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Pet Head Dirty Talk Deodorising Shampoo

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  • Nice Smell
  • Smell doesn't last as long as other shampoo's
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    3 Reviews
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      03.09.2014 23:22
      Very helpful


      • "Nice Smell"


      • "Smell doesn't last as long as other shampoo's"

      Pleased with the nice smell

      Thought I would try this for my dog as he hates having a bath and is in need of a good wash with something which will make him smell lovely and also wanted something with a long lasting smell.

      Pet Head Dirty Talk is a deodorizing dog shampoo, designed to get rid of horrible doggy smells, it says it is designed not to mask odors, it neutralizes nasty smells.

      Ok, this is how I bathed my little furry friend, I wet my dogs fur with warm water, lathered the shampoo as much as I possibly could ( smell was sooo sweet, loved it ! ) I rinsed thoroughly and then towel dried him.

      One thing to point out, every time I use this shampoo, it never lathers up well, but on the other hand, it is easy to rinse. Smell was lovely and did last a long time, however I have had other dog shampoos with a longer lasting smell.

      Overall, very pleased and a change from his usual baby powder shampoo !!! It does what it says on the bottle - neutralizes odors ... it did leave my dog smelling great and left his coat shiny and soft!!!

      Will be buying again


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      03.11.2013 14:32
      Very helpful
      1 Comment



      A good dog shampoo but a very disappointing (non existent) scent

      My Jack Russell loves to swim in the water, as she's not a particularly big dog and walks so close to the ground even just walking on wet grass or through leaves means her underside gets soaked and she comes back looking like a drowned rat and absolutely stinking. I wanted to try some new pet shampoo on her and chose to purchase TIGI Pet Head Dirty Talk Deodorising Shampoo.

      Why Pet Head?

      I chose to buy a bottle of Tigi's Pet Head as it was the most expensive dog shampoo available, this may sound crazy but my dog comes back from the groomers smelling lovely and I thought I would buy a premium dog shampoo to achieve the same results at home. Dirty Talk was labelled as a deodorising shampoo, which was just what I was after - a product to get rid of that horrible dirty doggy smell and leave my dog smelling lovely (until her next walk).

      The Brand

      The owners of Toni and Guy created a range of premium (human) hair care products called TIGI Bed Head, in 2007 they launched a range of pet items, ingeniously called Pet Head, looking at the range there are many different shampoos and cleaning products designed for dogs. Having previously been impressed with the results of the human products, I really didn't think I could go wrong with the pet care range and expected excellent results.


      My bottle cost me £7.50 from my local pet shop, although since shopping around I have discovered that it can be found cheaper elsewhere, it is currently available for £6.32 on Amazon and I have found it for as low as £5.55 online. In my opinion the price I paid was very expensive as I doubt I would spend £7.50 on shampoo for me! One redeeming feature is that the bottle is very sizeable at 475ml, many other bottles of pet shampoo normally hover around the 300ml mark, however I don't think this increase in volume is enough to justify the price, as expected with this product you are paying for the brand name.


      The packaging of this product is very eye catching and was probably a factor in why I was so drawn to purchasing this product (being the material creature that I am). Dirty talk comes in a hot pink bottle, with the black circular Pet Head logo on the front, another feature is that the the top of the lid is in the shape of a bone. The packaging is very functional in the sense that it is a squeezey bottle which uses the same lid as that found on sports drink/water bottles. As the lid is close-able it makes the product very easy to dispense when needed and easy to store when not in use. The only downside to the packing is that the top does not have a flat lid, meaning when the product is running low you cannot balance the bottle on its lid to encourage all product to fall to the dispenser, I would not say that this is a huge draw back.

      The products itself

      The shampoo is designed to deodorise the dog, this is reflected in the ingredients list:
      - Baking soda and ordenone designed to act as deodorisers and freshen up the smell of dog fur.
      - Vegetable Protein Extract & hydrolyzed Soy Protein are included to 'help build body and elasticity and leave the coat looking fuller and luscious'. I'm personally not bothered about building 'body' in my dog's coat, however premium products need reasons to justify their high price points, I guess this is one of them.

      The best part of the product is that it contains no parabens, petroleum derivatives, propylene glycol, sulfate or DEA, the product information also advises that the pH levels have been adjusted to suit the needs of animals. I like the fact the shampoo is designed specifically to be gentle on pets skin and fur and my dog has experienced no irritation from using this product.

      The shampoo is a liquid formula, I was rather disappointed to find it was a very pale grey/pinky kind of colour, I was hoping to find the shampoo to be more pinky to match the packaging. Ultimately I recognise that it is probably more grey in colour as it is free of nasties and therefore free of artificial colours, I would prefer for the product to be gentle on my dog's skin therefore I was not too bothered about the colour of the shampoo.


      The scent is advertised as spearmint lemongrass, I can't lie I felt this product had no scent whatsoever. As the product was advertised as deodorising I was expecting the shampoo to have quite a strong smell, so I was extremely disappointed to find that it had no smell at all. I had to take a really strong whiff of the bottle to get a faint hint of the minty smell. From the first use of this product I knew I would never repurchase as I had bought this shampoo for the smell alone.

      To use

      To use you simple squeeze the product out and lather up the fur of the dog, due to the handy squeezy top on the bottle I actually find it much easier to squeeze the product directly onto my dog's fur and then lather up. The product lathers really well meaning you don't have to use tonnes of the product with each use, the label recommends that you avoid using near the ears and eyes which I would do with any other dog shampoo. The shampoo rinses out really easily, leaving no residue on the coat which is a huge bonus and it's always fascinating to see just how much dirt can come off such a small dog.

      The results

      After using this shampoo my dog is sparkling clean, her coat is shiny and very soft. This shampoo is really great at getting dirty dogs clean, however it is missing the one thing I look for the most from a dog shampoo - a great smelling, lingering scent. Due to the lack of scent I feel that this product is nothing special, it is a general dog shampoo and I would not choose to spend the same amount of money or reinvest in this product again. I have since found much better smelling, cheaper dog shampoos which have the same cleaning results with a better smell.


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        26.01.2013 20:11
        Very helpful



        A lovely deodorising shampoo which works

        Having dogs that love to swim around in dykes, rivers, lakes - basically anywhere there is water means that they often coming home stinking to high heaven. I cannot abide that horrid doggy smell so a dog smelling of sewage really doesn't appeal. I have a varied selection of shampoos and conditioners depending on what is needed and currently I seem to be using a lot of deodorising shampoos in a bid to get that horrid stink out of the coat.

        One of my recent purchases is the Pet Head Dirty Talk Deodorising Shampoo. I had wanted a shampoo for mainly deodorising the coats when they go on their swimming walks. The smells in the water can penetrate their coats and I want to eliminate all nasty odours and smells but of course I don't want them to be harmful on the coat. Pet Head is a brand that specialises in all doggy related coat care!

        == Dirty Talk ==

        The shampoo as said above is made by Pet Head which if you haven't figured out by the packaging the brand is owned by Tigi who create the Bed Head range for us humans! The shampoo has been specifically designed to freshen up and deodorise the coat. The formula contains baking soda and ordenone which combined can really tackle the odours.

        It also contains vegetable protein extract and hydrolysed soy protein which protect the coat as well as helping to build body and elasticity and will hopefully lave the coat looking pristine and gorgeous. It comes with a "Fruit Fantasy" fragrance which lends a fruity, delicate fragrance to the dog's coat.

        == Packaging ==

        There really is no mistaking the Pet Head range as their bottles are bright and vibrant. The Dirty Talk Deodorising shampoo comes in a bright pink bottle with the usual bone shaped top. It features on the front the Pet Head logo together with the product name. On the back features information about the item together with how to use it as well as the ingredients list.

        == In Use ==

        The bone shaped top is just a gimmick and to use you have to pull it off to pull up the top it has. The shampoo itself is a pale peach colour with a metallic hue and looks exactly like human shampoo! It has a decent consistency and the bottle is easily squeezed whether you are putting it directly onto the dog's coat or onto your hand to rub in. I personally squeeze it straight onto the coat as with a dog so large it is the best way but even squeezing it out this way doesn't waste it due to the consistency.

        The fragrance of the shampoo is definitely fruity but very much on the mild side so but is still noticeable when applying it to the coat. The smell of the shampoo does remind me of a human shampoo! I found that once the shampoo is on the coat, it is easily massaged into the coat and gives a nice soft fruity smelling lather which is lovely and velvety soft.

        The shampoo rinses out incredibly easily and this is one of the major positives for me because of cause despite how dog friendly this shampoo is I don't want any soap suds left in the coat as I'd hate them to cause any irritation on the dog's skin. The trick is to just use the amount you need and not to use too much as not only would you be wasting it but it will also be more difficult to rinse out.

        == Overall ==

        I've used this shampoo now on a number of occasions and every time my dogs have been left with silky soft coats which smell lovely. Gone is the stinky doggy smell and in its place is a lovely subtle fruity fragrance which smells lovely and fresh. My dogs have never had a reaction to it which is a plus and again as it rinses out easily I find it is incredibly easy to use and doesn't make the dog washing a difficult process especially as it is one place they would rather not be! A definite recommend from me and I can easily give it 5 stars.

        == Product Information ==

        Brand: Pet Head
        Price: From £6.50 per bottle


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