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Nylabone Puppybone

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Brand: Nylabone / Animals Equipment Type: Dog Toys

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    2 Reviews
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      20.10.2010 14:32
      Very helpful



      5 out of 5 stars

      Nylabone Puppybone

      We have a lovely larger breed labradoodle pup who has started to teeth, so far he's lost at least four razor sharp puppy teeth and I can see the beginnings of his adult teeth coming in. He's a natural chewer, we have been lucky so far that he hasn't touched the furniture, he's had a good try at the coffee table a few times but I just roll him over and stick a toy in his mouth. Due to this we have tried to provide him with a selection of things that he can chew that is much more tempting than my lovely furniture. Unfortunately, it is already too late for a couple of books that he got his teeth onto.

      These Nylabone Puppybone's are chicken flavoured and I could see small flecks of darker colour through the brown almost transparent coloured bone, which I assumed were little bursts of flavour. The bone didn't smell of much apart from a slight rubbery smell, but it was tempting enough for the pup so I am guessing it smelt appetising to him.

      These don't last forever and after about two weeks he has chewed it to death and I have taken it from him. It's best to keep a close eye on these toys and remove and/or replace them when they begin to deteriorate to make sure that your puppy can't actually remove parts of it to eat.

      The bone is an ok size for my pup, maybe a touch on the small size. However, my mum had a miniature schnauzer and when he was a puppy this would have been too large for his mouth. Now that he is fully grown it would be a good size, but it would be too soft and he'd have it destroyed within minutes. It would probably be best to have a look at this before you buy and see if it would be suitable for your puppy. I never noticed if they had other sizes available to buy, but I suspect that they don't.

      I would be tempted to move on and get him an adult sized bone next time, his jaw is getting stronger and stronger and even at four months I believe that another puppy bone might not last any length of time.

      I paid £5.99 for this from our local independent pet shop, I am pretty sure that it would be available cheaper elsewhere. It may be expensive but it has been priceless if it has helped train my puppy to avoid chewing the furniture and chew on all his tasty and much more appealing alternatives.

      This gets a five out of five for me. Overall, this is a useful product to keep your little furry bundle of joy occupied.


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      01.10.2010 02:05
      Very helpful



      An inexpensive, sturdy, fun and specially designed bone for pups.

      ~*~ The Company's History ~*~

      Founded by Herbert Axelrod and his brother over fifty-five years ago, his son, Glen Axelrod, TFH's President and CEO remarked concerning the reasons why the firm was set up, "TFH's foundation is the promotion of our critical end goal: Responsible Animal Care".

      Although the company was sold in 1997, the business remains a leading global publisher on a wide range of animal species. Additionally, The Company makes prime dog chews, edible bones and an array of other pet products.

      The enterprise initially started out by the manufacturing of hard nylon bone shaped chews, today, the corporation produces copious Nylabone lines that include multiple sizes, shapes and flavours of chews besides a whole range of pet products.

      ~The Nylabone's Commendations~

      > Veterinarians, alongside other dental aids, recommend Nylabone chews to promote good canine dental hygiene. Pupppybone is an effective cleaner and massager for teeth and gums, without detrimental tooth deterioration through wear!

      > The bone is also endorsed by leading dog authorities as a quality beneficial product.

      > Nylabone are frequent award winners for their innovative & quality products.

      ~*~ The product under review ~*~

      I had only one reason in mind for purchasing this product; to keep my mischievous puppy from getting bored!
      I had no idea of the versatility in the products features...well it simply looks like a durable bone! These puppy bones are a safe alternative to other edible bones and good for strong chewers.

      > The addition of Calcium being included in the manufacturing of the product has a two-fold effect: one of the important nutrients in a dog's diet is calcium for strong teeth. And calcium, being a natural material, makes the product somewhat softer and therefore more suitable chew for puppies whose jaws and teeth are still developing.

      > Puppy bone is specifically designed for teething puppies to facilitate the growth and development of their teeth and gums. I seen a positive notable difference in the quality of my pup's teeth during the time he had this bone.

      > The Nylabone also encourages non-destructive chewing; as a training device, the puppy learns at an early stage to chew on the Puppy bone instead of the furniture or anything else that takes its fancy!
      I'm sure this works with some pups but mine would revert back to the furniture if the bone wasn't to hand!

      > I purchased the basic variety, but chew bones can be obtained with various flavours that have been added during the molding process. My pup never complained that the bone was bland...

      > The puppy bone comes in three sizes to accommodate different breeds of varying sizes; Regular 4.5", Super 7.75" and Wolf 5.5". As a simple guideline, Regular 4.5 approximately for puppies up to 25lbs.
      and Wolf 5.5 approximately for puppies up to 35lbs.

      ~ Cleaning the product~

      The Puppy bone is so easy to clean simply by washing in soapy water then rinsing well. I liked to sterilize the bone by using boiling water when rinsing off. It comes up smelling fresh, ready for the next bout!

      ~When to replace~

      The manufacturer advises changing the product when the knuckles at the ends of the bone are chewed down.

      ~When to up-grade in size~

      If your puppy is able to eventually bite off pieces of Puppy bone, then this is a strong indicator that he has outgrown this product.

      ~The Puppy bone's material components~

      Puppy bone is made from inert thermo polymer; as I'm not an expert in chemistry, I will keep my explanations of this material brief!

      Basically Thermoplastic polymers consist of long polymer molecules that can be melted and reshaped repeatedly, in medium to high molecular weight materials, whose general properties are of toughness etc.
      But it is the toughness, of this material that makes it ideal as a durable contender for canine teeth! My puppy never managed to bite off pieces of the bone.

      Thermoplastic composite polymers can be recycled which is a real plus to be environmentally friendly.

      ~Safety issues~

      The package details the manufacturer's advice on usage. To avoid any safety mishaps, these need to be followed to the letter!

      > These chew bones fray rather than break off in chunks and any tiny particles that remove will pass harmlessly though the dog's system.

      > Puppybone is designed to meet the specific chewing needs of growing puppies, they can present a danger to an adult dog due to the strength of the mature jaws and teeth that would be able to eventually break off pieces or swallow smaller Puppy bones!

      > When deciding on the type of puppybone, one needs to keep in mind that the chew must be the largest size that the puppy can comfortably carry in his mouth. As the pup grows he will need to progress to a larger bone.

      > Nylabone products carry the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals seal of approval.

      > The manufacturers advise that the customer chooses the "appropriate type and size of bone" for their dog.
      In addition to this, consumers need to take into consideration their dog's size and chewing eagerness.

      > The bone needs to be inspected regularly, and disposed of should they become worn.

      > There is safety advise should the owner suspect problems. All Nylabone products are sold with a consumer guarantee, which is found on every package.

      ~My dog's opinion~

      If he could write, with help, i'm sure he would recall that when he was a little younger, he would often attack the bone, seeing it as a threat in a playful way!

      My dog generally commenced the 'battle' on neutral territory, my linoleum dining room floor, whereby the bone would tumble & slide a distance giving the pup the idea it was being teased by this inanimate object!

      The battle would culminate into a not so friendly tie in that he would bite down continuously for a good half hour or so until discarding for another time!

      I had to purchase an up-grade before taking the preceding one away, the pup had taken to it so much!

      And Finally...

      These Nylabones are widely available. I purchased mine for £3.49p.

      I would recommend these affordable substitute bones for anyone that prefers a safe bone that is washable, lasting and specifically made for puppies.


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    • Product Details

      Puppybone is specifically designed for teething puppies to encourage non-destructive chewing.

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