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Pets at Home Arsenal FC Dog Bowl

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2 Reviews

Manufacturer: Pets At Home / Type: Dog Bowls / Feeders

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    2 Reviews
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      24.09.2010 15:51
      Very helpful



      A great novelty dog bowl.

      My fiancés parents got a little Yorkshire Terrier puppy, Alfie, around about the same time as we got Layla, and like our girls he is treated like one of the family, so naturally last Christmas we hunted around for a few bits for him to have on Christmas day, and found the Arsenal Dog Bowl in our local Pets at Home store and thought it would be perfect as there are Arsenal supports in the family.

      The bowl does not come in any actual packaging so will need a thorough wash before giving it to your pet. The main colour of the bowl is white, it has a red band going around the outside with white paw prints and the arsenal badge at the front in the centre, the Arsenal badge is also inside the bowl in the centre within a red circle. The sides of the bowl are slightly sloped and are a reasonable height making it suitable for both food and water, the slightly sloped edges means that should you use it as a water bowl your dog cannot easily tip water onto the floor.

      The bowl is made from melamine which has a plastic feel to it, this makes the bowl very durable and hard wearing, as well as very easy to wash and keep clean. Alfie has used his bowl for both food and water and it has proved a success, in the past for both Alfie and the cats we have used just ordinary plastic bowls for their water but after a while the seems to go rough and get a build up around the waterline, however the coating on the Arsenal bowl means that this does not happen, and even after constantly having water in it the bowl looks as good as new. The bowl has been dropped on many occasions when being washed as well as pushed around the kitchen by Alfie and the bowl still does not have a mark on it, the pattern has not worn off after constant washing and there are no cracks or chips caused by dropping or by being pushing into the cupboards, this bowl would last your dog years.

      The Arsenal Dog Bowl cost us £7.99 from pets at Home, which ok probably is a little pricey for a bowl but you are paying for Arsenal design. Personally we feel that it is worth the money as he has had it nearly a year now and it still looks as good as it did on day one, so it is well worth the money.

      I would certainly recommend the Arsenal dog bowl (if that is your team), its something a bit different for you dog instead of the plain coloured dog bowls and will make your dog feel part of the family. Not only that it is long lasting and well worth the money. More importantly Alfie seems to love his Arsenal bowl!!! Since buying the Arsenal dog bowl we have also found various other dog accessories to match, we will have to see what Santa gets Alfie this year!!!

      Long Lasting and hard wearing
      Easy to keep clean
      Can be used for both food and water
      Bright and colourful, something a bit different


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        13.09.2010 13:28
        Very helpful



        A great way for your dog to support the team too


        Three of my favourite things in the world are Poppy and Coco, my gorgeous black Labradors and Arsenal Football Club. They are probably three of the most important things in my life, as well as my family and friends of course. So when I saw the Arsenal FC Dog Bowl, it was a given that I was going to buy 2. I couldn't help myself. This way my dogs could be Arsenal fans too! I mean they already bark when we score when I watch the away games at home!

        *About the Product*

        The Dog Bowl by Arsenal FC is a great way to get your pet to join in supporting the team. Made from durable melamine making it easy to clean with a pet friendly disinfectant; and with the Arsenal graphic proudly displayed it's sure to brighten up your pets feeding area. Why not go the whole hog and provide your pooch with an smart new Arsenal collar and lead too!

        *Price and Availability*

        Arsenal FC Dog Bowl can be found on the shelves the big and popular pet store Pets at Home. If you are unable to get your hands on one in store, you can buy it online from www.petsathome.com or alternatively at http://onlinestore.arsenal.com.

        This Arsenal FC dog bowl is available for 7.99. I am more than happy to pay this price for this dog bowl as it is Arsenal friendly although perhaps a little on the expensive side.

        *My Opinion*

        The packaging: The packaging for this bowl is relatively minimal all though more than I like to see. It is packaged in a thin plastic bag with a piece of cardboard stapled to it at the top. I found it to be a little unnecessary as there was nothing on the cardboard that was important to know about.

        The Bowl: This is a predominating a white plastic bowl. In the centre of the bowl is a red circle and in the middle of this is the Arsenal badge. Along the outside there is also detailing. You have a red border around the exterior of the bowl and an Arsenal badge at the front and back. In between these badges are sets of four white paw prints of varying sizes scattered. I personally love the design. It certainly has the Arsenal theme sown up and the little paw prints add a certain cuteness to the bowl. I think that the one thing that could have improved it a little is if it has a rubber rim on the bottom although I think as my dogs have got a little older, they don't guzzle their food down as quickly and there certainly isn't any mess created with these bowls. But with a puppy or a dog that is overly enthusiastic about their food, I think you may find the bowl go flying or tipping over.

        Size: Arsenal FC Dog Bowl is only available in one size. The dimensions of this bowl are 21.6 x 21.6 x 6.5. This is easily suitable for all sized dogs.

        Is this bowl easy to clean? Arsenal FC Dog Bowl certainly is a product that is very easy to clean. With a pet friendly disinfectant, you can have it cleaned in less than 5 minutes.

        Is this dog bowl a great way to get your pet to join in supporting the team? Oh yes! It most certainly is. And does it brighten up my pets feeding area? Hell yeah. The red Arsenal badges with the white plastic background. Red Army Dogs! In Arsene they Trust! Oo To Oo To Be Oo To Be A Gooner... Dog!

        How Long Does It Usually Last? Arsenal FC Dog Bowl lasts easily a year if you clean it properly. It obviously doesn't last as long at the stainless steel bowls that you can buy but then these have a lot more character so it depends what you are looking for it the bowl.

        *Would I Recommend This Product?*

        Arsenal FC Dog Bowl is great product that has that special touch - the Arsenal Factor! Would I recommend this product? Only to people who are Arsenal fans. It is a given that this has a limited appeal because you will not find Manchester United or Chelsea fans queuing up to buy this for their dogs just like I wouldn't buy a Chelsea FC Dog Bowl. But if you are an Arsenal fan who has a dog then I wholeheartedly recommend this dog bowl. It has a great design and is practical. The perfect way to include your pooches in the supporting of your team!


        Poppy and Coco are massive Arsenal fans and demonstrate this with their Arsenal FC Dog Bowls. If I had had my way that would have been called Kolo (for Kolo Toure an old Arsenal centre back) and Fabregas (for Cesc Fabregas). I'm glad I was talked out of this though as Kolo sounds okay but Fabregas isn't really a name for a female dog. The bowls are a great product and a great way to show your support for the club. Arsenal fans, go buy yours today! Can't you tell I love a good gimmick!


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