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ProDen PlaqueOff Animal

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Brand: ProDen / Animals Equipment Type: Animal dental

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    10 Reviews
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      05.04.2013 22:15
      Very helpful



      A great alternative to brushing teeth

      I recently had my dog at the vet for an annual check up and was advised that his teeth were starting to show signs of tartar build up. They were becoming discoloured with brownish stains on them and his breath was far from fresh. The vet suggested that I might want to book him in for a doggy scale and polish but that this would require a sedative or general anaesthetic and would cost in the region of £100-£120 to have done.

      Keen to avoid a huge bill, I started looking online for a toothbrush for dogs but stumbled across Plaque Off instead. I read many reviews and decided it was worth a shot.

      The product came in a 60g tub with a tiny little scoop buried inside. The powder formula is simply dried and ground seaweed and the directions tell you how much to give your dog or cat, depending on their weight. My dog requires 1-2 scoops in his meal each day. I was very sceptical about whether the dog would smell this product and turn his nose up at the food however I need not have worried. I sprinkled it over the top of his regular meal, gave it a stir and the food was gulped down in no time.

      The product advises that you will see results after a few weeks of use. I have now been using this for 2 weeks and definitely see a marked improvement in the whiteness of the dogs teeth and in his breath. The product claims to soften the tartar on the teeth, which then falls off through normal chewing of bones or toys. It definitely seems to be working so far for my dog and I can't wait to see the results in another few weeks time, and to show the vet.


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      14.08.2012 17:09
      Very helpful



      A fantastic product for keeping my dogs teeth plaque free!

      I've had dogs for 16 years and have used this with my late Dog Cookie who passed this past April and my current dogs Tillie and Lola. I will refer to both during this review.

      Cookie was a Chihuahua and born with a severely overshot jaw. 16 years ago when I got him nobody wanted him and his breeder couldn't sell him but I thought it made him all the more adorable and got him. His little mouth was very tiny with the bottom part being about quarter of the size it should have been so if you looked at him from underneath you could see the roof of his mouth and his top teeth. Subsequently because his mouth was so small and oddly shaped he has dental problems all his life. Cookie was a feisty little fella and wouldn't tolerate me brushing his teeth, I did try to get him used to it from a pup but he wasn't having any of it lol. Over the years he had to go into the vets and be put under general anesthetic to have teeth removed and cleaned. This obviously carries a risk and I would be stressed all day worrying myself sick that he wouldn't come round from the anesthetic. It was after his second extraction and cleaning that I started looking for alternative ways to clean his teeth. That's when I came across ProDen Plaque Off.

      **WHAT IS IT**

      Billed as a "gift from the ocean for cats and dogs" it's a 100% natural product made from a particular type of seaweed Ascophyllum nodosum which is harvested from the clean and cold seas of Norway and Iceland. It all began back in the 1970's when a Swedish dentist called Sune Wikner noticed that one of his patients who had severe tartar suddenly showed a vast improvement in the amount of tartar formation on his teeth. Winkner was baffled by what could have cause this vast improvemnt in his patients teeth so decided to to find out what had caused the plaque and tartar to disappear.

      Winker eventually discovered that there was something new in his patients diet that was keeping the tartar at bay. It turned out to be a certain type of seaweed called Ascophyllum nodosum and his patient had been eating it on a regular basis. However it wasn't until a full 20 years later that Sune Wikner re explored the link between this seaweed and oral health!

      It was in 1999 that Sune Wikner and his colleague Roland Fastberg came acroos a dog who's teeth had miraculously improved due to the same seaweed!!! As a result of these unique findings, Sune Wikner and Roland Fastberg created the company SweDenCare (SDC) which together with dentists in Sweden carried out a number of studies that showed that Ascophyllum nodosum has a revolutionary effect on the bacteria in the mouth that is behind bad breath, plaque, tartar and bleeding gums in both people and pets.

      ProDen Plaque Off is an internationally patented and clinically tested product which promises to be 100% natural and is free from artificial colours and preservatives and contains no gluten or sugar to whiten teeth and improve breath. It contains 12 vitamins, 13 minerals & trace elements and is rich in natural iodine.

      In 2011 SweDenCare celebrated their 10th anniversary of ProDen Plaque Off.

      **THE PRODUCT**

      It comes in 3 different sized pots:
      60g priced at £9.31
      180g £25.38
      420g £46.03

      It's suitable for both dogs and cats so you don't need to buy separate kinds if you have both.

      I've always purchased the smaller 60g pot because my dogs are a toy breed so not much is needed. When you look at the prices it is expensive but if your dog refuses to let you brush it's teeth or has plaque or tartar problems it's worth every single penny. I've spent hundreds in vets fee's having Cookies teeth cleaned.

      The pot itself is plastic has a plastic security seal around it. I like this because I know it's not been tampered with by anyone. The front of the product features a picture of a dog and a cat so you can see at a glace it's suitable for both. On the back there is a list of ingredients and on the side there is a dosage guide. Inside the product itself is like a ground up dried seaweed. It looks a bit like dried herbs. It comes with a little plastic measuring spoon to help you ensure you give the right dose.

      Dosage is based on the weight of your dog or cat:
      Small dogs up to 10kg and cats 1/2 - 1 scoop daily
      Medium dogs 10 - 25kg 1 - 2 scoops daily
      Large and giant dogs 25kg+ 2 - 3 scoops daily

      You add this directly into their food and when the ingredients are absorbed into the blood via the digestion and enters the saliva, they effectively prevent accumulation of plaque by affecting the ability of plaque to 'stick' to surfaces in the mouth. Existing tartar becomes porous, looses by itself or can be easily removed by brushing or cleaning.

      ProDen claim can usually be seen as early as after 3 to 8 weeks of use.


      I've used this with Cookie after he had to have dental work done and I found although his teeth weren't sparkly white and totally plaque free they stayed a lot cleaner than they used to be. His breath was also a lot fresher and considering he was a poo eater that was a blessing in itself!!!

      Tillie my newest addition is also a Chihuahua like Cookie and being a toy breed they have a tendency to have problems with their teeth. They don't chew as many big bones to clean their teeth like larger dogs do. Plus with their mouths being so much smaller it's harder to get a brush in there to get right to the back and clean their teeth. When Tillie came to me as a rescue I noticed straight away that her breath stunk!!!!! Tillie has the worst breath I've ever smelt on a dog! She simply has to yawn whilst sitting on my lap and I get a waft of what I can only describe as poo breath. She may be small but by god did her breath stink! Her teeth were also very grimey. At the back they were covered in plaque and one tooth was slightly green looking. The front teeth were a little better but had scuzzy soft plaque on them. Luckily Tillie allowed me to brush her teeth so I do this daily but her back teeth had so much hardened on plaque it wasn't budging. I remembered Plaque Off so went online and bought some. I would say it took about 2 months before I really noticed a difference in her teeth. I looked one day and noticed much less plaque , that it was thinner and had come off in some places, the green tooth no longer had that disgusting green coating of plaque either. Her breath is also much much fresher now. My vet even commented on how much better her teeth were looking!!!

      **The POSITIVES**
      Given time this really does work, with each of my dogs I've used it with I've seen a significant improvement in their teeth. Plaque has been greatly reduced, their gums are nice and pink and healthy with no bleeding and their breath is much much fresher. Very easy to get the dosage right and mix into food as long as you're not a free feeder with more than one dog or cat. It lasts ages and my dogs find it very palatable. I've had no problems with any of them turning their noses up at it.

      **The NEGATIVES**

      I am a free feeder and always have been I also only feed my dogs dry food. I found this a particular problem when it came to dosing. If you have more than one dog like me and free fee feed how can you ensure each dog is getting the correct dose when you add it to their food bowl? Also being as I use only dry food I couldn't mix it into the food. The Plaque Off seems very palatable because they don't shy away from eating it but when sprinkled onto dry food it just collects at the bottom of the bowl. I suppose with larger dogs you'd sprinkle it on and they'd wolf the food down and lick the bowl clean but smaller dogs tend not to do that. Mine like to pick at their food throughout that day.

      I ended up having to sprinkle it on to a bit of meat each day and give each dog a separate piece to ensure they each got their correct dose so there was a bit of extra effort involved for me. If you're not a free feeder or only have one dog or cat then it would be a lot easier.


      This isn't something that is sold in supermarkets or many small pet shops I'm afraid. It's more of a speciality vet recommended product. Most vets sell a range of recommended dental products and you will find this there. I haven't ever seen this in my local Pets at Home store but it is available in their online shop and would most likely be available in larger stores. It is also widely available to buy online.

      Online stores that sell ProDen Plaque Off include:

      Prices range from £9.31 to £46.03 depending on what size you buy and where you buy it from.

      More detailed information on ProDen Plaque Off cane we found at www.plaqueoff.com There you will find information on clinical trials customer reviews and testimonials, the story behind the product and their research and a list of distributors.

      Distributed by:
      Molar Ltd
      BS28 4EB

      Email: info@molarltd.co.uk Web address: www.molarltd.co.uk

      Manufactured by SweDenCare AB, Sweden

      I cannot stress enough how important dental care is in dogs and cats. I'm speaking from my experience with my dogs and I've been through a real horror story with one of my dogs Benny. Sadly he's passed now but years ago when he was younger I awoke to find blood everywhere!!! Benny used to sleep in my bed so it was all over the covers. I quickly discovered the source was his mouth!!! His gums were bleeding non stop quite heavily for no reason at all!!! I rang my vet who told me to get him in there and they'd be waiting for me. I dressed whilst shaking like mad and rushed him in. By the time I got there his gums were black and the vet rushed him away. I walked home with blood on my jacket crying my eyes out.

      It turned out that it was his teeth that had caused the problem and he had to have them cleaned and some removed. He was so weak from the blood loss they couldn't do this for a few days until they got him stable so it was touch and go for a while there. My vet told me afterwards they nearly lost him. So you can see how very important good oral hygiene is not just for humans but for our pets too. Tartar and plaque can affect them in more ways than you first think. If tartar build-up is left untreated it can result in bad breath, gum disease, tooth decay and premature tooth loss. Tartar that is allowed to remain for too long can also cause infections that can spread throughout the body and damage the heart, lung, liver and negatively affect kidney functions!

      Thank you for taking the time to read this review :-)

      Also published on Ciao under the same username


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        27.07.2012 22:17
        Very helpful



        An easy to apply and palatable supplement to aid the prevention of plaque

        Each of my dogs came off the streets of the Essex Thames side towns where they had been abandoned. Ryan from Tilbury and Susie 5 years later as a tiny bag of bones when picked up in Averley. Both appeared older than they were because of their yellowed teeth. In fact their subsequent development proved that they had each been below a year old.

        Ryan became so used to the vet and the huge fuss made of him as I took him for his regular weigh-in that, if allowed, he would fly into the hospital section or a consulting room at the drop of a hat. Therefore dental inspection and treatment would not be a problem.

        However, the loving, clever and magical spirit which is Susie, a black and white jack russell cross with a smidgeon of Chihuahua and all of ten inches high, becomes as a demented lynx when faced with claw or tooth attention from anyone apart from myself. No aggression, just a panic stricken little monster wriggling and struggling in my arms and almost impossible to hold without making things worse for her. Thank goodness for ProDen PlaqueOff which will, hopefully, reduce these traumatic visits to my, fortunately, good humoured vet. Her last visit for regular inoculations resulted in Nick reassuring me that the dose accidentally injected into his thumb was not life threatening and Susie was finally jabbed, albeit with a bent needle. You don't want to know about the microchip, although I insisted that Nick scan his thumb (same one) in case. You get the picture. However, back to PlaqueOff.

        I first used this when recommended by friends who had used it for some years. I had used a toothbrush and special paste, but both Ryan and I could think of better ways to start the day than lifting his muzzle and wielding a tool with bristles on the end. I then tried a couple of rather sticky pastes which were rubbed on to his teeth and gums. It came down to the fact that I had a young animal who had clearly been very badly treated and "first catch your dog" was not the best way to gain his trust. So, when the opportunity was offered to use something which was dropped on to his breakfast from a minute spoon it begged to be tried.

        What is Plaque Off? Some time during the 70's a Swedish dentist noticed that a patient who had consistently suffered from extreme plaque suddenly presented with greatly improved dental health. The dentist's investigation found that his patient had begun to regularly include a type of seaweed Ascophyllum nodosum, in his diet. It was, however, twenty years later that this same dentist and a colleague came across a dog whose teeth had been kept healthy by the fact that his dog food contained this same seaweed now known as D1070. Two years later, after extensive research and testing (on humans for those who like me care about these things) ProDen PlaqueOff was launched.*

        The treatment is a fine green/yellow powder which is added with a tiny spoon to the dog's feed daily. So small is the amount dispensed that a 60g pot will last from 6 to 12 months depending on the weight of your pet. The treatment acts through the blood stream and subsequently the saliva and is believed to prevent plaque from sticking to the teeth. It is also rich in the natural trace elements and iodine found in seaweeds and has no added preservatives, sugar or gluten.

        How useful have I found it? Very. It took about 6 months, as expected, for both Ryan's and, later, Susie's teeth to lose that dull yellowy shade. Their breath is not offensive (except perhaps just after their weekly fish treat) and their gums are healthy. Ryan had been with me for over 5 years before he needed any tooth attention and little Susie now has such an impressive set of white healthy gnashers that I am pleased that she has such a sweet temper.

        I would not suggest that any additive should take the place of regular dental check ups. That would be like saying because we clean and floss every day we don't need to make sure with a visit to the dentist. Of course an annual check up should be made in case there are hidden problems. Ryan had cracked the inside of a tooth and if the routine inspection had not been made, infection could have made its way inside. Poor Ryan lost a tooth, but this was not due to plaque.

        Proden PlaqueOff can be sourced from pet stores and online and the prices vary quite widely. I have just bought an 180g pot delivery free from Amazon for £18.86. I certainly won't have to buy another this year, so find it economical.

        Are there side effects? The manufacturers say that there are not. As far as over dosing is concerned, I can find no warnings, but in any case it would just be wasteful to dispense more than recommended. However, because PlaqueOff contains iodine it should not be given to dogs/cats being treaded for hyperthyroidism.

        To summarise; an easy to dispense supplement to aid in prevention of plaque and associated problems.



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          04.06.2012 16:08
          Very helpful



          A real aid with your dogs oral heath

          Plaque off-animal

          Earlier this year I was looking for something that was going to aid me in keeping my dogs teeth and gums in good health. I found various different products in all different forms, like tablets, liquids, liquids to put in their drinking water.....the list was endless but I was not convinced that any of these products were going to live up to what they claimed. I was about to give up but spotted this plaque off for animals. After reading endless reviews about the product I decided although somewhat expensive in my opinion at around £8.00 for a 60g tub from Amazon, I would still give it a go. I thought so many positive reviews must mean it was going to do what it claimed to do. Not everyone could be wrong.

          So what exactly is it?

          Well, plaque off is basically seaweed in powdered form. To be totally specific it is actually, "especially selected seaweed from the Ascophyllum nodosum family". I only know that because I read it off the tub. It claims to be 100% natural with nothing at all added. The idea of the product is to aid in keeping an animal's breath fresh and to help maintain good oral health. Apparently the results of using for 3 to 6 weeks include a reduction in in the amount of tartar and plaque in the teeth and therefore a reduction in dental decay. Clinically proven and recommended by vets.

          The tub is much smaller than I was expecting, when I opened the tub I was greeted with the tiniest plastic scoop I'd ever seen. After eventually checking the dosage of plaque off against both my dogs weight, it turned out I would need half a scoop daily for each of them. As soon as I looked at the powdered seaweed I decided my dogs would not entertain their food with this green stuff sprinkled all over it, they were hard to please at the best of times. I feed them both dry food so it wasn't like I could just mix it in, if I tried that the plaque off would have fallen to the bottom of the bowl and remained there. No I had to risk it and hope for the best. It doesn't smell of anything, to me anyway and I was curious to see how the dogs would react when I put their food down covered in this green powder. They spent a while sniffing here and there and then both left their food untouched in their bowls. Great! I thought, that was a waste of time. But eventually they came back and started to pick at their food. To cut a long story short, they did get used to the green stuff on their food and now they don't even bother about it at all.

          How did I get on with it?

          I have been using this plaque off, sprinkling it on my dogs food since February of this year (2012) Now I have to be totally honest here and tell you I did not read the dosage instructions properly to begin with, I was putting a full scoop on each bowl of food. I did wonder why the tub was not lasting as long as stated. It wasn't until I was making my mind up whether to buy more or not, that I actually realised what I had been doing (yes I know, how very blonde of me!!) as it happens because the product is totally natural I had not been overdosing my dogs to the point of making them ill. They had been fine the whole time, it didn't make a difference that they had had more, it just meant I ran out of the stuff quicker than need be. I have since sorted my doses out and the product does indeed seem to be lasting this time.


          I have noticed a great improvement in both my dog's teeth, my youngest has always had great teeth anyway and this just seems to help me keep them that way. Can't say I've noticed much of a difference in the breath department though, although it is more bearable than it was, so I guess that has to be a plus. I am currently on my second tub of plaque off but if I had read what I was supposed to be doing in the first place then I would still be using the first. I do recommend this stuff I have seen good results from it for my-self.

          Is it really worth buying, what if I get the dosage wrong?

          The dosage your dog would require is stated clearly on the tub. Remember to take note of the dosage and don't waste it like I did. I was amazed that such a little tub would last one small dog 12 months. So for me personally one small tub is going to last 6 months as I have 2 small dogs but I still think it is good value for money. Like I already said I got a 60g tub for around £8.00 but if you shop around you would probably get it a lot cheaper than that but there are some places where it costs twice the amount I paid. It really is worth shopping around for this stuff if you are interested in purchasing.

          Thank you for reading my review which may also appear on other sites.


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            05.01.2012 23:36



            A great product for those hard to get to areas

            I bought Plaqueoff after I was told by the vet that my little dog would begin to suffer from poor teeth if I didn't look after them. Coco, my dog, is a little Jack Russell and although not normally snappy she REALLY doesn't like you to mess with her teeth. I think most dogs are like this really which is what makes this product so great. You can just sprinkle a spoonful over her dinner and it will be eaten along with the food and aid the teeth cleaning and breath freshening process. Coco does not detect this product at all and she can be a fussy eater so I was more than happy with her reaction. I was advised by the vet to try and clean her teeth too using a rubber finger brush which looks a little like a thimble and some doggy toothpaste, but I find this difficult so I am SO glad that I have found this amazing product.


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            05.04.2011 11:31



            see vets if his teeth are really bad

            I put my 6 year old Rottweiler on this product as he started to get discoloured teeth and bad breath. He had had an operation 2 years ago and had two teeth taken out so his teeth were not in the best shape. He was a rescue dog and due to his health in is puppyhood his teeth are not in the best shape.
            I bought Plaque off from the internet, Petmedic, for £7 for the small tub. Due to only using such a small amount the tub lasted about 2 months which was good value. It is a seaweed based product which enters the dogs blood stream and brakes down plaque from th inside out. Great if your dog wont let you clean his teeth or a tooth brush is not working.

            Due to only putting a small amount in the food bowl the dog does not even realise he is eating it!

            As to weather this works or not I am still not entirely sold on it. It has done something to his teeth and breath to assist but his teeth are by no means clean from it. Do not expect for your dog to have clean teeth from it as this will not happen. It will take the worst of the plaque off and freashen their breath up but this is not a miricule cure for bad teeth.
            If your dogs teeth are really bad or breath really bad I would suggest he has a trip to the vets rather than buy this as it maybe something more serious.
            One good thing is that vets do not turn their noses up at this product when I have informed them my dog os on it which is always encouraging.


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            13.11.2010 21:11
            Very helpful
            1 Comment



            An absolute must-have if you want to keep your cat healthy.

            I started using Plaque Off for my cat when the vet advised me to brush her teeth (brush her teeth?!?) as she was beginning to get gum and tooth problems. I looked around on the Internet for an answer, discovered Plaque Off and started using it. No more was said, during my cat's regular check-ups, about her teeth and gums needing attention. When a second cat happened along (a stray), he was also given Plaque Off as a matter of course.

            My partner, over the last year or so, has been responsible for feeding the cats in the evenings and, when the tub of Plaque Off ran out a while back, he refilled the small tub with what he thought was Plaque Off from a larger tub.

            When the cats went for their last annual check-up the vet was unhappy about the state of their teeth and gums. He said that if they got any worse by the next check-up, something would have to be done.

            Puzzled, I asked my partner whether he was still using the Plaque Off religiously; he said that he was. "But", he said, "perhaps they've changed the formulation because I noticed that the grains in the big tub were much larger". "Er, what big tub?" I asked.

            Turns out he had refilled the Plaque Off tub from a tub of supplement powder I keep in case the cats are ill...

            So I bought another tub of Plaque Off and it was put into the cats' moist food every evening. Within a few weeks their tooth and gum problems had cleared up and all was well again.

            I wouldn't have chosen to do this experiment, but it certainly proved that the Plaque Off was doing its job!


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              01.10.2010 19:54
              Very helpful



              Oral care for cats and dogs

              Due to the fact that animals don't have a daily brushing routine like us humans, the teeth of cats and dogs can often cause their owners a few problems. Last time the cat went to the vet (and subsequently had four teeth removed - £££!!!) the vet recommended 'ProDen PlaqueOff', a powder which is added to your pet's food and designed to prevent tartar, plaque, and bad breath.

              - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - product description - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

              The substance (which smells a bit like fish food... mmm nice!) is made from seaweed, and browny-green in colour. The vet told me (and I quote) "I don't know how the stuff works, but it does" - so I bought some to give it a go. The 60g tub costs in the region of ten pounds from the vet, but you may be able to pick it up for slightly cheaper online. PlaqueOff is suitable for both cats and dogs, and results are usually seen after six to eight weeks.

              - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - how to use - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

              The product's usage depends on the size of the animals you are giving it to - for a small dog or cat, 1/2 to one scoop should be added to the pet's food every day. The 'scoop' is provided with the bottle of PlaqueOff and sits inside the container when not in use. At first, the cat was a little put off her food by the addition of PlaqueOff... it must have a taste which is slightly unusual - however, if you mix the powder into the food, rather than just sprinkling it on the top, then your pet shouldn't notice its presence. So does PlaqueOff actually work? Well, the cat has been using it for around four months, and I have certainly noticed that she has fresher breath - i'm not saying that i've been going around actively smelling the cat's breath, but it is apparent that a definite freshening has occurred!

              - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - what's the verdict? - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

              Overall, I would certainly recommend giving ProDen PlaqueOff a go - especially if your cat or dog has a history of problems with their teeth. Yes it is a little pricey, but then the majority of these pet supplements are, and taking your cat or dog to the vet for teeth to be removed will DEFINITELY cost a lot more! So, if you want a substance which works as a proven oral health maintainer, you should check out this clever seaweed-based powder.


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                18.06.2009 12:49
                Very helpful



                Easy to clean your pets teeth without using a toothbrush

                I have been thinking about writing this review for a while but last night I had to have one of my dogs put to sleep so I am dedicating this review to the memory of my little Rolo.

                Rolo was always a rather difficult dog and would not let me anywhere near him to clean his teeth, as soon as the tooth chews came out I started buying them and giving him them some dried food for dinner as a way of keeping his and my other dog, Fudge's, teeth clean, however this was never the case with Rolo, he would eat his food so quick and chew the chew so quick that they were not having any effect. So in November last year we took him to the vets because he was even more grumpier than normal and they found he needed 12 teeth out. So gummy came home with his remaining teeth lovely and clean, then just three months later he became grumpy again and needed yet another 8 teeth out, each time this operation was costing around the £200.00 mark.

                When I picked him up the second time I asked the nurse if there was anything available for me to give him as he wouldn't let me near his mouth to clean his teeth, she told me about PlaqueOff, a powder that you sprinkle on your pets food and it should remove plaque, so I thought I would give it a try.

                What is PlaqueOff

                PlaqueOff is manufactured by the Swedish company ProDen and has been available for use since 2001. It is a specially selected seaweed that contains iodine (SW1313/D1070) which is ground up into a powder and put onto your pets food. It comes in a white plastic pot with a picture of a dog and cat on the front. The contents are a dark green colour and you can see it is ground up seaweed. It has a slight smell but is not unpleasant. PlaqueOff comes in three different sized pots and each pot is supplied with a small spoon for ease of application. It is free from artificial colours, preservatives, gluten and sugar. It is suitable for use on dogs and cats but they do also sell a human version in tablet form. They do not recommend use on pregnant or nursing animals or animals undergoing treatment for hyperthyroidism.

                How does it work.

                The powder is absorbed into the blood stream and then out through the saliva where it disrupts the bio-film that causes plaque, tarter and bad breath thus over time reducing the build up. It claims results are normally seen after 3 - 8 weeks.

                How much should I give my pets.

                For small dogs up to 10 kg and cats ½ to 1 scoop, medium dogs 10 - 25 kg 1 - 2 scoops and large and giant dogs over 25 kg 2 - 3 scoops sprinkled over their food. For a medium size dog the smallest pot of 60g should last around 6 months. A small pot of 60g cost me £12.05 plus vat (Holly what have you done with my calculator!) at my local vets but is cheaper if you buy it on line. It lasted me under 1 month but as well as Rolo and Fudge I also sprinkle it on my 3 cats food.

                Does it work.

                I've been sprinkling this on all my animals food for the last 3 months. I have noticed a vast improvement on Fudge's teeth, she is a Labrador/Springer Spaniel cross and is the size of a lab so she gets 2 scoops, the tarter hasn't fully gone but it has certainly improved by I'd say about 75%. On my oldest cat, Muffin, she is around 13 years old her teeth have improved dramatically I'd say around 95%, my two younger cats 7 and 6 had fairly good teeth anyway but they now have purrfect teeth. I tend to sprinkle one spoonful over their tinned food every time they get fed, 2 - 3 times a day. Sadly we will never know if it worked for Rolo, who was the main reason why I bought it.

                I knew when I sprinkled it on the dogs food that they would still eat it (dogs seem to eat anything), however I was unsure whether the cats would tuck into their tinned food, but it has never stopped them. As I stated earlier in the review I use this in conjunction with a Tesco Teeth chew and a mixture of dried and tinned food for the dogs. The cats have a bowl of tinned food and another bowl containing dried biscuits.

                My parents have started using this too and they have said they have noticed an improvement in their chihuahuas teeth. To me it seems to have quicker results on smaller animals. I read a few testimonials on the PlaqueOff website and some people have used it with the normal daily brushing of teeth and have had fantastic results, but have they ever tried cleaning cats teeth!

                There seems to be no minimum age for giving it to your pets and using this even if you can't see any plaque will do no harm and should stop any plaque from forming.

                PlaqueOff is available in three sizes, 60g, 180g and 420g and costs £8.54 inc vat, £24.22 inc vat and £43.73 inc vat at www.petmeds.co.uk (which is a lot cheaper than my Vets) and is available without prescription. My second pot lasted me about 2 ½ months so I have just purchased my third pot the large 420g. It has an open life of 1 year.

                I would recommend this if you have any dogs or cats, I would say it is reasonably priced at petmeds and would have certainly saved me a lot of money if I had known this product exists. I just wish my vets would have told me about this after Rolo's first teeth extractions, but then again they will be losing business!

                I hope this review make sense as my brain is not engaged at the moment!

                Many thanks for reading. Anna

                In loving memory of my little Rolo who is now running around the great park in sky (oh god I'm crying again).

                This review can be found on another review site.


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                  31.07.2008 18:49
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                  Miracle seaweed removes your dog's tartar easily and effectively

                  I would just also like to write a review about Plaque Off under this dog health subsection.
                  My sister's dog trainer recommended Plaque off to her for her 3 dogs around 6 months ago as a way to gently remove the tartar and plaque on their teeth. She then recommended it to me for our dog who at 2 years old already had a build up of tartar on his back teeth that our previous vet had wanted to remove from him under general anaesthetic! We have been using this now for around 6 weeks and have already noticed a big difference in his teeth. They are generally much whiter and there are huge lumps of tartar that have fallen off the back teeth. There is still some on there, but it will all come off eventually as it has done with my sister's dogs. All you do is sprinkle a small spoonful over their food once per day and that is it - it does the rest! It softens the tartar so you can scrape it off easily or just wait for it to fall off on its own. It also improves bad breath which is great!!
                  You can buy the 60g tub for about £10 in the stores but online I got it from Petmeds.co.uk and it was around £7.00 so a bit of a saving there.
                  I would highly recommend this stuff to any dog owner.


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                  Helps Reduce Bad Breath / Tartar & Plaque / suitable for cats & dogs of all sizes.

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