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Petego Lenis Pack Pet Carrier

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Brand: Petego / Type: Pet Carrier

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    1 Review
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      19.02.2013 12:05
      Very helpful



      My little Yorkie can now travel in comfort and so can I.


      I have a gorgeous little Yorkshire terrier, Mollie, who loves the fresh air and all the social aspects associated with her stroll around the fields. However, to reach the fields, a ten-minute brisk walk away would take us at least half an hour at Mollie's pace; sometimes I think a tortoise could outpace her.

      Even when she was very much younger she would meticulously examine every corner, lamppost, gatepost and occasional wheelie bin; leave her scent, take a few steps forward and then look back to see if there were any prospective friends behind who she would insist on greeting before moving forward again.

      Mollie and speed have rarely, if ever shared the same sentence, it isn't because she is unable, she just chooses not to hurry lest she misses anything. She is now in her 12th year and has developed cataracts and creaky joints so it takes all her energy to get to the fields, and despite her stop, start tactics, is too weary to go much further.

      In order to save us some time, and to be able to get to our destinations faster, I bought a carrier for her, a few years ago, which was fine, but she kept getting her little claws caught in the side webbing and in the winter, it was not snug enough to keep her warm whilst being transported.
      I then purchased another a carrier that could be carried slung over one shoulder, this I found to be too uncomfortable for me.

      Eventually, after a lot of searching and comparing the various styles of carriers, I chose the Lenis Pack Front carrier, which looks a bit like a bucket, albeit a cosy one from PetPlanet, on special offer, for £14.29. A demonstration video of this carrier can be seen in the link http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=yXoPkkU6Les and http://tiny.cc/7fpsrw is a link to the list of sites where they can now be purchased for around £25

      The Lenis Pack carrier comes in two sizes, small and large, the small one is, it is claimed, suitable for small dogs weighing 8lbs and under, the large one is for Westie size dogs weighing up to 12lbs.

      Dimensions for SMALL Lenis Pack.
      Weight: 228g
      Wall thickness: 3cm (measured with callipers.)
      Outer height from base to top at rear: 33cm
      Outer height from base to top at the front: 22cm
      Outer width: 20cm
      Maximum Inside height: 30cm
      Minimum inside height 21cm
      Inside Depth from front to rear: 13cm
      Inside width: approximately 14cm.

      This beautifully made and generously padded carrier was designed by Emanuele Bianchi. His initials and name are emblazoned on the front.

      Sandwiched between, the orange, inner quilted, nylon lining and the outer Mocha micro-fibre suede fabric is a thick padding which not only forms a comfortable enclosure for the dog, but also helps keep the carrier in shape.

      The front of the carrier is scooped to allow the dog to see out, whilst at the top of the rear wall is a padded flap that can be fastened down with Velcro pieces stitched to the sides.
      On the base, or floor of the inside front wall is a clip to fasten to the dog's collar to prevent it jumping or falling from the pack.

      At the rear are strong, adjustable straps that fit over the shoulder and fasten, with a quick release clip, across the back or front, depending which way the Lenis pack will be carried.

      My experience and opinion:
      Although the recommended maximum weight for the small carrier was 8lbs, Mollie weighs 7lbs and fits perfectly, I think any heavier and it would be a tight squeeze.

      She sits in an upright, begging pose, in the carrier with her front paws resting on the scooped part of the front wall, quite content to view the scenery from aloft as we walk; she appears to be much more comfortable and warm than in her previous carriers. The straps hold the carrier snugly on the body, so that it does not bounce around with every step taken.

      For my part, I find this model easy to put on, and very comfortable to carry, there are no excessive or uneven pressures on my neck or shoulders to make them ache as used to happen with the sling model. I arrive home from our outdoors ventures as fresh as when we started.

      I'm not sure I would care to carry loads much heavier than Mollie, the straps are quite narrow (2.5cm) 1", which could dig into the flesh with heavier weights. I would like to see padded rucksack-like straps on the larger carriers.

      Since Mollie only wears harnesses, and not collars, the restraining clip is no use, since it is in the front, and harness links are at the back. I removed the clip altogether and it for this reason that I carry her at the front, rather than on my back like a rucksack, so that I can make sure I don't lose her on the way to the fields.

      I do not think I shall be looking for any more pet carriers, this one fits all the criteria for comfort and warmth for Mollie and comfort, ease of use and durability, for me.


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