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Pooch & Mutt Bionic Biotic Supplement

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Brand: Pooch and Mutt / Type: Healthcare

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    1 Review
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      29.10.2013 12:10
      Very helpful



      Well worth trying especially if your dog has digestive or skin issues.

      Bionic Biotic
      When my Shih Tzu Molly became unwell this summer with colitis I was determined to see if I would find the cause, as this is something that has plagued her all her life. Now being 13 it isn't something that I want her to endure, and so looked to find anything that could help her to restore good healthy gut function.

      Not only did I look at her diet, but I also looked to supplements, and one product that stood out to me was the Bionic Biotic by Pooch and Mutt. This is a granular product sold in a sachet that you sprinkle onto food like a condiment, and is available from Amazon and VetUK as well as other outlets like Pets At Home. You can expect to pay about £10, but I recently purchased some from Chemist Direct for £8.99 which is a good saving, especially as they are affiliated to cash-back sites. You can also purchase from Pooch and Mutt themselves at www.poochandmutt.co.uk where they have a money back guarantee if the product does not work for you. There is also the option to purchase a sample pack for £2 from the website.

      So What Is It?
      In essence this is a pro- biotic supplement for dogs. My thoughts that led me to purchase were based on the very popular Prokolin that I have reviewed earlier on Dooyoo. This is a treatment for diarrhoea, and also uses good bacteria to crowd out the bad. However this is more of a first aid emergency Vet prescribed measure, and I thought that Bionic Biotic would be a valuable product to try, as it had similar properties with regard to the pro- biotic content, especially as it is intended to be used daily.

      The initial cost of the product may seem expensive, but I have found that a bag lasts about 2 months, as you only need a teaspoon if your dog is small like Molly. Larger dogs are told to use more so a larger outlay would be required.

      The supplement contains the recommended pro- biotic for dogs, as well as omega 3, omega 6, soya, oil, antioxidant vitamins c and e , organic zinc, selenium, menthol, eucalyptus, biotin, magnesium, copper, iron, manganese and methionide. The intended use for this product is dogs with loose stools, digestive issues, skin problems, colitis, pancreatitis and others, and the manufacturer states that an improvement should be seen with many of these conditions within 3 weeks. They also advise taking a photograph of the dog's coat if the aim is to improve the condition, so that comparisons can be made a few weeks later.

      Now Molly had colitis at the time I initially purchased, and this always seems to involve a load of feet chewing and itching of her coat, but there is not a skin problem to photograph as such. My main reason for purchase was to treat the loose stools that seemed to persist after the initial colitis attack. She also had joint problems which have been ongoing for several years, which we had been treating with Synoquin tablets, which are an expensive vet product containing glucosamine.

      I was initially really hopeful as the reviews on Amazon were very positive- in fact the overall rating is over 4*

      Adding this product to Molly's food has been easy as she loves the taste and eats it with gusto. She has hypo-allergenic wet food, goat yoghurt, Bionic Biotic and kibbles, and the result is a rather tasty looking medley. The goat yoghurt was recommended by my daughter who is a vet as it too contains pro-biotics.

      The Result!
      Within 3 weeks of using this product Molly had improved so much- I was very impressed indeed in many ways. First of all her stools became formed and normal again, not straight away - I would say from about 2 weeks onwards, the chewing of her paws lessened, and generally her itching reduced. Even more interesting though was that her joint problems have completely disappeared, and she is no longer hobbling around. I am convinced that something was missing in her diet that this supplement has provided, and she is now off Synoquin altogether as the results have been long lasting and impressive. I have also been giving her Feelwell biscuits that have some of the ingredients in Synoquin, but which for a much cheaper outlay seem to be keeping her free from joint problems.

      I have been very impressed with this product which is now a daily item that I use for Molly. So far it has worked well and has had the desired results. Obviously I can't be 100% sure that her recovery is not also due to the other measures that I have introduced. These include the goat yoghurt, the change in diet and the Feelwell biscuits, but the time scale of improvement strongly suggests that this product is a good bet and one that I will continue to use on a daily basis.

      Of course if your pet has any condition mentioned it is vital to seek advice from the vet which I did first. Colitis in dogs is notoriously difficult to treat, and in many cases the cause is illusive. I strongly suspect Molly has an allergy to wheat, gluten and a rather naughty habit of eating things in the garden such as soil and so on, which may account for some of her issues. She is also definitely allergic to house dust, so we have to wash her bedding frequently, and keep on top of dust in the house. All these measures I mentioned seemed to have resulted in one very happy dog, so I am really hoping this lasts as she is well into the winter of her life, and I want to make it as happy as I possibly can.

      This review will also be published on Ciao under my user name Vioet1278.


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    • Product Details

      Pooch & Mutt Bionic Biotic is a probiotic supplement for digestion,skin and coat conditions.Suitable for all dogs, Bionic Biotic containsthe only EU-approved probiotic for canine use.This promotes theoptimum levels offriendly bacteriain the gut, which allows thedigestive system to work properly, helping a dog to retain morenutrients from their food and to excrete more toxins.Key Benefits:Solid Stools, Healthy Skin (with no itching & redness), A glossy coat andOptimum weight Digestion Immunity.

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