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Petkin Pet Wipes To-Go

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Brand: Petkin / Animals Equipment Type: Dogs

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    3 Reviews
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      06.11.2012 18:48
      Very helpful
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      Handy little wipes for cats and dogs

      My cat is a house cat and he is pretty much in all day everyday as even though I would love to give him the freedom to go out and explore I love him far too much to risk him getting run over as we live in quite a busy area.
      You would think that because he is a house cat that he would remain spotlessly clean at all times but unfortunately what with house plants and his own cat grass this isn't always the case.

      I have bought a few wet wipe type wipes in the past especially designed for use on pets for him just so that I can give him a quick wipe if he has mud on his coat or if he just needs a little freshening up without having the hassle of getting all his grooming equipment out.
      One of the brands of wipes that I have used before are by Petkin and they are called wipes-to-go.

      They have been designed for use on both cats and dogs and cost in the region of £5.99 for a plastic box containing 100 wipes. The wipes are easy to remove and the box is like those that contain the fancier toilet wipes that you can get. I really like the box as opposed to a little pouch to keep them in as it really does make them easier to get out and also it does make it more difficult for them to dry out when the lid has been shut properly.

      The wipes are more or less the same size as those that you get for your face and I find that they are pretty much an ideal size for my boy without being too big or too small.
      They are pre moistened with a cleaning agent but aren't completely soaked in this solution so don't make my boy wet and sticky. I find that a couple of strokes with the wipes is enough to be able to clean him and I love the convenience of them as he does tend to get impatient sometimes so I need something that is quick and easy to use.

      Obviously these won't clean any ground in dirt but they are fine for removing any surface dirt and loosening any bits of trapped dirt. Obviously if there is loads of dirt trapped then you are going to need to get the brush out but for light dirt these do the job admirably.
      My boy always looks so much cleaner after using these wipes and because they infused with aloe and vitamin E they don't irritate and in fact they make his coat look so much shinier and better conditioned.

      They also really freshen his coat up when it is smelling a bit. They aren't heavily perfumed or anything but after using them on him he does smell fresher and any stale smells are taken away.
      I also find these little wipes incredibly handy for wiping around his eyes and ears. I make sure that I don't get them anywhere near his actual eye but they are great for getting rid of any eye bogies that are stuck on him which let's be honest are never nice to look at.
      I always make sure and use a wipe on him when he has to visit the vet as I want him looking his best for her.

      In all honesty baby wipes would probably do the exact same job as these but I am very careful at making sure that I only use pet approved products on my boy as I do not want to irritate his skin or use something that may be detrimental to his health in any way.

      Petkin wipes to go are a bit of a luxury but I would still recommend them. Yes baby wipes will do the same job but personally I prefer using something which I know is designed especially for my pet. You can buy them online like I do which is cheaper than getting them in pets at home where they cost £7.49. It isn't a huge difference in price but every penny counts.

      These wipes are handy little things though I am not sure of their practicality for bigger pets such as large dogs just due to the fact that one wipe is ideal for my cat and I can imagine for larger breeds of dogs you will need to use a few of these at a time which will make them really expensive as they won't last anywhere near as long.


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        04.10.2010 10:24
        Very helpful



        only pretty average - 3 out of 5 stars

        Petkin Pet Wipes To-Go

        I own an adorable labradoodle puppy that looks like butter wouldn't melt in his mouth, even when he's been running around in the dirt he has a look that says 'I would never do such a thing' despite the fact that he is caught mucky pawed. Of course all dogs get mucky paws from time to time, but our little furry bundle has been a bit worse recently than normal. Lately we have been doing a lot of gardening, digging up bushes and rearranging whole areas, because of this there has been mud and dirt everywhere. Those areas are of course irresistible to our four legged member of the family.

        Our living room carpet is a rather light beige, probably the worst colour for mucky paws. That's when we decided that we needed some wipes. I have tried using damp kitchen roll but it just falls to pieces to easily so I wanted to get something a bit tougher.

        The wipes are packaged in quite a sturdy and durable box, which is just as well because it has been bitten, dropped and generally not very well treated. The box is also really easy to use and it helps to keep the wipes moist. I am going to attempt to re-use the box when I am done with the wipes.

        I have a slightly different product to the one above, I own a box of 100 wipes rather than the easier to carry around 'to-go' packet. The wipes are quite moist, but not dripping. However, after I have wiped all four paws, tail and any other particularly messy bits they do dry up and are maybe on the slightly small size. But then I do have a rather large puppy.

        The wipes are apparently infused with a gentle cleansing formula, which includes Aloe Vera and Vitamin E. They do have a mild fragrance to them but as with most baby wipes it is a pleasant clean fragrance. These wipes are also fine to use with spot flea protection and won't remove it from your dog's skin.

        Our garden has since been cleared up and I no longer have to run around after him with wipes in hand. He just gets normally grubby now, which is still at times pretty grubby. These wipes came in handy and do occasional still come in useful, but I wouldn't say that these were a pet essential. If you have a purpose in mind then these are really good otherwise a baby wipe or water and some kitchen roll will usually do the job as well.

        I bought mine from Pet's At Home for a rather expensive £7.19. Although these wipes have come in handy I don't think that I would spend this again. I have found that baby wipes seem to do a very similar job at a much cheaper price.

        I love my puppy, but I don't love his dirty paws and these wipes do work well. Even thou this product is expensive I still have found it useful and if you can get past the expensive price tag then the wipes themselves get a three out of five stars. Overall, these wipes are pretty average and I wouldn't necessarily recommend that you run out and buy them.


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          19.12.2008 20:10
          Very helpful



          I'll stick with baby wipes!

          *What are Petkin Pet Wipes To-Go?*
          These grooming wipes are part of the huge range of different wipes produced by a company called Petkin for cats, dogs, puppies and kittens. The range includes different wipes specially designed for cleaning the eyes, ears and teeth and also special anti-itch wipes and general pet care and grooming wipes.

          *The product itself*
          Dogs and dirt tend to go hand in hand- much like strawberries and cream or fish and chips- it's hard to think of one without the other, and with myself owning two completely bonkers mud loving canines, I need all the help I can get to stop my house and car resembling a swamp after my two return from wet, winter walks. I accept that most dogs do enjoy a bit of mud from time to time but I swear mine have an unhealthy obsession or addiction with the stuff- if there is thick mud or dirty water to be found, then you can rest assured my two will find it for you. Because of this, I have an army of different bits and pieces to help with me fight my loosing battle against the muck attack that comes with owning Grace & Benson, and one of those items are these wipes by Petkin.

          Petkin are widely known in the pet care industry for their big tubs of pet wipes, and these Wipes To-Go are the exact same product but packaged individually in handy plastic sachets ideal to take out with you on walks, or to keep in the boot of your car. The wipes are 8 x 7 inches and made from 'extra thick' plain white clothe- very similar in appearance to a child's baby wipe. They are veterinary approved and claim to be a fast, convenient and hygienic way to keep your pet clean. The wipes are damp, but not as moist as I would have liked them to be and contain gentle cleanser and also the added benefits of Aloe Vera and vitamin E to gently clean and condition your pets coat, aswell as neutralising odours and wiping away daily dirt and grime.

          They have a very pleasant fragrance to them, very fresh and quite floral and do a good job at minimising any unpleasant 'wet dog' odours and when wiped over your pet they help to catch and remove any loose hairs on the surface of their coat which makes grooming quicker and easier too. The wipes are non-toxic, safe for daily use, alcohol free and suitable for cats, dogs, puppies and kittens. One thing I really do like about them is that they won't remove or decrease the effectiveness of any spot-on flea treatments you have applied to your pet such as Frontline, which can be a worry when bathing your pet as it is costly to keep reapplying these kinds of products more than they are needed.

          The wipes are suitable for use around your pets face but you should take care to avoid them from coming into contact with your pets eyes- should this happen, rinse well with water like you would do if any product comes into contact with your own eyes. They are safe for animals that lick themselves, which is handy to know especially if being applied to paws or around the face.

          These wipes come packaged individually in thick white plastic sachets which keep the wipe moist until required and also make them very handy to take out and about with you. Each sachet is printed with the brand name and product name and a cartoon sketch of a cat and a dog. On the back of each sachet you will find all the instructions for usage, ingredients and relevant warnings regarding use of the wipes. The individual wipes are then packaged together in a clear plastic packet and has printed all the same information as the actual wipe sachets and also a contact for Petkin, its an American address and number though so if you have any questions or complaints about the product then its probably best to contact them via the internet. This product probably isn't one for the very environmentally friendly as they have an awful lot of packaging and there is no mention of it being recyclable.

          *Price & Availibity*
          Petkin is an American brand and Pets At Home seems to be the only shop I have found here in England that stocks them, although I dare say they are available from various places online. I purchased my packet of Pet Wipes To-Go, which contains 12 individually wrapped wipes from Pets At Home for £2.93.

          *My opinion*
          I generally always keep a packet of baby wipes in my car and by the front door for cleaning muddy paws before entering but running out once recently, and happening to be calling in to Pets At Home on the way home from the beach with the dogs, I decided to see if there were any small packets of pet wipes available, ones that would be more travel friendly than the large packets of baby wipes I normally used. Most of the packets available were the same design as the baby wipes- large packets with all the wipes together in one pack. I then saw these hanging on the sides of the aisle and a packet made its way into my basket.

          Grace and Benson were waiting outside in the car, stinking and covered in sand, water and mud from our walk on the beach so the wipes got put to use straight away. I have waterproof bedding down in the back of my car so it doesn't matter how much of a mess that gets in as it can be easily washed but I like to make sure the dogs are at least somewhat clean before they step foot inside the house, so I started on Benson first. The sachets were very easy to open and I could smell the fresh scent from the wipe as soon as I tore open the sachet. I was quite disappointed with the wetness of the wipes though, they were damp but no where near as moist as a baby wipe but they did do a fairly good job of wiping his paws. As he is a long coated dog and nothing really cleans him up all that well until he gets a good proper grooming, the wipes didn't remove much of the sand and dirt but got the worst off. They did however do a slightly better job on Grace's paws- as she is a short coated dog the wipes managed to get off a fair bit of the mud she had on her. I'm lucky that my dogs don't have the usual doggie odour when they are clean and dry, so I can't really comment on how good they are at reducing odour, but the strong scent from the wipes did mask the smell from my dogs when they were wet.

          I found the wipes very small- I tried to use just one wipe per dog for all four paws but by the third paw it was just like wiping them with a tissue, all the moisture had completely gone and the wipes had ripped to pieces. I appreciate the fact my dogs are very large, so maybe they may be ok for smaller dogs, but even then, I'd imagine you would need to clean their chest/belly after a muddy walk which isn't a problem with my two, so regardless of the size of dog you own, I'd say you'll definitely need to use more than one wipe to give them a half decent clean.

          All in all, I'll probably stick to my usual baby wipes for cleaning mucky paws and won't buy these wipes again. They are too dry and too small and just don't do a good enough job of cleaning, although they do smell very fresh. They are very expensive too, I could purchase a packet of 60 un-branded baby wipes for half the price a packet of 12 of these wipes cost. I've kept a couple of the remaining wipes from the packet in my handbag for emergency 'slobber wipe ups' that are a lovely side effect of owning a Bernese, but used the rest on my cat, where they were much more effective and made his coat soft and clean but not really needed as cats don't get half as dirty as dogs in the first place.


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          Wipes away dirt and odour / individually wrapped.