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Petgear Travel Water Bottle

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Manufacturer: pet Gear / Type: Water Bottle

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    1 Review
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      10.03.2012 18:39
      Very helpful



      A portable water storer and dispenser for dogs.

      I've got the best of both worlds when it comes to having a pet - I share one with my parents which means I get to do all the fun stuff but send him home when it starts to rain and it's time for a walk! We've had Harry (a little West Highland) for about eight years now and he's firmly installed himself as one of the family. I like to think of myself as the really cool godmother that takes him out and does lots of fun stuff... more than often he gets completely annoyed when he comes to stay here as we won't leave him alone rather than the other way around! Now Harry likes to do one thing and that's wee, it's his favourite hobby and on a half hour walk he'll wee on average once every two minutes. I've honestly never come across a dog like him! As such in the summer we always need to make sure we replenish his water levels whenever we're going on a long walk. I used to just take a bottle of water with me and give him some out of that, but more often than not it used to end up on the ground or on me rather than in his mouth!

      At Christmas while I was shopping for his presents (which came wrapped up in his own stocking covered in cats...) I bought what I'd consider a boring present, in other words it's quite a practical present but doesn't really provide entertainment. The Travel Water Bottle is sold by Pet Gear who is a brand I hadn't previously come across. I've since discovered they're a brand that focuses on offering pet accessories and care products, including car ramps, car booster seats and high chairs (you really need to see the pictures to believe these)! One of their more "normal" products is the Travel Water Bottle which is currently sold in Pets at Home for £3.99 so it won't break the bank if you do decide to invest in one. The Travel Water Bottle is basically a bottle and a bowl in one which means you don't need to worry about storing water or serving it without creating a mess. It consists of a clear bottle (which is around the standard size of a small water bottle and probably holds around 250ml) and a black plastic tray which the bottle also fits into. By unscrewing the bottle from its lid and the tray you can easily fill it up.

      In terms of operating this water bottle it's incredibly easy. Once you've filled it up with water you're ready to go, as soon as your dog is ready for a drink simply lift the bottle out of the base and open the lid. This will then allow the water to run from the bottle into the plastic tray so that your dog can easily drink it as he / she would from a bowl. As my dog is only small we tend to only give him about a third of the bottle but you can obviously give them as much or as little as you want, once you're happy with the amount simply close the pull open / push closed dispenser on the top. We've not encountered any problems with this and have found it really light to carry. There have also been no leakages whatsoever which we were worried about. I would thoroughly recommend the Travel Water Bottle by Pet Gear (it's certainly one of their more sensible products!) as it's easy to use, takes up little space to store and avoids the mess and bother of taking either a normal water battle on its own or a bowl as well. It's currently available at Pets at Home for just £3.99, but it's only online for some reason and not in their stores. I know it's kept my little dog hydrated on many walks... and weeing as much as possible!

      Thanks for reading.


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