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Nylabone Double Action Chew

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Brand: Nylabone / Animals Equipment Type: Dog Toys

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    2 Reviews
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      26.10.2011 23:53
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      Challenging chew toy

      Hooligan Dog, (who also known as Mr Chompy in my reviews), is, you might say, orally fixated. So I'm always looking for toys and treats to keep him entertained, with durability and longevity as my holy grails.

      This Nylabone Double Action chew bone looked like a challenge for his mighty jaws, although I had reservations about how much interest it would generate with the dog. It does claim to have minty flavouring/scent to its green centre and bacon flavouring/scent to its white ends, but I had doubts about how long these would last, and whether faking it would fool him for long. I have to say, I was wrong about that - he was immediately grabbed by it (or rather, it was immediately grabbed by him, run out into the garden and heartily chewed upon).

      It's nubbly and textured all over, so particularly for the young chewsome dog, it's a tooth-pleaser.

      The green centre is not designed to be unbreakable, and I do find little rubbery chunks of it discarded aroud the house and garden, as he progresses through it to the hard plastic central bar within. I'd say the rubbery green bit is about 5mm thick. This destruction is quite messy and annoying, but does give him a lot of pleasure. I don't know whether the toy will continue to keep his interest once he's managed to strip off all the green. He wouldn't choose this toy over, say, a real bone, but he does get quite a bit of fun out of it.

      The Nylabone toy is supposed to be good at controlling tartar, but it's difficult to know what his teeth would look like without him chewing on this. They look jolly clean and healthy (but he is only young, so it'd be worrying if they didn't).

      The nobbly white ends have attracted quite a bit of dirt, from being dragged out into the garden and semi-buried. The toy is washable, but I find that the muck is engrained now and the ends feel quite rough.

      It comes in three sizes, for the small, medium and larger dog. The version we have is pretty hefty - it weighs over a pound now, when 90% of the green has gone. You wouldn't want to be in the way when he charges out of the room with that in his mouth! It would make a good murder weapon, apart from probably being impossible to clean all the forensic evidence off it due to the nubbly bits - although, if a dog licked off all the blood, would there be evidence left? (Murder mystery writers, is there a plot here?) ...I drift, I ramble...

      Anyway, it's been a good buy, and is available from all good pet shops at prices between £6 and twenty-odd quid, depending on size and retailer. I think we bought ours from Pets At Home. It has lasted over a couple of months and still has a way to go, so pretty long-lived when faced with the Hooligan Dog.


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        08.09.2007 12:26
        Very helpful
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        Extremely good for any very strong dogs

        *What is Nylabone Double Action Chew?*
        This is an extremely hard and durable chew toy made by Nylabone, who makes a varitey of plastic toys for dogs and puppies.

        *The product itself*
        This toy has two extremely hard plastic ends joined together by a softer middle, which contains breath freshning ingredients, and little bumps called 'Dental Nubs' which help rub away plaque and tartar from your dogs teeth. The ends are an odd shape, so as the dog chews on them they help to srcub your dogs teeth clean.

        The Nylabone Chew comes attached to a piece of black and red cardboard, the product is easy to see and you can feel the texture of it ect. On the pack is information about how the chew works to clean teeth and keep breath fresh and also on the usual saftey information. The pack claims the toy is 'durable but not indestructable'.

        *Price & Availabilty*
        This toy is available from most larger pet shops, I got mine from Pets At Home. The Double Action Chew is available in three different sizes:
        Regular- £6.99
        Wolf (Large)- £10.99
        Souper (Extra Large)- £14.99
        There is no small size available so there may not be a size suitable for dogs smaller than a Beagle.

        *What my dogs think of it*
        I brought the Souper size for my Bernese Mountain Dog, Benson. For the first few days he loved it and would spend ages chewing on, however when he realized that no matter how hard he chewed he was never goint to be able to 'kill it', he gave up. The toy then lay untouched at the bottom of the toy box for ages until Ruby, my Cavailer King Charles Spaniel dragged it out. Being the extra large size, she can't really get her jaws around it enough to pick it up but she just about manages to hold one on the ends in her mouth then waits till Benson spots that she has 'his' toy and will shoot up the stairs or down the garden, teasing Benson with it. She has had the occasional chew on the end of it but she doesn't particually like the really hard texture.

        *Ease of cleaning*
        This toy is very easy to clean, just wash it in hot water and washing up liquid before rinsing it and allowing to dry. My dogs have had the toy about 6mths and I've washed it three or four times, the ''minty fresh'' flavour of the chew has now washed away so no longer freshens my dogs breath when they play with it. The leaflet that comes with the Nylabone explains that it should never be boiled or placed in a dishwasher.

        *Pro's & Con's*
        + Extremely durable, the pack says it isn't indestructable but it seems that it is to me
        + Can help clean teeth and freshen breath
        + When the minty flavour was still on the toy, it really did work and gave my dogs lovely fresh breath for an hour or so after playing with it
        + Easy to clean
        + Theres not even a teeth mark on the product, even after hours of chewing by Benson
        + The soft middle makes it easy for dogs to carry and pick up
        + The leaflet advises you to supervise your dog when it is playing with this toy however I feel confident that this toy will be able to withstand what ever my two dogs do to it, so its a good toy for them to play with when they have to be left in the house alone

        + The mint flavour soon washes away
        + No small size
        + Not suitable for puppies, the very hard material would almost certainly brake a puppies brittle teeth
        + Cannot be used as a fetch toy, could knock out your dogs teeth if he catched this toy


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      • Product Details

        Durable chew for dogs features a soft EZ carry minty centre.

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