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Pet Head Poof Magical Deodorising Spray

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2 Reviews
  • Non irritating
  • Makes coat smell good
  • Doesn't last very long
  • Expensive
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    2 Reviews
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      27.11.2014 11:51
      Very helpful


      • "Non irritating "
      • "Makes coat smell good "


      • "Doesn't last very long "
      • "Expensive "

      Smells good but expensive at full price

      I love my dog but he can get a bit pongy at times and I don’t like to bath him too often because I know it isn’t good for his skin.

      I have bought a few different deodorising sprays since having him and they all do pretty much the same thing. Normally I wouldn’t have bought a Pet Head one as I think they are expensive but I got it in TK Maxx for only £4 which is a lot cheaper than the normal £10 it sells for.

      For £4 I like it and think it is good but if it had been the full price I probably wouldn’t have bought it because although it is good I don’t think it is much if any better than cheaper ones that I have bought.

      To use this you just spray your dog quite liberally with it to freshen him up. I used this quite often after buying it probably every day and any time he was smelling a bit whiffy.

      The smell of this is great. It is an orange smell and really nice. It isn’t too artificial smelling or too sweet either. My dog also seems to like the smell and it doesn’t irritate his nose. It is also gentle on his coat and doesn’t irritate his skin either.

      Although this does neutralise most smells it doesn’t replace a bath and if your dog really smells bad then you will need to bath him but it is a good product for using in between bathing to keep your dog smelling nice and fresh.

      I did notice that I finished this bottle of deodorant quite quickly which surprised me but then I was using it often. I would definitely buy it again if I saw it cheap but I wouldn’t pay the full asking price for it because although it is good it is over priced and you can get a similar result from a cheaper one.


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      30.01.2013 14:12
      Very helpful



      A more novel product from Pet Head

      I adore my dogs and I'm not ashamed to admit that they are treated as a member of the family. And why shouldn't they be? Afterall, they provide devoted, loyal attention every single day of their lives and it is a duty of an owner to care for them which I faithfully do however many times my naughty Labrador decides to go through the bins. Just like us humans I have a range of hair care products and so do the dogs (albeit not quite as many!). Reason being? I like to look after their coats and because I show them they need to look their best.

      One product I happened to win at a dog show recently was the Pet Head Poof Magical Deodorising Spray in the Asian Pear fragrance. Pet Head is a brand owned by Bed Head by Tigi so if the packaging looks familiar to some you that is the reason why. I had been eyeing up the Pet Head Poof Magical Deodorising Spray for a while especially when living with dogs that seem to love every dirty puddle going and I will do almost anything to keep their coats smelling clean rather than of pond water!

      == Poof Magical ==

      As said above the Pet Head Poof Magical Deodorising Spray is made from the same brand (Tigi) who produce the Bed Head range for us humans! The whole idea behind this quirky product is to freshen up the dog's coat and almost add a layer of perfume to make it smell nice. It's formula is meant to neutralise any bad odours in order to keep the coat smelling nice as well as having anti-bacterial qualities. For those worried about harsh chemicals on their dog's coat/ skin then fear not as all Pet Head products are free from parabens, petroleum derivatives, sulphates and DEA.

      == Packaging ==

      Just like the 'human' Bed Head range the Pet Head products have that brightly coloured, quirky packaging and the deodorising spray is no different. It comes in a very round, red bottle (450ml) with a trigger spray which makes it easy to get on the coat. On the one side of the bottle it features the Pet Head logo together with the product name as well as a bit of blurb about it. On the other side features the ingredients list, how to use it and contact information for Pet Head.

      == In Use ==

      Now, just before I start to go on about how to use it, it is worth remembering that there is little point using this on a very dirty dog as despite its odour neutralising powers it won't cut through the fresh pond water scent or mud and dirt for that matter. It is much more user friendly on dogs that probably haven't had a bath in a few days and their coats just need refreshing. It isn't a shampoo so won't clean a coat but it will help mask mild smells.

      To use, you simply point the end of trigger spray spout at your dog's coat (around 10cm away) and then just press down on the trigger. It releases a very fine mist which will settle on the coat. No need to brush or rub in you simply spray it on and leave. It does need to be sprayed onto a dry coat and not wet. The lovely fragrance of Asian Pear is really quite lovely, although quite a mild scent it has sweet notes to it as well as being quite crisp and fresh which is lovely.

      Now my Labrador isn't overly fond of any product which has a trigger spray (no idea why, she just doesn't!). However, the Pet Head Poof Magical Deodorising Spray has an almost silent trigger action and the mist comes out so finely she doesn't seem to my mind that much which is ideal. I find that all I need for her coat is several sprays to cover the majority of her coat and because it is a fine mist it doesn't leave the coat wet or damp.

      == Overall ==

      I have used this on quite a few occasions since winning it whether after giving her a bath (applying once her coat is dry) or whether just to freshen up her coat when she comes to my parents (yet they have dogs!) and the result seems to be the same. It does freshen the coat up but it is incredibly subtle and won't last for much more than a few hours and although I am unsure as how long it should keep the coat fresh I would expect it to be a little stronger smelling on the coat as really as you can't smell it unless you smell the coat it may as well be unfragranced but still neutralise odours.

      The Pet Head Poof Magical Deodorising Spray in my opinion is really a quick fix for a few hours to make the dog's coat smell nice but the Asian Pear fragrance isn't particularly strong so isn't really that noticeable. For me I am glad I won it rather than bought it as it really is I think one of those hit or miss products and whilst I love the idea behind it for me I find it a novelty rather than an item that I need. However, as I have large dogs it may work better on smaller dogs.

      For me I give it 3 stars as I like it but don't love it.

      == Product Information ==

      Brand: Pet Head
      Size: 450ml
      Price: RRP £9.99


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