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Pet Head Frisky Bubbles Waterless Foaming Shampoo

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2 Reviews
  • great smelling
  • Freshenes up a little
  • doesn't really clean
  • none
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    2 Reviews
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      02.10.2014 21:34
      Very helpful


      • "Freshenes up a little "
      • "Smells good"


      • "doesn't really clean"

      Great smelling product but not really great at cleaning

      Washing and shampooing my dog is always such a chore for the both of us. He hates getting a bath and spends the whole time trying to get out and by the time that I have managed to clean him the bathroom is a complete state so bath times are only for when he is really dirty and in desperate need of one.

      He has hated baths since he was a little puppy so I am always looking for ways to make it less painful for the both of us. I bought this in TK Maxx where it was something like 3 though I think it is probably more expensive in pet shops etc.

      I was curious to see how it would work and get his coat clean. He has a bit of a scruffy coat so it gets a bit matted easier than a smooth coat would though it only actually gets dirty when he is out because he likes to roll in mud and swim.

      I was expecting this to be more foam like than it actually was but it wasn’t very foamy at all. You spray it on and then I use a brush to comb it through his coat and then towel dry to remove any residue.

      I think this is a good idea in principal but I don’t think it is suitable for the wirey scruffy type of coat that my dog has. I think it would be much more suitable for a short haired dog. It did smell lovely but it didn’t do anything to clean his coat and I think when there is mud in it then only a shampoo will do.

      I used it on my cat though and it worked great on his coat and it was left looking shiny and clean and smelling really good.

      I only bought the one bottle of this because it was only in stock that one time but if I saw it again at that price then I would probably buy it again because even though it wasn’t great at cleaning it left his coat smelling nice and it worked on my cats coat when I could coax him to sit long enough for me to use it.


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      31.01.2013 11:46
      Very helpful



      A useful product but just to freshen up the coat

      My dogs are shown generally every weekend which of course means that they require bathing and grooming on a very regular basis. Because of this I tend to have quite a lot of grooming products for them especially as one is short coated and the other has a medium length coat. Of course nowadays there is so much choice with grooming products you really are spoilt for choice! However, there is a brand I like which is Pet Head.

      My latest product was won along side my other Pet Head product the Poof Magical Deodorising Spray which I have previously reviewed. That product was the Pet Head Frisky Bubbles Waterless Foaming Shampoo. I have used waterless shampoos in the past and had had some mixed results and tended not to bother but of course being a free item I wasn't going to snub it!

      == Frisky Bubbles ==

      Pet Head Frisky Bubbles Waterless Foaming Shampoo is made by the same brand that makes Bed Head for us humans. Tigi branched out into the pet world a few years ago and have a popular range for both dogs and cats. Their Frisky Bubbles Waterless Foaming Shampoo has been made to help make bath time quick and easy to help give your cat or dog a quick freshen up without the hassle. They advise that it is a great product to use in between baths or just when your pet needs to smell a bit fresher! Like all Pet Head products the Pet Head Frisky Bubbles Waterless Foaming Shampoo has been made paraben and chemical free so it is completely safe and gentle to use.

      == Packaging ==

      The Pet Head range of products are hard to miss on a shelf due to their bright and colourful bottles and sprays. The Pet Head Frisky Bubbles Waterless Foaming Shampoo is no different has it comes in a tall bright yellow plastic bottle with a white pump action top. On the front it has a contrasting black logo together with the product name. On the back of the bottle there is information about the product together with instructions on how to use it as well as an ingredients list and contact information for Pet Head.

      == In Use ==

      Having used other waterless shampoos before I was a little sceptical about this product but as it was a freebie I wasn't going to complain and if I found it does a good job then even better! It does claim to have a strawberry yoghurt scent which although wouldn't be my personal choice a freebie is still a freebie. That scent is definitely very sweet and almost a bit sickly when you first smell it especially if you have pumped the foam directly onto your hand and then to apply to the dog's coat but it does become mild once rubbed in!

      The foam itself is just a thickish white foam which does remind me of the self tanning mousses as it has a similar consistency. I found that the best way to apply for using on big dogs is directly onto your hands and then applying straight to the coat. The foam doesn't fall away from your hand when applying nor does it drip so it is a mess free shampoo and also I guess ideal for those that don't like being bathed and especially good for cats (should you need to bath them!).

      Now I have used it a few times mainly the day after they have been bathed for a show and then walked the morning of the show and with my one who is a golden Labrador mud, dirt, grit etc tends to stick so I have used it as a way of cleaning her coat just without the need for water. Unfortunately I have had mixed results. If just being used as a way of freshening up the coat then it works better although it does leave the coat a bit damp it soon dries and fortunately that strawberry yoghurt scent isn't overly noticeable unless you really start smelling the coat.

      The only problem I have found is on dirt. At the weekend I used this shampoo after walking my golden Labrador on wet pavement she obviously came back with dirty legs and belly so I tried to use it quickly to remove it as we were at a show later than morning and I found myself having to apply the shampoo and scrub it with a sponge to try and shift it and although it removed the majority I could still see the outline as to where the dirt had been.

      == Overall ==

      I like the idea of a waterless foam shampoo and I find that it works far better on a dry coat for those in between bath times when you just want to quickly spruce up the coat but on dirt it really isn't suitable as it isn't strong enough to shift it. I do however find it very easy to use and mess free. Once applied to the coat it doesn't leave a residue behind and does leave the coat feeling soft. I can recommend it but only for those who want it to use now and again as nothing is as good as a good bath. 4 stars from me.

      == Product Information ==

      Brand: Pet Head
      Size: 235ml
      Price: RRP £9.99


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