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Pets at Home Reflective Nylon Dog Lead

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2 Reviews
  • Cute pattern
  • The nylon is quite strong
  • I would be nervous using it with a larger dog
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    2 Reviews
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      03.12.2014 11:20
      Very helpful


      • "Cute pattern"
      • "The nylon is quite strong "


      • "I would be nervous using it with a larger dog "

      Ok for a starter lead

      I bought loads of leads when my dog was younger as it is more difficult than you would think to find a really good quality lead that suits both you and your dog.

      There are a few different colours of this lead and I bought a black one. While the black one doesn’t stand out as much as some of the other colours it is a nice design especially for puppies and young dogs as it is very cute with the bone pattern on it. I like the fact that the bones are reflective as it just gives that little bit more safety when walking when it isn’t bright and sunny.

      The lead is made from nylon and while it is really light it is also quite strong too. It is pretty comfortable to hold the handle though it can rub and dig into your palm if you have a dog who pulls a lot.

      The clip which attaches to the collar is fine and feels quite sturdy but it isn’t as strong feeling as some clips on other dog leads. I think it is designed mainly for small dogs and I don’t think it would work for a bigger dog as I am not sure it would manage to secure them without snapping. For a small dog though it offers enough security.

      I had a real problem with this as I bought it for my dog when he was a puppy and he decided he loved Nylon material and chewed it to the point where the handle was so frayed that I was worried it was just going to snap with the slightest pull.

      Overall it is a decent lead that only costs £5 and would be suitable for puppies and small breeds of dogs. It is a cute lead and fine for taking your pup or small dog a walk and getting them used to a lead but I would advice spending some more and getting a sturdier and better made lead when they get a little bit bigger


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      08.09.2010 11:02
      Very helpful



      A good beginning lead


      When it came to getting Poppy and Coco, my family and I had a massive shop at Pets at Home to get all the essentials (and non essentials) prior to their arrival. Now one of the priorities was to get a collar and lead. We saw lots of different ones on the shelves but this is the one that stood out to me so we got one in red and one in blue. The different colours so we could tell them apart as they looked so similar when we picked them out.

      *About the Product*

      Pets at Home Reflective Nylon Dog Lead is a fun and funky dog collar that is sure to get your dog noticed on those daily walks.

      Made from a tough yet soft nylon, the Nylon Dog Collar comes in a variety of sizes, perfect for any pet pooch; your dog will really get heads turning.


      To use this lead your dog will need to be wearing a collar. Poppy and Coco had a matching collar so this lead fitted on perfectly. You simply clip the metal clasp onto the collar and you're ready to then go for walkies.

      *Price and Availability*

      Pets at Home Reflective Nylon Dog Lead can be purchased for varying prices, depending on the size. These are as follows:

      Small: £3.99
      Medium: £4.99
      Large: £5.99

      I think that this is an average price. It isn't the highest quality lead but we bought these when Poppy and Coco were puppies and we weren't sure exactly how much you should spend on things like collars and leads.

      You can buy this lead from Pets at Home only as it is one of their own brands. You can also buy it online at www.petsathome.co.uk if you prefer to buy via the internet.

      *My Opinion*

      The packaging: None. Nada. Rien. At least Pets at Home get the message that a lead does not need to be packaged. Simply hung on a hook is more than sufficient. Means I have less recycling to do when I get home as well!

      The lead: For the purposes of this review, I will describe Poppy's red lead. The lead has a loop for the handle where you place your hand. This is a large enough size although slightly rough, therefore not overly comfortable to hold. At the other end of the lead, there a metal clasp which opens and closes by pulling the lever up and down. This is the clasp which is to be attached and removed from your dogs collar and then swung around your neck to hang whilst you walk along. This is perfect for walks as you can simply release them from the lead so they can run around at their leisure.

      The design of this lead is adorable. All along the red lead is reflective white paws and bones. It certainly adds character to the lead.

      This lead is made of nylon and it is firm but a little bit on the rough side. This lead is certainly not resistant to getting dirt on it but it is easily cleaned.

      This Pets at Home Reflective Nylon Dog Lead comes in the following sizes:
      Small: 20 - 36cm (8 - 14in);
      Medium: 36 - 51cm (14 - 20in);
      Large: 51 - 71cm (20 - 28in).

      The Pets at Home Reflective Nylon Dog Lead comes in four colours: green, blue, red and yellow. Quite a range of colours I think you'll agree.

      Longevity of the product: Pets at Home Reflective Nylon Dog Lead isn't the most durable product. It is made from nylon which is usually quite hard wearing but after just a month of use there were already signs of wear and fraying. I was quite disappointed. It was looking fairly old and shabby quite quickly therefore I cannot possible say that it is a lead that is great for the long term. Not for dogs like my black Labradors anyway.

      Is Pets at Home Reflective Nylon Dog Lead is a fun and funky dog collar that is sure to get your dog noticed on those daily walks? I like the design of this lead. It looks really cute and funky. The little bones and paws all although the lead really are adorable, especially on to little black Labrador puppies. People definitely turned their heads to look at Poppy and Coco on their dog walks but I think it was more a case of them being gorgeous animals than the leads they were wearing.

      Is it made from a tough yet soft nylon? Tough nylon maybe, but I would say soft. The difference between the softness on the collars and on the leads is unquestionably noticeable. There are a lot of similar leads around so I think that a softer one is a better option, especially to avoid hurting your hands.

      *Would I Recommend This Product?*

      I definitely would recommend Pets at Home Reflective Nylon Dog Lead for when you get a puppy or if you have a smaller dog. And if you are looking for a cute looking lead that has the reflective bones for when it is darker. But unfortunately, I didn't find it to be a comfortable lead. It caused blisters on my hands especially when my dogs were going through a stage of pulling on their leads as they were young and inquisitive.


      On the whole, I think that Pets at Home Reflective Nylon Dog Lead is a good lead to start out with when your dogs are puppies but even then, with a smaller dog, it wasn't particularly durable. It is cute and funky looking (at least when new and it hasn't started to fray) and it easy to use. As so as we get to the masses of fields behind our house with no one around I used to unclasp the lead from the collar so there could run around and get the exercise that black Labradors need to get. If you see anyone coming, you could simply clip it back onto their collar.


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