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Pet Brands Flash Lite

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Brand: Pet Brands / Animals Equipment Type: Dog Equipment

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    1 Review
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      21.09.2008 16:07
      Very helpful



      A must have for every dog owner.

      *What is the Pet Brands Flash Lite?*
      This flashing safety attachment is produced by the Pet Brands company who make a very large selection of toys, food, treats, bedding, collars, bowls, health supplements, grooming equipment and pet cages for a variety of animals including cats, dogs, rabbits, guinea pigs, fish and other small pets.

      *The product itself*
      Out and about walking at night can be quite dangerous, especially along country lanes or along busy roads, and even wearing reflective material sometimes isn't enough, so that's where this Pet Brands Flash Lite comes in extremely handy, helping to keep you and your pets safe and seen whilst enjoying your late night or early morning walks. The flash lite contains tiny red, white and blue ultra bright lights encased in a toughed glass and silver metal case which flash continuously when activated (simply turn once for on and then again for off), it is then attached to a clip which enables you to fasten it to either the D-Ring (where the lead and I.D attaches) on your dogs collar or onto your coat.

      The blinker swivels on its clip, so shouldn't get tangled and is only two inches long including the clip and is very lightweight so suitable for any breed of dog. It is battery powered by small watch batteries which literally seem to last forever and you get three spare ones supplied with the blinker so they should last you a good while and then replacement batteries can be brought cheaply, the flashing light is visible from half a mile away so any oncoming cars can see you early or if your dog is off lead in the dark then you are able to keep track of where his is, allowing to have freedom and exercise even on those horrible pitch black winter nights or mornings whilst staying safe and in sight at the same time. Another very handy feature is that the blinker is water proof, which makes it extremely practical for the British weather and for when the product is going to be most used, during winter.

      The blinker comes securely encased in thick, clear plastic which requires cutting with scissors to get in to and has a blue card board insert telling us the name of the product, the company name, intended purpose and a cartoon sketch of a cat and a dog, which I presume means the blinker is also suitable for use on cats who like to go out at night, although it would be very big on them. On the reverse is all relevant safety information, instructions how to work the product and replace batteries and also contact details for Pet Brands. Packaging can be recycled.

      *Price & Availability*
      I purchased my blinkers from my small local pet shop for £4.99, which is very good value considering how robust they are and how long they last. They can also be purchased from many online shops or even some outdoor supply stores, there are several different brands and versions available so if you can't find this exact product you should be able to find something very similar quite easily.

      *My opinion*
      With winter looming, the days becoming shorter and the nights longer it means it's now the time again when twice daily dog walks must commence in complete darkness! I live in the countryside so my dogs are exercised in the surrounding fields and woodlands where there are obviously no street lights and couple that with the fact my two dogs are both predominately black makes it nigh on impossible to see where they are when they are off lead, this did use to worry me as even though they have perfect recall and will come back when called, I do like to always know whereabouts they are, so when I saw these blinkers in my local pet shop I purchased three straight away, because at the time my old dog Ruby was still with us. I was very impressed by them, they seemed nicely designed and felt very lightweight so I had no problems putting them on the dogs, yet they seemed very strong and robust so I was confident they would cope with all the knocks they would get being attached to Benson or Grace's collars'! The clip is good too, it's a trigger one so it quick and easy to attach to or remove from the D-Ring on your pets collar, and it will not come off until you take it off, the only thing you do need to be aware of though is making sure the two parts of the blinker are screwed tightly together, as the bottom part which contains the batteries can fall off from the main light part quite easily if it is loosened.

      The blinkers performed exceptionally well, much better than I expected. Out in the dark the blinkers flash very brightly and instantly allow you to see where your dog is, whether they can be seen half a mile away though I am not sure of, as I never allow my dogs to get that far away from me. Benson and Grace never even notice they are wearing them though and they have certainly coped with all the knocks they get, and clean up nicely after being coated with mud, the water proof claim is definitely true too as both dogs have been swimming whilst wearing the blinkers and they have not damaged them at all. The battery life is fantastic, I purchased the blinkers just before Christmas last year, and they were used from 5am-6.30am every morning and then again for another hour at 7 or 8pm from December until the middle of March and I never needed to replace the batteries, the blinkers are back in use now again after the summer and they are still working perfectly, just as bright as before.

      A couple of minor problems though are that they tend to get 'lost' in the chests of hairy breeds like Benson! They are still visible but as they get covered by the hair the brightness is slightly reduced, although you can still see the blinker perfectly well and on short haired breeds such as Grace they can be seen exceptionally well. And lastly they could be a bit long and chunky for small breeds, Ruby never really use to like wearing hers, as it hung quite low from her collar onto her chest, so it would be good if a smaller version was available from smaller breeds or puppies.

      Overall, completely recommended. The blinker is an invaluable piece of equipment that for just £4.99 could potentially save yours or your dogs life, now Ruby has passed away I use her blinker on me. I attach it to the zip on my coat and it allows my dogs to see where I am, and although we never meet cars whilst out walking it alerts horse riders etc to us approaching. It's also very funny when the blinkers are attached to my dogs' collars and I call them to me... as they run back to me all you can see is two flashing lights floating across the field to you!


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      A safety blinker device that easily attaches to backpacks / collars / leads / clothing

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