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Petstages Dog Toy Chew Chain

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Brand: Petstages / Type: Dog toy

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    1 Review
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      26.10.2011 15:42
      Very helpful



      A fun toy for us to play with when entertaining our puppy.

      We have just had an addition to the family, a chihuahua pup called Murphy. It was part of a litter my mum's dog had, so I know from experience that Chihuahua's as a breed like to have a lot of fun, but need quite small toys, and get worn out quite easily from playing with them.

      When we first got Murphy, he was 11 weeks old. I had got him a few items to settle him into our house, as although he was already quite familiar with all the members of the family, having spent time with us all at his first home, my mum had already warned me that he got anxious when seperated from the others when they had given him worming treatments, so I wanted to give him some stuff to keep him occupied and not pining.

      I bought a couple of toys from the petstages range as they seemed to be designed with the needs of different aged dogs in mind, from teething pups, to grown ups who are bored, to senior dogs who are possibly suffering with tooth loss.

      At first, this reminded me of the baby toys I used to buy for the kids. Bright, lots of primary colours that are attractive, and different textures. I liked the look of it, and for £6.27 it was definitely good value, but Murphy was initially very unimpressed. He was too small for it, and while he would have a little nibble of the label on it, he couldn't get his small mouth around any of the bits that make up the chain. It was also too heavy for him to manouvere around with him.

      Now, a few weeks down the line, he has taken to it well. He runs round the living room dragging this behind him, which is quite a site as this is 40cm long, and he is about 2/3rds of this length, and it is too funny to not be amused by.

      As he has grown, he has worked out how to get his teeth round the fabric sections of the chain, and he will sit for a good bit having a chew at it. His baby teeth are quite sharp but have done only slight damage to it. I have no doubt that as he gets bigger still, he will completely chew through this fabric and pull out the padding, as that is what both of his parents do.

      The toy is appealing to other dogs too, we took it to my mums when we took Murphy back to visit, and his mum kept stealing it when we put it on the low windowsill, then took it and buried it in her crate.

      The three hard balls are more hard wearing to teeth damage, but I will be watching him carefully with these as his dad managed to get his teeth stuck in a ball, which required a vet trip to prise his jaw open enough to rescue it. For this reason, I make sure that he only plays with this when we are about, so I wouldn't leave it with him overnight in case he did get himself into a sticky situation with it.

      For a small dog, this is quite a long lasting toy. For a bigger dog, while it would be fun, it would also not last that long due to the amount of fabric parts that are in it. Once that happens it will be thrown out before he swallows the stuffing.

      I am glad I bought it, It will last him through this puppy stage and is fun to play with it with him by wiggling it for him to pounce on, but I won't replace it when he wears it out.

      I am also careful with this one that it is me playing with it with him, and not the kids. The plastic balls are quite hard, and somehow, my 3 year old swung it and managed to hit my 5 year old round the back of the head with it, and it really hurt him. It worries me that if it hit the pup hard on the head like that he could end up concussed, or worse.

      Great fun for while it lasts during the puppy stage. It reminds me of when you read old stories where the dog steals a string of sausages and runs off with them.


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    • Product Details

      The Petstages Chew Chain dog toy provides efficient dental care as your dog plays and chews. The raised nodules on the toy will gently massage your dogs teeth and gums removing any plaque and excess tartar.The different textures will maintain your dogs interest.

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