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PediPaws Pet Nail Trimmer

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Animals Equipment Type: Dog Grooming

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    5 Reviews
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      02.06.2011 01:58
      Very helpful



      Dont buy

      This was bought from asda which probably was not the best start!!! It was £15.99 and so I was expecting miracles from it!

      I tried it on my rotti as be would stay still for anything. Basically it consists of a spinning cog which has rough sand paper type cover on it, I little hole you put the nail in to let it make contact with the surface and a large handle to hold it with.

      With paw in hand I gently put the nail in the hole and turned the device on. It has an anti snag thing as the surface is always rotating in direction of the nail and the hole you put the nail in is like a safety guard so you don't file down to the wick.

      Did this work? Not even with a dog who just lay still as a log! For some reason it made no difference to the nail at all. It may have been the fact the surface wasn't rough enough or may be the dog's nails were too tough. I don't know, all I do know is that this product did nothing it said on the tin at all. Unfortunately I could not test it on my other dogs, the lab ran away scared and the shepherd would not keep still!

      This unit also took two of the large cylindrical batteries of which were also really expensive. All in all an expensive lesson to be learnt......clip dogs nails not file them!!!


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      04.10.2010 00:42
      Very helpful
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      May work for some pets

      Having found that our dog doesn't always play ball when its time for some claw clipping we have tried a number of products to try to keep her claws neatly trimmed and at a good length. One of the items we have tried was the JML PediPaws Pet Nail Trimmer which we thought might prove helpful to us and easy to get used to for our dog.

      When we came across the PediPaws Pet Nail Trimmer we found it could sell for anything up to £24.99, so when we saw it for £6.99 we snapped it it thinking we had bagged a bargain. In terms of the value for money that we eventually got from the trimmer I have to say that even at the price we paid, it wasn't really worth it. It didn't suit our pet and we found it was hard work to use so its not something I would be too keen to recommend.

      The thing with many of the JML products, the PediPaws Pet Nail Trimmer included it that when you see the demos of the product they look very easy to use and seem to do a perfect job. In reality the PediPaws Pet Nail Trimmer was something we found didn't work as it was meant to, as even a small amount of firm pressure on the sanding wheel resulted in the thing ceasing to work properly.

      This meant that trying to trim just one claw was painfully slow and distressed our dog, who really found the noise and vibration of the product unnerving. It seemed to take ages to get enough length off a single claw that we ended up with a certain amount of claw dust and an odd burnt nail type of smell around us, which wasn't pleasant. As she really didn't like this trimmer at all, in the end we decided it was kinder to her to give up on it and go back to manual claw trimming.

      In fact after having had the PediPaws Pet Nail Trimmer we have stuck with manual clippers, although I wouldn't say she likes them, she certainly manages to sit for long enough for us to clip a few claws before she runs off. So whilst manual clipping of her claws is still time consuming at least she will allow some trimming to go on a little at a time. With the PediPaws Pet Nail Trimmer she was constantly puling away and very unhappy.

      The idea of the product did look great when we bought it, it came nicely boxed and presented too. It certainly looked smart. Once it was out of the box and set up we found it hard to hang on to our dogs paw and keep her claw in the right place at the same time as operating the PediPaws Pet Nail Trimmer. She often tried to pull away when the trimmer was switched on and up against one of her claws.

      The rotating claw trimming wheel is made to file down a dogs claws and is also suited to cats according to the makers. Although I certainly cannot imagine this going down at all well with our cats. There is a plastic guide type lid on top of the rotating head which is there for you to place just one claw into the small space provided. This is then meant to catch any dust that comes away during the filing process.

      Our dog struggled and so we found it hard to fit a claw in place for long enough and when we did and applied some pressure the rotating action often stopped. The PediPaws Pet Nail Trimmer does look very neat and handy when you first set eyes on it but when you come to use it its not as easy as it would seem, to use with an unhappy pet.

      As far as giving a rating to the PediPaws Pet Nail Trimmer I cannot say it worked well for us and so cannot rate it very highly. Perhaps with dogs that don't mind the noise and vibration it would work better. It certainly seemed like a great idea when we bought it, but in practice it didn't work out well. Because of this it gets just 2 stars.


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        27.09.2010 22:31
        Very helpful




        I don't think any dog particularly likes having their claws trimmed - our German Shepherd is no exception but dog's do need to have their claws trimmed occassionally to stop them getting too long otherwise it will affect the way they walk.

        I saw the PediPaws Pet Nail Trimmer advertised on the TV and I noticed it was made my JML and at the time cost £24.99 plus postage. I thought it was extortionate and decided to wait a couple of weeks and then have a look on eBay as I have purchased many JML items from there for alot less than the prices I have seen on TV or in the shops. My idea of waiting certainly paid off and I managed to pick it up for £4.99 and free postage -saving £20 + off of the TV price.

        The best way to describe this trimmer is that it reminds me of a nail file that they use in those nail shops where you have acrylic nails done. It is pretty small and fits easily in the palm of your hand. It runs solely on batteries and these are the C sized batteries. The bottom of the trimmer unscrews to put these in. Look wise the trimmer is nothing amazing - it is silver on the body with a bright orange lid and an orange button.

        The trimmer comes in a cheap looking box with seen on Tv written on it and a picture of a happy dog and the trimmer. The box is not very big and it contains the trimmer itself, emery boards and instructions for use.

        When you use the trimmer you need to remember that the orange lid does not come off of it - there is a little gap on the lid which is where the file inside makes contact with your dogs claws. The lid acts as a bin to catch all the filings.

        With Ben trustingly watching me and giving me his paw on command, I took a claw in my hand and started the trimmer up. it made an absolutely awful noise and Ben pulled away immediately and bolted to the safety of my daughter. After a little coaxing, I got him to come back and tried again, this time he wasn't as scared but still cautious all the same. After a couple of minutes I could see that the nail file was not taking anything off of his claw so I applied a little more pressure on the trimmer against his claw and the file screeched and stopped. Once again Ben bolted and looked at me as though I was the devil in disguise and went and HID behind my daughter (like I can't see those gigantic ears of his!).

        I gave up with the trimmer there and then and threw it in a drawer and clipped Ben's claws the next day with a nail clipper for dogs. It was quick and effective and didn't bother him in the slightest though if he even so much as sees the trimmer he runs to another room! He really hated it and let's be honest, clipping claws isn't fun for neither pet nor owner. I am glad I only paid £4.99 for this piece of rubbish and not the full amount. It did even take anything off of his claws, all it did was distress him and then ultimately stop working once a little pressure was applied to it to try and make it work.

        The only place this is fit for is the bin - avoid at all costs and even if someone offers it to you for free just politely decline it!


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        29.05.2010 12:31
        Very helpful



        Doggy style manicuring.

        *I'm still tallulahbang in other quarters, but this review hasn't appeared anywhere else. Yet.*

        ~*~Your story sad to tell, a teenage ne'er do well~*~

        There are many things in life that I hate doing: cleaning the oven, eating bananas, pulling hair out of the plughole, trying to have a whole conversation with someone without using their name because I've forgotten it and really don't want them to know that they weren't important enough for me to remember ('Hi Fiona!' 'Oh hello...you').

        Chief amongst the activities I abhor, though, is cutting the dog's nails. I love my dog, am firmly convinced he's the greatest pup that was ever invented and there are few things that I wouldn't do for him. Trimming his claws, though, is the devil's work. Unfortunately, he has all-black claws which means it's very hard to see the quick. When doing the job with a conventional guillotine trimmer I almost always accidentally cut him and it bleeds for ages. Also, when you factor in that he's very scrappy and not above nipping at the hand that occasionally injures him, it meant the whole thing was very stressful. He had to be muzzled and held down causing both of us to be utterly miserable. My vet would do the deed, but again, he'd have to be muzzled, restrained and/or sedated (the dog, that is. Not the vet. Although I have seen him taking a nip from his hip flask when he realises Neelix is the next patient) and I don't want the worry of him savaging Roisin the nice veterinary nurse.

        To cut a long story short, hurrah for bargain shops, for it was there that I found the answer to my problems for the reduced price of £4.99 (although I see there's currently a seller on Amazon stocking it for £3.99).

        ~*~Missed your midterms and flunked shampoo~*~

        There's no getting away from it, sadly: this is a manicure tool for dogs. And it looks, feels and sounds like a blunted vibrator.

        It's about ten inches long and thick enough to accommodate the C batteries (Christ, this all sounds terribly dodgy, doesn't it?) that power it. At the top is a screw-on orange cap. This cap covers a circular emery board which rotates when the motor is switched on. The cap has a tear-shaped aperture through which the dog's claw can be placed, so that it makes contact with the emery board.

        Basically, for those of you old enough to remember CDT at school, this works on the same principles as a very tiny bandfacer: the batteries power a small motor which in turn rotates the emery board. This files the dog's nail down.

        ~*~Turn in your teasin' comb and go back to high school~*~

        There are a lot of negative reviews of this product on Amazon, and I can kind of understand why: it's not the sturdiest of items and it looks like something that cost less than a fiver; it only comes supplied with 3 of the circular emery boards and no details of where to get replacements; the instruction booklet was so woefully inadequate that I threw it away almost immediately and, per haps the worst transgression, it not only looks exactly like a vibrator, it sounds like one as well. That said, the noise isn't totally deafening or anything, it's just that you have to ask yourself the following question: do you really want to be alone in a room with a recumbent dog, your hand grasping a phallic object and the persistent low buzzing more usually associated with a Rampant Rabbit? It's the kind of scene that'll get the neighbours talking (and calling the RSPCA, probably).

        ~*~Well they couldn't teach you anything~*~

        Those who know me, though, know I'm not one to give up easily. The product's success really does depend on the owner. It's fair to say that no dog is going to like something that buzzes and vibrates quite loudly being placed near its paws (this is why there's a definite paucity of pooches in Ann Summers, I reckon). Therefore, if you want it to work, you have to be willing to do a little bit of preparation.

        1. Make sure your dog can lie down comfortably and that you have clear access to his paws. Neelix lies on his side on the sofa and I sit on the coffee table.

        2. Let the dog sniff and lick the trimmer. Dogs are very curious and explore new things via smell and taste. Once Neelix had realised that it wasn't edible he was happy to lie down.

        3. With the trimmer turned off, use it to gently stroke your dog, paying particular attention to his paws. Insert his claws in the aperture a few times. Don't speak to your dog, as this can cause agitation or excitement.

        4. Turn the trimmer on. Your dog will probably want to sniff it again. If your dog backs away keep firm hold of him and hold the trimmer near, but not on him. Again, don't speak or you might inadvertently reward the fear response.

        5. Once your dog has calmed down gently stroke him with the trimmer. Be careful not to press too hard as the vibration may be unpleasant. Again, pay attention to the paws. If the dog is calm, you can then take gentle hold of his paws and file his claws one at a time. If your dog doesn't become calm, don't attempt the filing. Just keep stroking him with the trimmer and repeat this process over a period of days until he accepts it as a positive experience.

        ~*~ You've got the dream but not the drive~*~

        A lot of the more negative reviews have centred on the fact that the rotating emery board will stop if the claw is pressed hard against it. As far as I can see, this is both obvious and a good thing: something powered by two C batteries is never going to be ridiculously powerful and, if it were, there'd be a risk that you could have filed Fido's claws down to a mere nub without realising.

        The trick to using it is not dissimilar to how you operate the aforementioned bandfacer (and, incidentally, are you all not a little impressed by my knowledge of heavy machinery?): hold the nail against the emery board, and then continually move it back and forth. When doing Neelix's claws I twist the trimmer like I was revving a motorbike, so that the claw gets brief on-and-off pressure against the file.

        ~*~It's about time you knew the score~*~

        Used properly, this trimmer will work. However, there are a few downsides:

        - The smell is AWFUL. If you've ever set your hair on fire (more times than I can remember, in my case) you'll know what to expect - it really does stink. I usually light a Yankee candle which seems to deal with the worst of it.

        - You will create a lot of powdered nail dust. My sofa is leather, so it just wipes clean, but if you're doing it on a fabric surface be warned that it will become coated in residue. This will also drift onto your clothes, but I can't imagine that you're likely to be attending to the dog's nails in your best couture gown/suit.

        - It takes a *long* time. I did Neelix's nails earlier and, from start to finish, it took an hour and a half. From my point of view, it's worth it because he's so completely unstressed that he'll go to sleep while I'm manicuring away, but other people may not have that kind of time.

        - If you follow the steps outlined above, you'll considerably improve your chances of success. However, if you've got a really anxious or aggressive dog, your best bet is probably going to be taking it to the vet's or the groomer's to let the professionals handle it.

        - The packaging advertises that it can be used on cats. I'm no expert, but I'd say that the individual that tries to persuade their moggy to put a claw into this is either very brave, or immensely stupid.

        ~*~Now I've called the shot, get off the block, I really gotta fly~*~

        As far as I'm concerned, this has been an absolute life-saver. Neelix is an utter eejit and completely manic, but even he will relax and allow me to use this on him entirely without complaint. It is totally pain-free and means that he doesn't have to be muzzled or restrained. What I sacrifice in time, I gain in happy dog-ness. That's a trade I'm quite happy with.


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          05.01.2010 20:41
          Very helpful



          Great idea, poor product.

          Product: JML Pedi Paws Dog Nails Trimmer

          Purchased from: http://www.jmldirect.com/Pedi-Paws-PP2520/


          Having seen this item advertised on the shopping channel, it seemed like a product too good to be true. My chocolate labrador has never been a fan of getting his nails trimmed so this seemed like a perfect item. I usually wouldn't be caught dead buying off seedy shopping channels but this seemed a genuine unique item.

          IT WASN'T.

          Seeing it hyped up beyond belief was my first warning, but I went ahead and purchased it thinking 'how bad could it be?'. There were zero reviews of it online at the time, which didn't help (but I'll change that) so I ordered it and hoped for the best.


          Payment procedures were fine. It was £24.99 + P&P which, when compared to £15 per time at the vets, isn't too bad. Delivery time wasn't too much to complain about but could have been quicker. I opened up the packaging and it looked fine. It also came with 3 extra emery boards just incase. I showed my dog Josh what I had got for him, he sniffed it once and walked off so he obviously wasn't too impressed!

          The Pedi Paws website states:

          Instead of using traditional nail clippers that can potentially harm your pet's nails, now you are able to trim anywhere, safely and without the pain. Suitable for large dogs, small dogs and cats. Fast, easy and gentle. Cordless, use anywhere. Protective cap catches the filings for easy clean-up.

          Precision high speed motor operates on two batteries.

          The video on the website shows a labrador's nails being clipped (in very vague detail however), which is smart on their part since I'm certain 99% of labrador owners have the same problems as me at times, so I was being sucked in even more.


          I took to instructions and got started. Easy enough to follow and set up, and also showed you how to go about positioning your dog. So I called Josh, packet of treats at the ready and he sat down. I switched it on. Oh my what a noise, it sounded like a motorbike shitting gravel. Josh did a runner to the other side of the room which kind of made me giggle, I called him back over and tried again.

          I picked up his first paw thinking I would start from left to right. I put the trimmer against his nail and... nothing. It didn't do a single thing. It kind of grated against the nail like when a midget tries to attack a tall person in a cartoon.

          So I thought maybe I'm not doing it hard enough? I pressed Josh's nail against it with more (but moderate) force. Still nothing. I tried a different nail. Nope. I tried a third, which was apparently enough to break the rotating emery board inside the trimmer.


          Sadly, while this product seems excellent on paper, the advertisement propaganda prevails once you part with your cash. It doesn't trim large dog's nails. It doesn't do as it says in the statement and video. AVOID if you planned on using this to dodge veterinary bills.

          I'm not saying this wouldn't on a very very small animal. Possibly a cat's nails. But for medium to large animals, no chance. A very disappointing experience for me and Josh!

          I wouldn't recommend this product to anyone with a similar situation to me.

          Thanks for reading!


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