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Pet Head Dry Cleans Waterless Spray Shampoo

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4 Reviews
  • Makes coat look clean
  • Freshens fur
  • Not as effective as a bath
  • Expensive
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    4 Reviews
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      27.11.2014 11:02
      Very helpful


      • "Freshens fur "
      • "Makes coat look clean"


      • "Not as effective as a bath "
      • "Expensive "

      Good for in between baths to freshen up

      I don’t like to bath my dog very often because I know it isn’t very good for his skin but he does tend to pong a little bit so I have bought a few different things to help combat that.

      I have also bought some non wash shampoo including this one from Pet Head. Normally I avoid the Pet Head products as I think that they are too expensive and I can get cheaper brands which do the same thing for less money but TK Maxx has them in quite a lot heavily discounted so I don’t mind buying them when they are more reasonably priced.

      The Dry Clean Waterless Spray is a non rinse shampoo which is really good for keeping coats clean in between proper washes.

      My dog tends to roll about in a lot of mud and although it drives me crazy it makes him happy so I don’t begrudge him it. I usually just get the worst of the mud off by brushing him when it has dried but this still usually leaves his coat looking a bit dirty so this is really good for just freshening him up and cleaning his coat a little bit.

      You just spray this over the coat and then leave for a couple of minutes and then towel off. I like to spray it on then when it is damp use a brush to get out any left over dry mud then towel it off.

      This really makes a difference to how his coat looks. It replaces the shine that is missing when it is dirty and he just looks a lot cleaner. It smells really good too so takes away any nasty doggie smells so not only will be look cleaner but he will smell a hell of a lot cleaner too.

      I think this is expensive at full price because it is around about £9 but I got it for £4 which I think is a fair price for it. I also got the deodorant and both are good though this is the one that I would use if he was dirty as it does help to clean him. It isn’t as effective as a bath but it isn’t supposed to be it is only for freshening him up in between baths.


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      18.07.2013 19:18
      Very helpful



      Great for a between-baths spray

      We love our dog and even though his breed doesn't give off that doggy smell (he's a malamute) we do like to bath him occasionally. In between baths, however, we wanted something that would be just as effective as a shampoo but without the hassle of a bath!

      We bought Pet Head Dry Clean shampoo for £9.99 online but have seen it reduced since to just £7.49. Bargain! The size of the bottle is 450ml so is a hefty size for a lightweight price.

      It comes in a bubble-bottomed plastic bottle with a spray top. Unfortunately the colour is a lime green, which to some (including me) is not a great colour. Although it does stand out! And you can't deny the bottle is very funky looking.

      Despite the colour, the scent of the shampoo is blueberry muffin (how cute!) and is absolutely delicious. I could soak my entire house in this spray! Our dog likes the smell too, which I guess is more important!

      The spray doesn't come out tacky, or leave a residue (like some flea sprays do), you wouldn't even know you sprayed it (apart from the scent). I can't say I notice a huge difference to our dog's coat, but then he never has a dry/dirty/dull coat anyway, so I guess it is maintaining its healthiness. It's definitely not doing any harm!

      I would say be careful about handling the bottle. I accidently dropped it only a few inches from the ground and the spray part broke in two. I managed to tape it back together but it's a little awkward to use now.

      Overall I think it looks great (would rather it be a blueberry shade, mind!), smells divine, and our dog loves it. Whether it acts as a great shampoo for slightly damaged coats I can't say. But it definitely keeps his coat shiny and maintained.


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      18.10.2010 13:04
      Very helpful



      A must have product for pets who hate bath time

      I'm a big fan of Tigi bed head products so when I spotted that the same brand make a range of Pet grooming products as well as human ones I was eager to try out some items from the range, particularly the waterless spray shampoo.

      Flem our two year old miniature Jack Russell terrier is normally a good lad when it comes to baths. He's small and easy to manage and we don't normally get much whining from him when it's time to freshen him up a bit but since the winter and colder weather have come on he tends to get a bit chilly after his baths. We obviously towel dry him after but his course fur stays damp for a long time and he refuses to make friends with the hairdryer. Apart from the fact that this is a bit miserable for him and I feel incredibly guilty looking at his dejected little face after I've also found that the dampness makes him smell a bit and wet dog scent is never nice.

      I'd seen dry or waterless doggy shampoos at various different pet shops in the past but never actually purchased any of them because the scents were awful. Most of them were either very strong and overpowering or really sweet and synthetic. As I mentioned above I spotted the Tigi Pet Head range when I was buying a couple of dog toys from an online store and thought I'd give it a go since I'd used Tigi products on my own hair in the past and have been pleased with the results.

      What is it, what does it look like and how much does it cost?

      It's a spray on waterless shampoo that's scented like blueberry muffins. It comes in a 450ml bright green, round bottle and has the Pet head logo that looks very similar to the human bed head range of products. It also has a spray/trigger nozzle and comes with a little label that states pet head products are only for cool dogs. I can't actually remember the name of the pet store I bought it from but I paid around £8.00 for a bottle. I've looked around online and there are quite a few different places that sell the range and this particular product. One of the cheapest places to get it is dog-beds-uk.co.uk where it's currently priced in their sale at £6.99. I personally haven't seen this one in pet shops which might be a bit of a problem for anyone who's unable to order online but it might be worth checking the list of stockists on the official site to see if you can pick it up in stores.

      How do I use it?

      As the name suggests it's a waterless shampoo so there's no need to get your pet anywhere near the bath or shower. It's supposed to be sprayed liberally on to dry dogs and then towelled and brushed out. The packaging states to be keep away from ears and eyes which is nothing unusual as you're normally warned about this on most pet grooming products anyway. I sometimes find I only need to use a few squirts on Flem to freshen him up which eliminates the need for the towelling bit and also makes the process a lot quicker. Generally it's quick and easy though and takes a lot less time and messing around than a bath normally does. Flem doesn't seem to be too put out by the process either and only kicks up a bit of a fuss when the towel comes out. When I do apply it properly instead of just spraying a couple of squirts to sweeten him up I find around five or six squirts is enough to get his coat fairly damp as he's only a small chap. This means that the 450ml bottle is still going strong a good couple of months after purchasing and with fairly regular use.

      Does it work?

      Yes it works really well. It does a good job at eliminating nasty doggy smells and leaves Flem smelling as fresh as a daisy. The scent which is supposed to be blueberry muffins is quite sweet but isn't a sickly or synthetic fragrance and is really quite pleasant. It doesn't mix with the doggy smell and just sort of mask it; it does actually eliminate odours and leaves you with a clean smelling pooch. The fact that this stuff is called shampoo is slightly misleading I think because I can't see much of a difference in how clean Flem is after using it. I would call it more of a freshening spray really that doesn't eliminate the need for baths altogether but definitely reduces the frequency that your dog will need to have them. I can't imagine this would work well on a dog that's just come back from a wet, muddy walk but I personally think that's a bit too much to ask of a spray on product that costs under ten pounds anyway.

      Would I recommend it?

      I would. I think this is a great product for anyone who owns a dog and likes to keep their home smelling clean and fresh. It would also be a handy product to have around if you have a large dog and find it difficult to keep them smelling fresh or if your furry friend really hates bath time. It's on the expensive side and I have to say that some of my own shampoos have cost me less in the past but the bottle is pretty large and seems to be lasting a while so far. Overall I'm really happy with my purchase and I think Flem is too since it means he can stay out of the bathroom more often and people don't moan at him when he comes up for to snuggle anymore.


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        20.06.2009 16:54
        Very helpful



        G & B get £10 hair products, whilst mine cost a couple of quid tops. Hmm, spoilt?!

        *What is Pet Head Dry Clean Waterless Spray Shampoo?*
        This grooming spray is produced by the Pet Head company- made by the same people who make the highly popular Tigi Bed Head products. The range, aimed mainly at dogs, includes a variety of various products such as shampoos, conditions, detangling sprays, waterless shampoo, scented sprays and grooming wipes.

        *The product itself*
        Grooming is perhaps the one aspect of dog ownership that I dislike the most! It is boring, time consuming, goes on forever and is something I could quite happy live without doing. So, it has to be said, that I probably didn't choose my choice of breed very well! As what breed did I go for? The Bernese Mountain Dog, of course! These guys have an amazingly thick, rather long, easily matted coat with large patches on white, which needs an hour a day spent on it to keep it looking nice- and an hour is really the bare minimum!

        As most of you will know, the dog that I am talking about is Benson, my lovely boy who has an addiction to all things wet and muddy- the thicker the mud and the dirtier the water, the better in his eyes! Now, couple this obsession with that coat of his, and his uncanny ability to find the muddiest, most overgrown, wettest route that exists on walks, and you'll have some idea just how much attention his coat needs. Oh, and take into consideration it is now moulting season, so he is loosing practically whole clumps of fur on a daily basis.

        It may surprise some to find out that never, in the four years I have owned Benson, have I given him a bath, nor have I ever bathed Grace, my other dog. Because they have never been bathed, their skin has retained healthy levels of natural oil to keep their coats reasonably clean unaided, so all that is really required from me, is good brushing everyday for Benson, and a quick going over a couple of times a week for Grace.

        However, there are times of course, when perhaps they have got particularly grubby, that they need a little helping hand to get their coats looking smart again, and this is where my army of grooming products come in handy! I like to try out new things often, much like I do with my own hair care bits, so when I came across this Pet Head range whilst browsing online, I decided to have a closer look.

        The range has been created by the same people who make the hugely popular Tigi Bed Head range for humans, but of course, these bits are designed for use on dogs. They offer a selection of various items, mainly shampoos, but it was this particular product that caught my eye, and I ordered a bottle to try.

        The product in question is the Pet Head Dry Clean Waterless Spray Shampoo, bit of a mouthful, I'm sure you'll agree! Also, just to add, it doesn't have the 'S' on the end of Clean like stated in the dooyoo product name- I'll apologise, that was probably a mistake on my part when suggesting this item.

        Anyway, the spray has been designed to provide an option to quickly and effectively clean and refresh your dogs coat, helping to revive it and remove dirt and grime without the need for water or a proper bath, and what's more, absolutely no rinsing is required either, you simply need to spray on and comb out.
        The blueberry scented spray is pH balanced, making it suitable for even the most sensitive of skins and is free of paraben (a chemical preservative), petroleum, sulphate and DEA (another chemical preservative). It is suitable for use on all coat types and colours and can be used on dogs of all ages, although obviously care needs to be taken when using around the eyes, face and ears.

        The Dry Clean Spray comes packaged in a rather attractive and funky looking lime green bottle with a white trigger action spray nozzle. Around the neck of the bottle you will find a small tag which is the guarantee that it is an genuine Pet Head product and then on the bottle you'll find all the usual information such as directions for use, a couple of safety warnings (all basic common sense stuff), ingredients and contact details for Pet Head, should you have any questions or comments. The bottle may be recycled once empty.

        *Price & Availability*
        I've yet to see Pet Head products stocked anywhere other than online but they are pretty widely available from various places on the internet, so you shouldn't have too much trouble sourcing a bottle.

        I purchased our 450ml bottle online from Kyra & Luna's Pet Boutique (www.kyraandluna.co.uk) for £9.99.

        *My opinion*
        I have to admit, my first reaction on discovering these products, was to laugh out loud! I really did find it amusing that Tigi Bed Head were now doing pet products, packaged in bottles so similar to their normal stuff and I had visions of people in top salons up and down the country unknowingly having these Pet Head products tested on them! But regardless, after my initial little giggle and after taking a proper look at the products, I really liked the sound of this waterless shampoo and thought it would be perfect for Grace and Benson, so I placed my order.

        Initially, I did think they were a little expensive, I wouldn't even dream of spending £10 on a single bottle of something for my hair, but here I was buying designer doggie hair care! Even so, my order had been lodged and I waited eagerly for its delivery. A few days later, when the package arrived, I felt a little bit happier with the fact I had paid £10 for it- the bottle in the picture looks quite small but in reality, it's a reasonably large bottle, filled to the brim, so you are actually getting a decent amount of product for your money.

        We weren't back from the beach long, so with Grace and Benson a bit muddy and full of sand, it was the ideal time to put the product through its paces. I started with Grace first- the bottle directed me to spray the product liberally all over the coat, taking care to avoid the face, then dry with a towel and brush out. So that is exactly what I did, the trigger action nozzle was very easy to activate, the bottle was an ideal shape to comfortably hold and the product sprayed out in a fine, even mist which gave good coverage to Graces coat. I sprayed Grace until her fur was moderately damp to the touch, which took around 8 or 9 sprays, then gave her a good rub down with a towel.

        The scent which wafted up was fantastic- I can't say it particularly smelt like blueberries as claimed, it was more floral I thought, but even so, it was incredibly fresh and absolutely gorgeous. The spray appeared to penetrate her coat quite well, reaching right down to the skin and after a vigorous rub with the towel, her coat was left smelling brilliant, the majority of sand had been removed and the small particles of dirt on her had been removed too. After a good going over with a brush, the remainder of the sand and dirt fell easily from her coat and she was left with an incredible shine to her fur, it was smooth, sleek and soft too. Top marks!

        Now it was time to try it on Benson, who has a coat very different to Grace. I sprayed him with the product, although it took 10-12 sprays to get his coat damp enough and then rubbed him down with the towel, exactly as I had done previously with Grace. The spray didn't appear to penetrate his coat no where near as well as it had done with Grace and it only really damped the surface of his fur, but even so, after a brush through, he too, was left smell pleasant, with a lovely glossy coat and the vast majority of sand and dirt had been removed. Although, it has to be said, I did fell a bit guilty using this on Benson- it really does have a very floral scent, not ideal for a big macho male dog!

        After use of the spray, I'm pleased to say that neither dogs coat was left in the slightest bit greasy or sticky and the scent lasted pretty well, I used it on the dogs around 11am and at 9pm that night, the scent was still pretty prominent, but more so on Benson than Grace, so I suppose it all really depends on the type and thickness of your dogs coat. Flyaways were tamed with ease and it helped tease out small tangles too, which were a couple of nice extra benefits.

        I used it again a couple of days later when the dogs really were quite muddy, with lesser, but still relatively pleasing results. I left the mud to dry on both dogs, and then brushed the majority out and used the spray to help me tackle the couple remaining more stubborn patches of dirt and although it did help make slightly lesser work of removing the dirt, there were still some traces left behind, which required wiping out with a damp clothe. But once again, it left both dogs with deliciously scented fur and an incredible glossy finish.

        All in all, I'm really very pleased with this product and it is now a regular buy. At £10, yes, it is an expensive product, but I get around 12 applications (6 on each dog) from one bottle and it really does work, so to me, that justifies the price. It is universal- my dogs both have very different coat types but it works brilliantly on both of them, it effortlessly removes light soiling and helps me tackle more persistent dirt, conditions and smoothes the coat aswell as leaving behind a brilliant scent and shine, with no stickiness, greasiness or discolouration to the white parts of fur on Benson.


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        Perfect for pets who dislike grooming.

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