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Pets at Home Ball Pin Slicker

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Brand: Pets at home / Type: Grooming

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    1 Review
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      13.01.2013 17:19
      Very helpful



      A nice dog brush.

      You may (or not depending on if you have read previous reviews of mine!) know that we have in the last three months aquired a new member of the family, in the form of a border collie pup called Belle.

      Having got through the first month, of which i did find a little trying at times (it is very much like having a baby in the house again!), i feel a bit more confident in what i am doing and feel a little more incontrol, with our now toddler aged puppy!

      Belle has now gone from being a tiny fluffy and completely adorable puppy, to a much larger but still gorgeous puppy, albeit looking a bit more scruffy, this is due to her being a long haired dog, with her adult fur now finally coming through.

      I did purchase a puppy brush for her when we first had her, but have found that it doesn't seem to make a difference to her much thicker fur now, so went in search of a grooming brush that would tame her wild looking fur, but still be gentle enough on her still very sensitive puppy skin.

      After a quick peruse in my local Pets at home store, i found that there was an intermidiate brush between the puppy brushes and the much harsher adult dog conbs (which look very much like metal nit combs!), with these being a slightly softer bristled brush, but substantial enough to remove loose fur.

      The brush comes in three different sizes, suited to whatever sized dog you have, with me going for the medium sized brush for Belle.

      The handle and head is made from a very tactile soft rubber, complete with a textured grip handle.

      The bristle themselves are quick thin and reasonable well spaced apart, with each bristle ending in a small ball, this i assume is to make it much gentler on the dogs flesh, but still being effective enough to actually get through the fur, a feat that the much softer bristled puppy brush struggled to do.

      Belle has not long got used to her puppy brush, so i did think she would be a little wary with the new one, but found she knew exactly what it was and what it's removal from her food cupboard meant, with her dropping to the floor and rolling onto her back immediately!

      The brush was easy to use and was very well recieved by Belle, with it not only managing to tame her wild and unruly fur coat, but left it nice and shiny looking, with it removing the excess loose fur, which was easy enough to then remove from the brush and throw away.

      Pricewise this cost me around the £5.00 mark, with the smaller and the larger brushes cost a little less and a little more depending on size.

      I think this is a nice brush that Belle enjoys having used on her, and is helping her transformation from puppy to her adult fluffy form, recommended!

      For more information visit - www.petsathome.co.uk

      Thanks for reading x


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