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Perfect Care De-tangler Rake

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Manufacturer: Zooplus / Animals Equipment Type: Dog Grooming

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    1 Review
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      19.09.2010 22:42
      Very helpful



      A durable, user-friendly comb that de-tangles long wet/dry fur with ease,

      ~ The Company ~ ''Tail that wags the dog' ~

      Founded in 1999, with its headquarters in Munich, Germany, Zooplus AG operates as an online retailer of pet products, including toys, care, hygiene and pet food supplements. It offers its products in 17 countries. Added to this, the company provides advertising services.

      ~ The product under review ~ 'It's The dogs'...glands for quality! ~

      We babysat a dog that turned out to be a long term 'tenant'! Among other pet supplies, we purchased the comb, if you seen our pet when she first arrived, you'd know why!
      She's a Yorkshire terrier. When she first came into our care, her fur was long, matted & unkempt, so poor Millie did not come with the beautiful silky coat she has today! But weekly grooming of her coat is all that is basically needed to keep her looking lovely. Because the Yorkies silky coat is true hair and not fur like many other breeds, there is very little shedding. This is good for my son whom is affected by allergens. Millie has no undercoat; therefore it's less difficult to groom her. Although she is less active than larger dogs, and the hair should be less knotted, this has only been beneficial since we adopted regular grooming.

      Millie adores the added attention grooming with this comb furnishes her with, so we don't often have any tantrums! I feel this comb offers even more than a gorgeous velvety coat, it provides the extra time and attention that makes Millie feel very loved and secure. The 16 cm 'de-tangler' does exactly that and is effortless to use. This tool is perfect for a thorough grooming because the cone shaped teeth rotate to the under layers and/or releases the loose hair.

      Our Yorkshire terrier needs grooming and de-matting regularly because of her quick growing fur...& playful antics! This wide toothed rake is well designed for the job because whether her fur is wet or dry, the comb can handle the task with ease.Consistent grooming with this well designed comb will remove dead hair, which in turn will keep the coat and the dog's skin healthy; which has been a noticeable effect on Millie. Making this a regular effort has afforded me the opportunity to keep an eye on Millie's general health; I can see any skin defects and monitor her welfare. I do feel that Millie has got accustomed to the use of this comb, because I started virtually as soon as we obtained her. Additionally, using such a product on a regular basis helps Millie to get used to being handled in healthcare which in turn makes veterinary examinations far less stressful! Recently, I came across a paper that showed scientific evidence that grooming periods not only reduce stress but blood pressure too!

      Even If Millie's hair looks fine, I still give her a brush with this ergonomically designed tool, to prevent tangles. As Millie doesn't shed hair, so regular usage of this sturdy tool prevents her coat getting too long and thick, and a discomfort especially in the summer months! Generally, during the summer months, we have her professionally hair-cut. But, alas, this doesn't last due to her healthy fast growing hair.
      This durable hardened plastic brush is easy to clean using warm soapy water then thoroughly rinsed. I generally leave the comb to dry naturally.

      Purchased on-line for £5.99, worth its weight in gold...or hair! The rake is really suitable for long haired dogs.A durable, user-friendly comb that de-tangles long wet/dry fur/hair with ease,


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