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Otodex Veterinary Ear Drops

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Brand: Otodex / Animals Equipment Type: Dog Health

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    3 Reviews
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      12.05.2013 13:24
      Very helpful



      A simple to use bottle of ear drops that works well and quickly.

      We have two cats in our home, one kitten and one cat. Recently I have been noticing that both my girls have been itching their ears. Now I took my kitten to the vet, who checked and said that it was just a small piece of ear wax irritating my kitten. As my adult cat has a problem with a faulty heart valve, a murmur and other assorted problems I, and the vet, agree that I will only take her along to the vet when absolutely necessary. For this reason I started to look for a product that I could use at home, and administer myself, to try and help my older cat. I found these Otodex veterinary ear drops, for cats and dogs, and I paid just over £4 including free delivery, from Amazon.co.uk. Obviously the price was fantastic but more than that there were over 80 very positive reviews for this product with it having an average star rating of 4.5/5.

      This drops came delivered in a little cardboard box which had pictures of dogs and cats on it, well kittens really. Within the box there is a little white drop bottle. Now the lid on this is a screw top one but there was a little plastic ridge around the bottom that seemed really difficult to remove. I seemed to fiddle with this for about five minutes and during this time I found that I could start to smell quite an offensive musty sort of smell. I did eventually snap this plastic ridge off and then I could see that underneath the lid there was a standard built in drop dispenser. The kind where you put the bottle upside down and then gently squeeze the bottle to release drops. This was the ideal kind of bottle for me really as far as these drops are concerned.

      These drops are suitable for treating ear wax, ear infection and ear mites. I knew that at a previous visit for something else my cat didn't have a problem with ear mites but she did have some ear wax so I figured that if mites were an issue as well that these would be worth a use. What I did to dispense this in to the ears of my two girls was gently wrap them up in a towel (to prevent them from scratching me or falling while I was holding them), then I positioned them in place on one side slightly, dropped in 3 or 4 drops as quickly as I could and then held whichever cat I was treating in place for at least a few minutes, to allow the drops to start working and move in to place. I found that my cat was disgusted that I had done this to her but she stayed in place while my husband hand fed her a few of her favourite treats. My kitten on the other hand, who is only a couple of months, went wild and managed to get out of the towel and run around my new house flicking drops everywhere and generally being really angry..! I repeated this process 5 days in a row, for both my cat and my kitten, and during this time they fared a little differently. My adult cat looked a little disgruntled and her ears were pointed more forward than normal, as if she was listening out for something, apart from that she looked normal with no damp patches around her ears or big problems. She did smell a little for the 5 days, and a few days afterwards, but some 'dry shampoo' for cats soon sorted this out. My kitten on the other hand fared much differently. She looked really bedraggled and wet for the five days, as if all the drops had instantly come out of her ear (despite us holding her several times and getting scratched to hell) and this continued for a few days afterwards, as I didn't want to actually wash her ears and risk another problem. She also stunk, really bad, as if the drops had reacted with her fur or skin differently and for the whole week until I could get her dry shampooed effectively she really stunk to high heaven!

      I must point out that the reason I purchased these was that I was noticing my adult cat in particular was scratching her ears a lot and shaking her head sometimes too. My kitten started to do this too, shortly after moving in to our new house, and so I figured that I should get on top of it as soon as possible. After the full 5 days were up I suddenly noticed that both my girls stopped scratching all the time. I barely noticed one scratch from either of them in the first week or two after using this and this has stayed that way for the last few weeks at least - a fantastic result.

      Now these drops weren't the easiest to administer but my older cat, who is only 2 and a half, has a terrible number of problems with her heart and excess stress could bring on further problems and ultimately failure of her heart so avoiding an unnecessary trip to the vet is really important for me. These drops have worked fantastic and they have allowed me to avoid another trip.

      I wouldn't say that the smell of these drops is nice at all but my husband wasn't remotely bothered by the smell so maybe it is just my delicate nose! My cats didn't seem to mind the smell, even though my adult cat does usually hate the smell of Frontline (something that I can't smell at all). My adult cat usually sits with slitty eyes for two days after I put Frontline on the back of her neck and she made no funny faces at all while having this in her ears. Another plus point really. This drop bottle contains 14ml and I don't seem to have used much of this treating both my cats, for 5 full days. Such a small amount is used that these drops are so economical and they also saved me having to stress my adult cat out by taking her to the vet.

      I won't pretend that my cats loved this, as they didn't, but sometimes you have to stick to the necessary evil to help the pets that you love - as I did. I will definitely use these again, even if I have to buy a new bottle each time as the price is fantastic and has helped my cats no end. My cats seemed to settle down within a few minutes of me putting them back down after these drops and besides my kitten looking like she was smeared with oil down her face on both sides the drops helped them fantastically. I am rating the drops down one star because of the offensive smell, which only really seemed to bother me, but as I am at home all day I had to put up with it! I am giving this a firm rating, but do ensure that this is suitable for your cats age/medical history before using as with any product for your animal. These drops are suitable for dogs also.


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      28.08.2008 12:33
      Very helpful



      Good for wax and ear mite treatment of dogs

      Otodex ear drops are made for treating dogs' ears. It is usually quite obvious when a dog has any kind of irritation inside its ear because it will scratch at the ear, or shake its head violently to try to ease the discomfort.

      If your dog seems to have a serious ear problem, or has red, or runny ears it is usually best to see a vet before attempting treatment.

      Otodex is designed for the gentle removal of ear wax which is usually visible as flakes, or small lumps of way inside the ear, particularly if your dog has been scratching at it. It also deals with ear mites which you will be able to see inside the dog's ear.

      These look like tiny black dots and the itching will drive you dog crazy. A dog with ear mites will shake its head constantly.

      These drops come in a plastic bottle which you squeeze to dispense the liquid inside. It is clear, colourless liquid and smells very strongly of eucalyptus.

      Simply drop two drops of the liquid (one good squeeze of the bottle with give you this) in the dog's ear and massage behind the ear flap to give almost instant relief.

      I used Otodex when my dog had ear mites. At first he object strongly to my putting the stuff in his ears but once he felt the relief he didn't seem to mind any more.

      Now, if he has discomfort in his ears he is quite happy to let me put the drops in.

      This costs around £2.99 from pet shops and is effective for ear mites and wax but care should be taken when applying medication to a dog's ears.

      If you are not certain that the trouble is caused by ear mites, or wax, or the skin inside the ear is very sore, or broken, see a vet.


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      26.08.2008 19:46
      Very helpful



      Pine fragrance ear drops for dogs and cats

      For those of you that don't know I have two dogs, one is a very ageing old gentleman (14 and a half to be exact) called Socks who is a very lovable greyhound and the other is a three year old Dobermann called Leon. He is not so much a gentleman but extremely loyal to me and perhaps slightly vocally challenged. As with all pets they come with needs and as such a good vet is a must. There are of course on line websites that now sell pet accessories and medication for a variety of ailments that are invariably alot cheaper than your local vets so it is definately worth a look a round to see if you can save yourself any money.

      For some medication though you will need to print off a form for your vet to sign in order to receive the medication from the on line website. This is just to make sure you do not give an animal anything that could in turn be not in his best interest and go against the medical advice of your vet.

      It is about a product called Otodex veterinary ear drops that I wish to write about today. The product itself is a liquid and has the consistency and colour of water, so for safety reasons I would advise you to keep out of the reach of children. It's fragrance is entirely pleasant and wellcoming with the air of pine trees. It comes in a very small white plastic bottle with a screw on cap, unscrew the cap and you can see a clear plastic nozzle and with a slight squeeze of the bottle you can release a drop or two of the product. The product is clearly labelled Otodex, with the words ear drops in bigger letters underneath. The writing under this to be honest is far too small but on closer inspection does explain the product uses.

      The product does have a small variety of uses, one simply as a wax clearer and ear fragrancer the others include for the treatment of ear mites,
      ear irritation or otitis externa. For people who have not heard of this before I thought I would offer some guidelines of what symptoms to look out for.

      Otitis externa is an inflammation of the ear canal, humans can actually get this but it is more common in dogs. It is thought about 20% of dogs suffer with this condition. The more obvious symtoms include;

      Persistant scratching,
      Bad odour (ears),
      Redness or swelling,
      Shaking of the head alot,

      Should your dog or cat be displaying any of these symptoms then you need Otodex.

      Treatment time is reasonably quick, 3 or 4 drops in the affected ear(s) for 4 to 5 days. If of course you see no improvement I would advise seeing your local vet.

      Should you suspect ear mites then you will see again some of the symtoms above a long with dark flakes which resemble coffee grounds and should treat with Otodex.

      For other ear complaints such as a yeast infection then Otodex will not treat and special treatment will be required from your vet. Symptoms include brown waxy bits a long with a bad odour. For bacterial infections then again Otodex will not treat, symptoms will include yellow waxy bits and also a bad odour and more than likely will require a course of antibiotics.

      When it comes to your pets there are so many things that can and will go wrong but for such a simple treatment Otodex is painless relatively cheap and available from your local vet and a vast array of on line stores. It lasts for a long while too, in my experience we have had the drops for about a year following a concern with Leon last year. We just noticed he was scratching a lot and his ears smelled awful. They do suggest you check your pets ears on a weekly basis and clean regularly ofcourse being careful of the inner canal and ear drum. We have found Otodex to be extremely useful in Leon's plight and use on a weekly basis when he has his ears cleaned and he smells wonderful for a while and he knows it! The fragrance probably lasts a day or two and Leon has absolutely no concerns about us applying it. Most dogs if not all like their ears being rubbed and if you do this for a few seconds before you apply the drops not only is the dog relaxed but it loosens up all the wax ready for you to clean and then apply Otodex so your dog smells like a pine tree, lovely.

      Price wise it is relatively cheap and accessible, it comes in a 14ml bottle which although does not sound alot actually is more than you think as only a small amount of product is required on each application. It costs £2.69 from Seapets an on line store but will cost you abit more should you buy it fom your local vets.

      I would definately reccomend this product to anyone who has either a cat or a dog (we also have two cats) as it is quick, painless and they just love all the fuss!


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    • Product Details

      Helps to eliminate problems with clear wax, relieve scratching and kill ear mites in dogs and cats.