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Nylabone Frisbee Toys

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Brand: Nylabone / Animals Equipment Type: Dog Toys

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    1 Review
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      20.11.2010 16:43
      Very helpful



      A great activity to start with your pet

      As this says Nylabone Frisbee toys (plural) I am going to assume that it is ok to review. the full range of frisbees

      Nylabone Flexi Chew- Bone on Top line (rainbow, floatation, glow in the dark)
      I'll start with the nylabone frisbee pictured above. Nylabone make a range of frisbees out of a soft thermoplastic polymer which they have trade marked as flexi chew. The one pictured above is a floating version, which I have not tried myself. A glow in the dark version is also available and sounds fun, but I have used the basic ones of these, which come in semi transparent colours. I have had transparent and green, which I regretted as green is obviously the worst colour for finding in the grass. If I get another one, I would go for red. They are 9 inches in diameter and so big enough for any breed.

      This toy is very easy for dogs to lift, thanks to the bone, and because of this they will not need to scratch at it to lift it - which usually lifts a good section of the garden grass as well. It is soft and easy on the hands, easy for the dogs to catch, and I believe is also scented to make it attractive to dogs. It is an absolutely brilliant toy, and I have never seen a dog that did not love it. It does have one major drawback though. If left alone with the dog, the whole thing will be quickly eaten. Even if only used with supervision, a powerful breed like a staffy will bite through the bone when lifting this at times. Eventually the bone will separate. The frisbee will still work for awhile after this, but the hole will get bigger and bigger. If you allow the dog to tug at it, it will be shredded fairly quickly.

      I would recommend this toy if you have dog with a less intense bite, or if you are willing to replace once a year for a powerful breed. I give this 5 stars as it is a good toy, but it does have limitations.

      Nylabone Flexi Chew Flat Top -
      This is my favourite of the nylabone frisbee range. It looks just like a regular frisbee flying disk used by humans but is made of nylabones patented thermoplastic polymer. If this is not left laying out for a chew toy, one can expect 5 - 7 years of heavy use with breeds like Staffies, Rotties, or Pit Bulls. Mine lasted on average 7 years. This is quite hard to find but is currently stocked by Cheap Pet Products .net The only downside is it's light clearish plastic is hard to find in tall grass. I give this item 5 stars only because i can not give it 10.

      Nylabone Durachew Flat Top -
      This is Nylabone's worst ever product in my opinion. It is sold on Amazon as TFH publications nylabone frisbee. Don't ask me why, but this was the same name used 7 years ago when I last bought one. It is made of the same material as the nylabone bones and is long wearing(though not so much so as the Flexi one) but it has a very major drawback. The can eventually bite through this, often getting it stuck on the teeth.
      If you should leave this one out in the garden, dogs will want to chew it as it is much like their nylabone chews. But when they do very sharp pieces tear off which caused some injury to my dogs mouth, and luckily I was home to free the piece from the roof of her mouth. I would expect these could do major damage to the digestive system as well. Even in regular use, this does develop sharp edges and it will cause some injury.
      The dogs can not pick this up on the ground without digging either, so expect the whole garden to be ripped up if you use this at home. I also believe used frequently this wears down the dogs teeth. I give this product 1 star and do not recommend.

      Nylabone Floppy Frisbee
      These appear to be made of the flexichew material as well, and are very durable. I have had them last for 2-3 years with staffies and even left them out in the garden. They are only about 3 1/2" across, which means they do fly as far, but they are still a nice little toy and I am sure would be brilliant for small breeds. This toy only comes in the clear flexibone colour and is hard to find but I believe my last one came from Jolleys, and they can be purchased online in the region of £2.50 -£3.00.

      Overall I rate nylabone as 5 stars as with the exception of the durachew, these are brilliant toys. Frisbee in general is a great way to keep your dog fit as well as being lots of fun. I do think the fact that this is so much fun to play, means the kids will play longer with the dogs - and maybe the grownups too ;)
      The soft scented versions of these toys will encourage dogs to try them, and you might just find a new sport for yourself and your pet!


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