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Pets at Home Antimicrobial Litter Tray Spray

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Manufacturer: Pets at Home / Type: Disinfectant / Cleaning Products - Spray

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    1 Review
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      30.09.2010 19:31
      Very helpful



      A good product

      Having bought and reviewed the Pets at Home Antimicrobial Litter Tray Wipes that we used for cleaning out our cats litter trays, I have to say that whilst we liked them, we found them expensive to keep buying. Due to that we had to find other less expensive ways to get the same fresh and clean result for less outlay.

      What we came across when in store was the Pets at Home Antimicrobial Litter Tray Spray which we found to be a much better solution. Its got the same cleaning agent in it as the wipes, so we hoped it would be just as good. As it wasn't listed here, a product suggestion was made and as its just been added I am now able to share my thoughts about it.

      The Pets at Home Antimicrobial Litter Tray Spray is a good sized product that costs £3.99 to buy. What you get for your money is a good sized 500ml bottle of the product, which has an easy to use spray top applicator. The see through aqua blue toned liquid has a nice light pine fragrance to it that is pleasant and not too overpowering when it dies down after use.

      The spray is easy to operate and you only need a light spritz of the product all over the item that needs cleaning or on a disposable wipe if you prefer. We have found that whilst the spray works ok on emptied litter trays, the best way to use the product is on a pre rinsed litter tray. Using the product this way means we get a much better over all result and we aren't in contact with a dirty litter tray for longer than is needed.

      We have found that emptying the used litter and rinsing the tray off outside with a hose is a more hygienic and pleasant way to prepare the tray for a quick spray with the Antibacterial Litter Tray Spray. The spray works really well and usually just a light spray either on a wipe or all over does the trick and leaves the litter trays smelling and looking clean.

      A little can go a long way with this product, so it offers much better value than the wipes do and so is something I would recommend. The product has an antimicrobial agent in it called Byotrol which is there to neutralize any germs after rinsing the litter trays. Byotrol has been proven to be able to kill bacteria, which in turn helps to keep the litter trays smelling clean at the same time, whilst cutting down on any harmful bacteria that may be lurking.

      The pleasant smelling pine scent that the product gives off does die down when the litter trays are dry and we haven't found that our cats have objected to it at all. The use of the spray just leaves a nice clean smell to the litter trays when we have cleaned them, which I think is helped by the antimicrobial aspect of the product.

      We have found that using the bottled spray product instead of the more expensive wipes to be a much better value for money option. Instead of the wipes we have used cheaper supermarket own brand value wipes which we can spray with the liquid prior to use if need be. We have found that doing this is as good as using the wipes from the same range, but much cheaper in the long run.

      The Pets at Home Antimicrobial Litter Tray Spray is a good product that we would recommend. The scent it gives off it pleasant and the fact that it can help to keep our cats litter trays hygienically clean in a quick and simple way makes it a handy product to buy. As far as rating the product goes, as we have had much better value from it than with the wipes and its been so easy to use, I feel it has to get 5 stars.


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