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Nylabone Dura Chew Monster Bone

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4 Reviews

Manufacturer: Nylabone / Type: Dog Toy - Extra strong dog chew toy

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    4 Reviews
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      05.07.2011 09:30
      Very helpful




      Eddie, our lovely black cocker spaniel is teething and and such his gums are really giving him a hard time. As I still like the furniture in my house and don't really appreciate the chewed table legs and scratches that we are discovering daily we decided to get him a really durable chew toy. He has such a strong jaw that other things we have tried have lasted about a day. Rope toys that seem strong at the outset are shredded rather quickly and bones seems to get chewed too easily. That is until we found the nylabone dura chew monster bone. This was on advice from our vet and I'm so glad we got one.

      The bone is extremely hard, it almost seems like it is made of a plastic substance. There are edible and non edible versions but we decided to go for the non edible one as we though it would last longer. These chews have actually been specially formulated to stand up to the most powerful chewers and actually encourage non-destructive chewing and help to protect your furniture, perfect for us. Well this bone has been a revelation, after about two weeks of constant knawing the bone is like brand new, hardly any teeth marks in it and still a great favourite of Eddie's. It is so hard as he carries it about and when he drops it on our slate floor we can hear it go with a bang although it doesn't do any damage to the floor. I think he is attracted to the bone as it has a slight chicken flavour too it, one of Eddie's favourites. You can also get the bone in bacon, liver and original flavours as well so you can tailor it to what your dog likes. It also looks like a proper bone too instead os just a regular chew toy so I sure it makes him think he is having a proper bone.

      The bone is also good for his teeth as chewing helps to clean them and control plaque and tartar build up as well as massaging his gums, perfect for what he needs right now. You can buy these at Pets at HOme and are in the £3-£4 region.


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      28.10.2010 12:20
      Very helpful



      a nice treat

      We had a new dog a few weeks ago a little staffy who loves to play as he is only 11 months old so we have been buying him lots of new toys over the last few weeks but I didn't want Henry our bull mastiff to feel left out but Henry doesn't really play with toys so when I spotted this I thought it looked wonderful for Henry.

      This bone is designed for extra large dogs, which Henry certainly is, but it is also available in other sizes for smaller dogs.
      Petite = 5 to 7 kg
      Small = 7 to 11 kg
      Medium = 12 to 16 kg
      Large = 16 to 23 kg
      Extra large = 23 kg and over.

      These were all designed with adult dogs in mind so they are not suitable for puppies until they get their adult teeth.

      These are a chicken flavoured durable chew that helps to stop dogs who are destructive chewers from destroying your house or dogs who are board from chewing things they shouldn't be and at the same time it helps to clean your dogs teeth.

      Henry enjoys chews but isn't a destructive dog so this didn't need to deter him from chewing my house but was just a gift for him as rocky had had new toys, I paid just short of £13 for this but have seen them selling for over £20 so it really is worth shopping around.

      I gave this to Henry and as per usual with a chew he took it to his bed and lay with it whilst I was watching him, he will not eat his chews whilst you are there, I returned to sit in the living room and could hear him chewing on his bone, Henry normally manages to get through bones in just a few minutes but this seemed to be lasting him quite well and after around 20 minutes of chewing it he had only chewed about 1/3 of it and was bored so he left it alone for later, by the time Henry had completely gotten through this bone he had had it 3 days with going back wards and forwards to it so I was very pleased he had been occupied for so long by it.

      In my opinion these are very pricey for what they are and I wont be buying them as a weekly treat but on special occasions they are ideal for Henry.


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        05.10.2010 12:29
        Very helpful



        Worth a try.

        As much as our dog loves normal bones, they tend to make her sick, so she´s not allowed near those any more. We first bought nylabones to try to fill that gap with something she wouldn´t be able to chew into pieces, and something that wouldn´t leave a puddle of vomit on the living room carpet.

        The nylabone is a tough, hard material in the shape of a bone which is supposed to be fun for dogs to chew and good for their teeth without breaking into bits or causing the above problems. It does show a little wear and tear over time, but generally keeps its shape.

        The best thing about this product is that it allows my dog to chew as much as she wants with no mess caused. One of these lasts absolutely ages - usually until it´s lost in the garden somewhere, so they´re very cost-effective.

        The negative thing about them is that they´re just not as interesting for our dog as real bones. She normally gives them a bit of a chew, but when she discovers that she can´t break it into pieces, she loses interest.

        Still, this is a good toy that stands up well to regular use and offers a good alternative to real bones. I´ve stopped buying them, as our dog just doesn´t use them that much any more, but I think it´s worth trying one with your dog.


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        19.09.2010 16:24
        Very helpful



        The search continues!!

        *What is the Nylabone Dura Chew Monster Bone?*
        This dog chew toy is produced by the Nylabone company, an American based firm that manufactures a wide range of strong and durable dog toys, aswell as a smaller collection of edible dog chews and fetch toys.

        *The product itself*
        Grace and Benson are both fully grown adult dogs now, at 3 and 5 years old respectively, but unfortunately Grace, in particular, has retained the puppy like instinct to chew! I'd say Benson has the normal chewing habits of the average dog- he'll happy chew away at a rawhide treat or a nice tasty marrowbone, but his 'little sister' Grace still has the relentless urge to chew... and she has it big time!! As a youngster, nothing in her reach was safe- be it the coffee table, the remote control or the cat, she really didn't care, if she could get her paws on it, then it'd be chewed and spat out again in a matter of minutes (not the cat though!!).

        Thankgod, she's pretty much grown out of her inappropriate destructive chewing nowadays, and apart from the occasional relapse when the temptation of a mobile phone is left within her reach, she's a pretty good girl now! What I do have to do however, is make sure she always has something available that she can chew to her hearts content on, and of course, when contending with a Rottweiler, you're faced with the little hurdle that these dogs have almighty jaw power, and can generally make lightwork of the majority of chew toys, even those labelled as 'extra strong' or for avid chewers.

        This is where the Nylabone brand comes in. I'd say I was pretty much their best customer! By now, we must have tried the vast majority of the toys in the range, and as a whole, they've generally stood up pretty well to the demanding chewing habits of Grace. They don't last forever, but I'd never expect them to! They do however, seem to last a decent period of time, before being relegated to the bin.

        So when Grace's current chew toy was looking a bit of a sorry state, it was the Nylabone range that I turned to, in an attempt to find a worthy replacement.

        The product that caught my eye was their Dura Chew Monster Bone which is advertised as being unbeatably strong and is part of their range for 'power chewers'- which they say are dogs with higher, or stronger than average, chewing habits. That'll certainly be Grace then!

        The toy is made entirely from ultra tough, extremely durable virgin nylon and is impregnated with a chicken flavour. Aimed at large dogs over 25kg, this toy measures around 10 inches long, and is shaped into Nylabones classic bone shape, designed to be easy for your dog to hold, and subsequently chew on.

        It also claims to aid dental health, as when chewed upon, small bristle like particles will become raised from the nylon, that effectively act as a toothbrush- helping to scrub the teeth clean, and scrape away any plaque, tartar or food debris.

        A pat on the back is in order here for Nylabone. The toy simply comes attached to a small piece of white cardboard, which gives all the relevant information such as a few safety warning (the usuals like not leaving your dog unattended with the toy etc) and contacts details for Nylabone. Also provided with the toy, tucked into the side of the packaging, is a small leaflet where you'll find details about all the other toys Nylabone produces.

        *Price & Availability*
        Before purchasing this toy, be sure to shop around first, because the difference in prices between shops is quite extreme! The lowest I've seen it is £9.99, and the most expensive was just over £20!

        I brought our Dura Chew, which is the XL size (as far as I'm aware, this is the only size available) online from UK Pet Supplies (www.ukpetsupplies.com) for £13.99.

        *My opinion*
        Anybody with a dog like Grace, who is an avid and undeterred extremely powerful chewer, will understand just how disheartening, not to mention expensive, it can be to keep purchasing so called 'durable' and 'long lasting' dog chew toys, just to have them completely destroyed, and in the dustbin sometimes as little as twenty minutes after giving them to the dog!

        This seems to be the on going story with Grace! I'll see a chew toy carrying the claim of being capable of standing up to extreme chewers, part with my cash (which more often than not, is the best part of twenty quid) and within the hour, or more often less, Grace will have chewed it beyond any recognition, and be sat with the smuggest grin imaginable on her face!

        So, I've learnt my lesson the hard way, and now I'll only buy anything 'chewable' for Grace if it is from one the big well known companies, such as Kong or Nylabone- granted, these products generally come with a higher price tag, but at least I know they're likely to last Grace a reasonable amount of time.

        When I came across this Dura Chew on my online travels, it was just the thing to fit the bill. It was a large toy, which is what is needed for a large dog like Grace, and it claimed to be suitable for dogs with powerful chewing habits, and at £13.99, although a little costly, it was hardly going to break the bank either. With it being a Nylabone product, I had high hopes for it- I placed my order and looked forward to it being delivered.

        Sure enough, a few days later the Dura Chew arrived, and instantly I was impressed. The toy was massive, at around 10 inches long and a good 2 inches or so thick. It was incredibly heavy and overall just seemed like an extremely durable and hard wearing toy- it was rock solid and I certainly didn't think this was something Grace was going to be able to get through in a hurry! It also became clear that this toy can be used for nothing other than chewing- if you attempt to play fetch or catch with this toy, you'll probably knock all your dogs teeth out and it definitely isn't something that can be taken on walks, for those dogs who like toys to accompany them when out. Regardless, the madam herself wasn't long in clocking the toy, and was soon around my feet waiting for her new present.

        Handing her the toy, she soon set off down the hall to her favourite chewing spot by the front door, and set about getting started. Holding the toy in her two front paws, she got to work. The shape and size of the toy were just right, she used her back teeth to chew at the toy, and you could hear her teeth grinding away at the corners of the bone, so at least I knew it was doing something good whilst she played- the hard texture of the toy is certainly good for giving the teeth a good clean.
        She continued her chewing for a good couple of hours before leaving it for a bit to have a drink, so I quickly swooped in and inspected the toy to see what damage she had inflicted.

        The extra durable Nylabone chews we have had in the past have generally lasted her around 3 weeks, with a couple of hours extreme chewing each day, before I've had to throw them away, so I couldn't believe it when I picked up the toy to discovered she'd almost completely worn one of the knuckles of the bone down already... in just 2 hours!!

        But as promised, small little nylon bristles had raised up from the main structure of the toy, and to the touch, they did feel very rough and sharp but was no blood on the toy, so thankfully they'd not cut her gums at all. I know a lot of owners don't like this aspect of the Nylabone toys- I've heard a lot of reports that they've make the dogs gums bleed heavily, or the dog has experienced discomfort after swallowing a few of the bristles, but they really are minuscule little things, and Grace has never had any problems, so this isn't an issue for us.

        One good thing about all Grace's chewing is how much it wears her out!! So after briefly returning to the chew, she tucked it up safely under the mattress in her basket and left it until the next day.

        Once both knuckles of the bone shaped toy are completely worn down, Nylabone advises you to throw it away, and unfortunately this took Grace a mere 4 days!! I swear that Grace alone is responsible for the state of this country's landfill sites- they're all flipping full up of her old chewed toys!!

        So, all in all, the Dura Chew wasn't a huge success, and was quite a disappointment from Nylabone, as like I mentioned earlier, Grace generally gets around 3 weeks from the other durable chews in the range.

        But even so, I won't say it was a complete waste of money. Grace absolutely loved it! Personally, I can't see the attraction of chewing away at a rock hard piece of solid plastic for hours on end- to me it's comparable to gnawing at a breezeblock (not that I've tried a Nylabone OR a breezeblock you understand!), but she certainly gets a thrill from it, and I guess that's the important thing. Whilst it lasted, the toy was also great for her teeth- even if the sound of her teeth grating against the nylon can't even be drowned out by the telly on full blast!! And lastly, it provided good means of exercise and of course, all that chewing helps to strengthen the muscles in her face and jaw (not that she needs any more power in her jaws!!).

        If you've a dog with moderate, or even strong, chewing habits, then I'd probably recommend this product to you, but if you own an incredibly strong and powerful breed, with intense chewing habits, then save your money- your dog will make light work of this one!


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