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Plastic Dog Bed Lindo Dark Brown

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Brand: Lindo / Type: Dog Beds

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    1 Review
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      19.11.2012 18:58
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      Five out of five stars

      Plastic Dog Bed

      If I'm completely honest I really wasn't that keen on initially buying one of these plastic beds for either of my mollycoddled pooches, but in the end I was talked round and never looked back. Let me explain...

      My eldest dog is coming up for three next year and my youngest will be two and in that space of time they have went through more beds than I can probably remember. They are destroyers. Thankfully they only have eyes or should I say teeth for things that belong to them and as such they see beds as fair game. I think the worst instance was when I came home to find the kitchen looking like the inside of a snow globe, they had taken their lovely comfy HUGE cushion type of bed and completely emptied it of all stuffing. It went everywhere and was a nightmare to tidy up, it wasn't the first bed that was ripped up and it was in too many pieces to even consider stitching and re-stuffing so we needed to find an alternative which brought us to the hard plastic beds.

      The plastic bed is ugly, it looks uncomfortable to me and it's rigid so it can't just be stuffed in some convenient corner or so easily popped out of the way if needs be, but it is durable and when filled with blankets actually looks quite tempting, or so at least my dogs think. The main selling point for us is it can't be destroyed, but it is also far easier to keep clean. All the blankets are easily tossed in the washing machine and the plastic bed just gets a quick hose down or a longer clean if and when required. So far this bed is the only bed to hold its ground and last in our house, and yes although you can see the odd scratch, claw and tooth mark it still looks fine.

      Would I recommend this bed? Yes, yes, yes, it's helped me keep my sanity and not spend a fortune on what the dogs consider to be their next challenge.

      There really aren't a whole lot of negatives with this bed, apart from it looks like a cheap ugly plastic bed. I doubt I will ever learn to love it but as long as both of my dogs do and it remains intact then this one or a replacement one is here to stay. If I was to buy a new one thou I wouldn't buy it in the hideous brown colour again, I'm sure there must be some more flattering shades out there. However, having said that in this current wet climate maybe it's best that it's brown and matches their muddy footprints.

      I bought an extra large version of this bed online (from Zooplus - I think) but they are easy to find. I think most pet stores carry either this brand or something very similar, they also like most dog beds come in a vast range of sizes to cater for small dogs and enormous dogs. The prices also vary depending on what size you purchase but by no means are these plastic beds anywhere near as expensive as some of the soft beds (or chew toys depending on my view or the dogs) have been. I paid around about £30 for mine and it's been worth every penny.

      Despite its ugly appearance I would still give this bed a full five out of five stars.


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    • Product Details

      Hygienic and easy to clean plastic dog bed with lowered entry and ventilated base colour dark brown

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