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Nylabone Play Rope Bone

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Brand: Nylabone

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    1 Review
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      15.01.2013 00:14
      Very helpful



      It may have cost more, but this toy has already saved more than its cost in chewed kids toys

      At Christmas time we really could not leave out our little Chihuahua, so he had a couple of little presents of his own under the tree. He's like my youngest child after all. One present was a little cuddly toy with a squeaker that my husband bought with the kids. Although this looked nice, I would never have personally bought it for him as he has a reputation for being a strong chewer and destroying toys very quickly. This one lasted about a day, so my point was proven completely.

      However, the present I chose for him was one I came across in our local pet shop. It features a ten centimetre by 4 cm bacon flavoured nylabone which is a durable bone shaped chew toy made out of nylon, which seems to be pretty indestructible compared to other toys. I think this is a fair description.

      To put this into context, anyone who owns a dog that chews recommends the Kong series of toys. I have even had to replace Murphys Kong toys because he somehow manages to keep chewing into the rubber in the exact same place which eventually causes it to look like small bits are going to start coming off. This is the point for me the toy goes in the bin, as because he is a toy breed, he is liable to choke on this sort of thing.

      However, the nylabone has been chewed an awful lot since we bought it. This has just got very small indentations around the ends of the bone. These are so insignificant you have to look extremely closely to see any marks at all.

      The toy bone then has holes in the ends, through which a strong rope has been threaded and twisted around the bone, and then knotted at each end. This is the part of the toy that worried me as he is notorious for going for a weak point, and once he finds it he is like a terrier and doesn't give up till the toy is dead. I notice here although he has caught the odd thread and pulled them a bit looser, because the rope is made of so many threads of cotton, it is actually pretty hard for him to do, and so the damage to the toy is barely noticeable. This to me is the mark of a good toy for a dog who chews. Anyone who has one would know that this toy would not have survived to new years eve let alone still be looking like new a couple more weeks later.

      The toy is a fairly new addition to the range of nylabone dog toys. I had not seen this for sale in my pet shop before December, and when I looked on amazon you couldn't purchase it then either although it is now available at a cost of £7.95. I paid around a pound less than this for it.

      We let the dog play with this on his own in his crate when we are out, or we use it to play tug a war or fetch with him in the house. Although it is advertised as being for small dogs rather than toy dogs (ie Westie size rather than chihuhua/yorkshire terrier size) we have found that there is no reason why this is not suitable for our dog. He perhaps finds it a little harder to get the actual bone in his mouth and grabs it more by the rope, but he has found it very entertaining and he will search for it. If I put it on my coffee table he will go on his hind legs and pinch it off the table to play with.

      The rope and bone are meant to be good for cleaning his teeth as he is chewing on them, and I have to say, either Murphy is suddenly growing up and has stopped fancying chewing all the kids toys when he comes across them, or he actually finds that this is more preferable to chewing on a piece of a plastic toy. He's barely chewed anything else since we got this toy which really pleases me as it starts getting expensive.

      I would say I thought that this was a little highly priced when I first spotted it, but I liked the look of it, and thought it would be entertaining for my dog, and I am delighted by how durable it is proving to be. It is not often I would recommend a product within a few weeks of it being used like this, but in this case, I know my dog has only ever had one toy longer than a few days (apart from his early puppy days when he was not strong enough to combine sharp teeth with a pulling action). That toy is the Kong. And this toy is equally impressive and entertaining for my pet, so it gets 5 stars.


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