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Nylabone Chubby Buddies

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Brand: Nylabone / Animals Equipment Type: Dog Toys

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    1 Review
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      30.09.2010 00:20
      Very helpful



      Not one to buy again

      We bought our dog a small Nylabone Chubby Buddy Toy from a selection that we found in a local pet store as a toy we could use with our dog to enhance her playtime. We saw the little Chubby Buddies all looking rather cute and appealing and thought our dog might find one as lovable as we did.

      Some dogs aren't keen on small cuddly toys like this but our dog has always had a good variety of toys and the cuddly types have usually gone down rather well with her. Nylabone being a well known brand meant that when we saw this was one of their products, we trusted it would hold up well to a bit of enthusiastic chewing. The cardboard panel our hedgehog came on stated it was a toy with a 'durable belly for long lasting fun'

      The selection of Nylabone Chubby Buddies we saw were all rather sweet and ranged from the small puffy sheep shown here, to our cute hedgehog, a little mouse, a penguin, a hippo and a fish. After a bit of umming and ahhing we decide to opt for the hedgehog and parted with the £2.99 he cost.

      Now I have to say that on reflection the hippo did look a bit sturdier over all and the wee hedgehog we bought did have small arms and legs and also teeny ears too. Luckily he didn't have any eyes which was good as the way things turned out meant that our dog soon made rather short work of making the little hedgehog into mincemeat.

      When we first showed our dog her new Chubby Buddy pal she was very excited and immediately nipped at him happily. After a few throws back and forth between us we allowed her to take the hedgehog out to the garden so they could get to know each other. We thought that as the hedgehog was made for moderate chewing he would be safe enough for a little while. As our dog has often kept some of her cuddly pals for sometime before they have come to any real harm, we allowed her to play for an hour or so.

      Sadly even though the little Chubby Buddy was supposed to have a special tummy, which was promoted as having a 'dura core', that wasn't enough to save him. When we went out to check on our pet, she already had the toys ear hanging off and one of his arms was looking worse for wear even after just an hour or so in the garden. It was lucky we went out to check on things and so were able to liberate the little hedgehog and save our dog from swallowing any of its body parts in the process.

      Although these Nylabone Chubby Buddies did look like a very cute and fun toy for our pet when in the shop, in use the one we had didn't stand up to very much doggy chewing at all. I wouldn't say that the toy is something that I would buy again due to its very short life span. Although I have to say that our dog did seem to have great fun with the hedgehog for a very short time and she certainly didn't want us to take it away from her when we did.

      As the product didn't last at all well I cannot really recommend it at all. It was cute to look at with a beige toned fluffy body and a longer haired spiky effect fur to mimic the spines hedgehog have. As mentioned earlier, luckily the hedgehog didn't have eyes, so the issue of eyes falling off was totally removed and that was the only thing in the toys favour. To rate this toy I feel that just 1 star is all I can give it as it didn't perform well at all.


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