. But this does come out after they have a wash, so I can't complain too much.

      As the dogs had plaque build up and they don't really chew their bones these did make there gums bleed at first, which really worried me but my vet informed me that it was fine as they were chewing and strengthening their gums. After a couple of chews the bleeding stopped and I have never had a problem since, so the vet was right is was because their gums and teeth were not used to chewing.


      Now many maybe thinking that these sound very expensive when in fact they are not, you can buy these for as little as £2.99 each which is very reasonable as they a rather big treat that last ages.

      You can buy these form pets at home and smaller pet shops. I have also seen these treat for sale on websites such as Ebay and Amazon so they are very easy to get hold of.


      Nylabone have designed this doggie dental chew to perfection as it has helped clear the plaque build up and there breath smells 100% better, so therefore this gets my vote and I am sure the dogs will agree.

      At first I didn't think these would work and the dogs would turn there noses up, but in fact they love them and really chew down on them. They are very hard so you can expect the dog's teeth to bleed a little but this is nothing to worry about, the bleeding will improve as their teeth and gums get stronger.

      These have been my best pet buy so far, as they clean the teeth and freshen there breath brilliantly. I have notice a major improvement and the dogs now have nice pearly whites which I am totally jealous of, but I certainly don't intend to have a chew on one myself to get those pearly whites.

      If you dog has bad breath, bleeding gums, plaque of tartar build up then these are the bones for you, I am confident these have saved my dogs a trip to the dentist which would have been an ordeal for them and very costly for me. So I cannot recommend these highly enough.


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    • Product Details

      Patent-pending ridge design has extra surface area to scrape teeth clean and help to reach areas that ordinary smooth dental bones may miss.

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