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Peperami Dog Toy

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Brand: Peperami / Type: Dog Toy

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    2 Reviews
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      14.03.2012 21:59
      Very helpful



      Adorable but expensive

      My dog Molly received this Peperami dog toy for her Christmas from her grandma. To be honest I think it was more for my benefit than Molly's as my mum knows I absolutely love the peperami adverts.
      Apparently there are a few different peperami dog toys to choose from but the one that I have is the salami screamer.

      The salami screamer is a toy that is shaped like a salami obviously and is made from a soft plush material.
      What makes this toy different from the usual dog toys is that it is interactive and when your dog grabs it and squeezes it in their mouth it comes out with some sayings.

      It has eight different sayings and some of them are frankly hilarious such as 'come on bite me' and 'I've seen scarier chihuahuas'. Molly wasn't overly impressed with the toy when she first unwrapped it as she prefers rubber ones and I had to coax her into playing with it but once I did she absolutely loved it.

      To begin with she got a huge shock when the salami started speaking and dropped the toy. She couldn't understand where it was coming from but it intrigued her enough to go back for a second go and the next time it spoke she started shaking it around and running round the room with it.

      The toy is great but the main problem with it is that it is more of a novelty than anything else and I have to keep a close eye on her when she is playing with it as it is quite fragile and wouldn't last 5 minutes if she were to really sink her teeth in to it.

      We do have fun playing with it though so for that reason I would recommend it just not for dogs who like to chew aggressively as it just wouldn't last very long.
      I asked my mum where she got it but she couldn't remember but it was a high street shop and she remembers it cost her £9.99 which is a lot of money for a dog toy even one as fun as this one.


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      17.02.2012 22:21
      Very helpful



      Sturdy well made dog toy

      As a dog lover, I was concerned to hear that the number of dogs being abandoned or put up for adoption was on the increase and as a result charities like The Dogs Trust were under pressure. So I decided that in addition to making a donation I would try and buy as many Christmas Presents, cards and wrap from them to support them.

      I thought they would have something for my dogs Christmas present and I chose the Peperami toy for one of my dogs.

      This is a rubber toy about the size of a tennis ball (7cm) that has soft spikes across the ball and a scary peperami face on one side.

      One of my dogs loves balls and although she already has a wide selection, the other attraction with this was that the bristles (soft spikes) help with oral hygiene and help maintain healthy gums.

      They don't really say how, but I can see the rubber spiky bits will help clean teeth when she carries it and when she mouths and chews on it. A real bonus as she has very stinky breath which is getting worse.

      She is a rescue dog and was in very poor condition when we first got her. She had obviously been neglected and although really friendly, she became very fearful when I attempted to bath and apply the various medications she needed.

      She has got better but old habits die hard and you have to be very patient and persistent when attempting any type of grooming, ear cleaning and the like. Teeth cleaning is one thing I have really struggled with and things like Dentastix give her the runs so I am hoping the peperami toy will help.
      She becomes very fearful and when I try to get near her teeth, she gets very agitated and her instinct is to bite, although you can tell she doesn't want to. I try to make any type of grooming, cleaning etc into a game, but at some point I have to put the paste on her teeth and she hates that so much I fear she will nip me at some point. So that is work in progress.

      She did play with this on Christmas Day after she unwrapped it - yes I know they are dogs, but they love the paper ripping bit even if they aren't that impressed with the contents. A liitle bit like kids who abandon the expensive toy and play with the box.

      The toy is really sturdy, well made and also quite heavy, so it does land with a thump when she throws it about while playing. It has two holes in, which we use to tease her with as you can stick your finger in and wave it about or play tug. You could also put bits of food in to encourage play with this, although they would fall out easily.

      She does sometimes chew her toys up, but I think she would struggle with this as it is made of strong material. However she hasn't tried to do that and if she did, I suspect she would go for the spikes first, but they are still intact.

      It is supposed to have a meaty taste, but to be honest it didn't smell meaty.

      I paid around £7 for this from Dogs Trust, but I think it can be bought a £1 or 2 cheaper elsewhere; however I wanted to support them, so was happy to pay extra.
      I do think Dogs Trust could add to their range, especially the dog toys and accessories as the range wasn't extensive and I think they are missing a trick as I would buy more from them if they had a bigger choice.

      Would I recommend?
      Yes, this is a sturdy toy in the shape of a ball that has the added advantage of soft spikes that will help with oral hygiene. I think this will last quite a while as it is showing no sign of wear and tear after almost 2 months.

      My dog plays with this at least once a day and will throw it around herself and then mouth and lightly chew it. It is quite heavy so I am not sure this would be suitable for very small dogs.

      It can be used like any other ball and is suitable for indoor and outdoor use, although watch your paintwork and fragile objects if you throw this indoors.

      5 stars from me


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